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A collection of Wondermark comic strips, all about bad fonts, sad robots, excitable dodos, and how to eat Cheetos with chopsticks.
A collection of Wondermark comic strips, all about bad fonts, sad robots, excitable dodos, and how to eat Cheetos with chopsticks.
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$20K reached! Sticker sheet CONFIRMED.

Posted by David Malki ! (Creator)
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I’m pleased to announce that with just 24 hours remaining, we have broken the $20K stretch goal, and now the book will be (AT LEAST) 140 pages long!

It MIGHT even get longer still, if we can break $22,500 in the final day. IS IT POSSIBLE? Maybe!

We ALSO broke the 400 backer count goal, meaning now every order will ship with a sheet of word balloon stickers, so you’ll be able to correct or amend any bad punchlines that accidentally make it into the book.

No pictures of this sheet yet, but it’ll come with a selection of both blank balloons (so you can write your own punchline), and also some handy pre-written punchlines for general use anywhere. I think it’ll be a pretty useful item.

I thought I’d also mention, if you are REALLY INTO this book and are curious about what has gone into making it so far, I’ve been documenting the entire process – from initial conception months ago, to literally today – on a podcast called Malki on the Mark.

I decided, with this podcast, I wanted to really get into the weeds and follow the entire nitty-gritty process of a creative project – namely, this book: why do it now; why do it on Kickstarter; how to decide what goes into it; all that kind of decision-making that has to happen in the background of every project ever.

The podcast is available to subscribers of Wondermark on Patreon at the $3/month level. Since it isn’t really geared for general audiences who don’t know me or care about Wondermark, I thought I would try a premium content model with it.

(On Patreon, I post other behind-the-scenes content about Wondermark too; this podcast is just one of the things you’d get with a $3/month subscription!) 

If you’re curious, here’s some samples to give a listen to:

• There's a brief introduction to the podcast here...
• And Episode 4 specifically (in which Sam Logan and I try to come up with good tiers for this very campaign) is listenable for free, as a preview.

In other episodes, I’ve spoken with fellow cartoonists Ryan North, Dave Kellett, Sam (again), and I have an upcoming one with Dylan Meconis. They all give me Kickstarter tips and share horror stories from their own past campaigns!

It’s of course a totally optional thing and not related at all to your pledge here on Kickstarter! Just in case you might be interested in checking it out, I thought I’d mention it.

Talk to you again TOMORROW PROBABLY! Big day tomorrow!!

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