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Assembled in our shop and ready to hang on your wall. Made from laser-cut textured resin laminates that will stay bright for 200 years.
Assembled in our shop and ready to hang on your wall. Made from laser-cut textured resin laminates that will stay bright for 200 years.
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Posted by David Malki ! (Creator)
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The London Symphony Orchestra presents: MINI BUDDIES

We’ve hit over double our goal, and we’ve heard from over 10,000 people who’ve asked us “Is there a way I can enjoy my Wall Buddy in a miniaturized version? That way I can hang my Wall Buddy on the wall of my living room, but also have a tiny version on the fridge so I am not left with pangs of separation anxiety when I leave the couch to go grab a LaCroix.”

We’ve heard this exact thing, over and over. It’s...weird. Must be a botnet attack.

But now there is a solution to this common problem!! Exclusively for Wall Buddies backers, check out our new MAGNETIC MINI BUDDIES:

They’re friends. For your fridge.
They’re friends. For your fridge.

Mini Buddies magnets are ONLY available to backers of any Wall Buddies tier! (Except the one where you get no reward. You get no reward with that, friend.)

Just add $6 to your pledge amount for every Mini Buddy you want. We’ll ask you for the specifics later. Shipping for Mini Buddies is included in what you’re already paying for shipping.

Your Mini Buddies don't have to match your Wall Buddies – you can choose any of our designs for either! OR, you can get the same ones, if you choose. IT'S YOUR LIFE.


“Can I get just Mini Buddies without a Wall Buddies pledge?” Not at this time! For now it's a bonus JUST for Wall Buddies backers.

“What are Mini Buddies made of?” The frames are laser-cut wood and the centers are acrylic plastic (not the same material as Wall Buddies – we tried, it was impossible).

“Can I get my custom chess position as a Mini Buddy?” If you’ve paid the extra $10 for a custom chess design, then we can make that SAME design as a Mini Buddy for no extra cost. If you want a DIFFERENT custom design, then it’s +$10 for each different design, it’s still the same amount of work to set up.

“How many Mini Buddies can I get with my pledge?” If you’ve backed for at least one Wall Buddy, you can get as many Mini Buddies as you like for $6 each!

“When will Mini Buddies ship?” Early 2018, they’ll arrive with your Wall Buddies order.

“I want to upgrade my pledge to get 500 Wall Buddies. Can I have a Mini Buddy for free?” If you buy 500 Wall Buddies, we will send you one Mini Buddy for free.

“How big are Mini Buddies?” Here is a scientific diagram for scale (also, check out our high-budget documentary video at the top of this post).

That’s not the real frame, the actual Mini Buddies frames are in the top picture, or maybe they will be slightly different if we come up with a better design. We trust you to trust us with this important matter.

SIX BUCKS A BUDDY! Add the desired amount to your pledge total and rest easy knowing your life will soon be even MORE FULL OF BUDDIES!!


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