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What if the Victorian era had more jokes AND was more diagram-based AND was made of jigsaw puzzles?? 

What if the Victorian era had more jokes AND was more diagram-based AND was made of jigsaw puzzles?? WONDER...NO MORE
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NOW FUNDING: A new Wondermark book collection!

Posted by David Malki ! (Creator)

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Wondermark holiday cards & the 2017 Wondermark Calendar!

Posted by David Malki ! (Creator)

Hello again, puzzle backers! Just a very quick update here with two pieces of information. (And to those of you who've backed multiple projects of mine, sorry that you're going to hear this same info a couple times!)

FIRST, I have a new Kickstarter project active RIGHT THIS SECOND! It's for the latest edition of my strange and special Wondermark desk calendar:



Every year I make a bizarre and funny desk calendar (this is the TENTH YEAR!), and this time I'm doing it on Kickstarter. If you like the sensibilities of this campaign's jigsaw puzzle designs, the calendar occupies the same sort of weirdness pocket, sitting right there on your desk and making you smile all year long.

It's a super-short campaign, because I have to get it wrapped up and produced before year's end -- it ends THIS TUESDAY, December 6.

Check out the campaign and the cool rewards (and adorable video of awkward 10-years-ago me!) and see what you think!

I also have greeting cards and other cool gift things on offer in my online store, if you are interested in browsing some cool things:



But so we're clear: though I have no more news at this point about the jigsaw puzzle campaign, I will occasionally continue to use this list to notify you about my new projects (always my own, of course).

If you ABSOLUTELY NEVER WANT TO HEAR ABOUT THAT, go ahead and unsubscribe from this campaign's updates so I don't accidentally bother you again!!

Of course, if you want to hear WAY MORE from me, you can always sign up for my Wondermark email newsletter, which gets you my comic strips and blog posts sent to your inbox multiple times every week:

OK cool I'm glad we got all that straightened out!! Thanks again for your kind attention and support, and happy holidays!!

A NEW Wondermark project I'd like to share with you!

Posted by David Malki ! (Creator)
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Hi there, friend! 

It's my hope that your Wondermark puzzles are bringing you hours of joy, either from their construction, or their beauty sitting calmly upon a shelf, enboxed and ready. EITHER IS A VALID USE OF THIS PRODUCT.

I'm writing today to draw your attention to a NEW project I have here on KS: My line of Multi-Purpose greeting cards, which are cards that you can customize for any occasion!

All the card sets include SWEET foil-stamped stationery boxes too:

And ALL backers  – at ANY tier, even pledging for no physical reward at all – will get access to printable PDF versions of ALL the cards... INCLUDING two NEW cards that I'll make soon, thanks to our hitting of a stretch goal!

If you like the Wondermark puzzles, these cards share my creative sensibility. I'm really proud of them and I hope you check them out.

The campaign ends THIS FRIDAY!!

 Thank you so very much for your support!! 

Puzzle Lost and Found • #PrizePiece FINALE !

Posted by David Malki ! (Creator)
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Here's a (probably?) final update on the ol' puzzle project! 

Everyone should have received their order by now. (Months ago, actually.) If you haven't, then something is wrong; please send me a KS message right away! 

The puzzles look like this when complete:

Another thing. I have learned that the puzzle factory, unlike what one may assume, uses manual processes in sorting and packaging the puzzles. I have heard of some people finding extra pieces in their puzzles (even beyond the one extra piece you're supposed to get!).

This implies that some other people might be missing that specific piece. So: If you complete one of your puzzles, and you end up with an extra extra piece, please upload a picture of it somewhere and link it in the comments to this post! 

And if you are missing a piece in your puzzle, please check in occasionally to see if anyone has found your specific one. 

Let's do some matchmaking; this is the internet, for cripes sake.

(Of course, if you end up finding any problem or defect with your puzzle in general, I am more than happy to replace it! Send me a message, please.)

OKAY so OTHER THAN THAT I think all matters are taken care of! 


The Final #PrizePiece Winners

As you are well aware, I embarked on a series of CUNNING VIRAL MARKETING STRATEGIES to promote this Kickstarter! 

Specifically, I left a series of unmarked, single puzzle pieces in various locations throughout the world. These are the ones that have remained UN-FOUND:


I have received CONFIRMATION that all the final #PrizePieces have been FOUND. Without further ado, let's hear from the heroes who discovered them!!

 First up is Alejandro Francesquito, of New York, NY! Alejandro writes:

"Hello, David! I am a resident of New York City. You know, the 'Big Apple', and everything that stands for! I was a backer of your Kickstarter, so I knew to keep my eyes open for prize pieces in my daily life.

"One day I was having a very typical New York morning, gazing at the Statue of Liberty, as we often do. I like looking at it and contemplating the American promise of liberty, and I prefer to do so with a view of Manhattan in the background, so I was of course on a boat.

"I opened up my lunch, which I had brought with me as liberty always gives me an appetite. Something about contemplating poor, huddled masses really gets the ol' tummy grumblin'. Anyway, you can imagine my surprise when I saw, nestled next to the used peel of my oldest banana, one of your #PrizePieces!!

"I hope this picture proves that this is a 100% true story. I took the picture using a selfie stick I stole from a tourist. New York City really is the metropolis of dreams!! I will mail you the piece right away so you can have it back. My return address will be on the envelope."

Congratulations, Alejandro, and great job finding the New York piece! I hid that near a banana at a produce distribution center in Jersey City. Glad it was finally found!

Our next submission comes from Carlo Huang of Hong Kong!

 Carlo writes:

"Dear David, I'm so excited to have found one of your #PrizePieces! I found it here in Hong Kong, on Tsat Tse Mui Road. There is an English-language library there, and I found the piece while browsing the biography section. 

"I am so glad to have experienced a little bit of your Kickstarter even here in HK! I remember thinking when I first pledged, 'I wonder if I'll find one of those pieces.' Well, I sure did, and I can't thank you enough for the great experience. 

"I have returned the piece to you postpaid."

Thanks for the very moving note, Carlo. It's so nice to know the piece, which I placed in that library in the fall of 2013 during my visit to Hong Kong, found its way to you at last.

Our third message landed in my inbox from Sayid Nassir, of Alexandria, Egypt

 Sayid writes:

"I am a tour guide at the Great Pyramid, in a place you might have heard of, Egypt! Imagine my surprise when I was sorting our mail at the tomb and found one of your prize pieces. I'm a longtime reader of Wondermark and wow! 

"I don't know how you managed to get a piece all the way over here. The piece was just sitting in the stack of mail, between a flyer and another flyer. Come to think of it, the flyers were also from America! Perhaps it was like a letter sent to Santa, where the post office just somehow knows what to do! Thank goodness for international postal protocols, because it brought your prize piece to me directly.

"Best of luck with your Kickstarter. I've returned your piece by dropping it in a mailbox just like you did – hope it finds its way back soon!"

Great letter, Sayid! I did indeed simply drop that piece in a mailbox, without knowing where it would turn up. I guess all unaddressed mail goes to Egypt!! Or when sent from Egypt, returns to me, as your piece did!

Our fourth letter today comes from Sandra Immanus, of Ancient Rome...

 Sandra writes:

"Salve David! I am a resident of Ancient Rome, or as we call it, 'Rome.' I understand that you are the creator of this puzzle piece! I found it in a 'telephone-booth' left here in the present (your past, natch) by a certain Mssrs. Bill et Ted. 

"I don't know what puzzle pieces are, but after finding this one I hope very much to learn! I have to wrap up this message as that is all the Future Anglo-Germanic language words I know – those sentences, precisely. Fugientibus fortuna tua pecunia divitem expeditionem attollere!"

Thanks for this very kind letter, Sandra, which arrived in my house on a piece of parchment singed around the edges, smelling faintly of ozone. Thank you as well for adhering the puzzle piece in question to the letter, using some sort of rat-blood glue, I presume.

That's four pieces found! But what of the fifth and final?? I was despairing of it ever being found, until just this very morning, when I received a telegram from the head of surgery at Johns Hopkins, Dr. G. Bruno Alabasticar:

"Dear Mr. Malki, I am a surgeon specializing in strange and unusual diseases. I understand you recently ran a Kickstarter for a series of jigsaw puzzles. I hope this message reaches the correct person.

"This week I treated one of the most peculiar patients I have ever seen in my eighty-five years in medicine. A young lady came into the E.R. complaining of thorax pain. Usually this indicates either food poisoning or spontaneous pregnancy.

"We immediately performed exploratory surgery and were surprised to discover a cardboard jigsaw puzzle piece lodged firmly in her aorta. 

"I have extracted many different objects from many different voids and cavities in the human body, from light bulbs, to twisty light bulbs. This was different, because I could see no way that the piece could have gotten into her heart to begin with. Her veins were otherwise smooth as new copper piping in a tasteful, modern tract home.

"If you are in the market for a new home, this is a great time to buy. I represent many builders with exciting suburban developments. Please feel free to call me at any time with your housing needs. In the meantime, this young lady – whose name I am not allowed to tell you due to HIPAA regulations; thanks, Obama – is recovering well. I have enclosed the offending puzzle piece in case it is an heirloom or has other sentimental value."

Wow, what an amazing story! Dr. Alabasticar unraveled the mystery of the heart-blocking puzzle piece!! He also transmitted via telex the following photograph:

Looking good, there! Ma'am, please accept all our best wishes for a speedy recovery. I guess you must have found the piece resting on a table and injected it, thinking it was insulin? I know I'm sweet, but this is ridiculous!!!!!! If anyone knows who this is, please get in touch!!






I made a coloring book! PLUS I am doing original drawings!

PLUS I have some cool original paintings! All of kooky Roll-a-Sketch characters, which are randomly generated by rolling dice!

Check out the video here – we're already nearly 200,000% funded which is ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE.

If you decide to pledge, thank you so much! Here is the link again, in case you missed it.

I will be at Gen Con in a few weeks, and perhaps I'll see you there. 

That's all from me! Hooray!!

The puzzles are here!

Posted by David Malki ! (Creator)

A truck arrived last week with pallets of puzzles, just as we'd hoped!


Boxes of puzzles are now filling my office from floor to ceiling!


They look super good!


We are shipping them out now!


Th-that is all. Pretty exciting, everyone!!