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A collection of Wondermark comic strips, all about bad fonts, sad robots, excitable dodos, and how to eat Cheetos with chopsticks.
A collection of Wondermark comic strips, all about bad fonts, sad robots, excitable dodos, and how to eat Cheetos with chopsticks.
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Posted by David Malki ! (Creator)
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There’s just a little bit of time left on this campaign! YOU ALREADY KNOW THAT and what’s more, you don’t NEED to know that because you’ve already backed, I presume. 

That’s why you’re getting this update! Why would you read it if you hadn’t already backed.

You also know that in these waning few days, we’re INCREASINGLY close to our next page count goal – fattening the book up to 140 pages of comics! – and quite close as well to our 400-backers goal of enclosing a word balloon sticker sheet to correct any bad jokes.

So we’ll just plug away! In the meantime, though, here are a couple answers to common questions I’ve gotten from individuals:

Can I back for, or add on, just PDF copies of all books in the series? There isn’t a digital tier for all the books. 

That's true! I'm doing some file cleanup and then I'll post those PDFs on Gumroad separately. That way you can get them individually later on if you like; there's no reason to complicate the Kickstarter further with that addition.

Can I add on one of the “lifestyle items” to a different pledge tier?

I’d be happy to make you a special one-off of any item from the “Lifestyle” tier:

  • 👖 Leggings
  •  🛋️ Throw pillow
  • 🏖️ Beach towel
  • 🛍️ Tote bag OR beach bag
  • 💪 Tank top
  • 👙 One-piece OR two-piece ladies' swimsuit

...but, again, we don’t need to do it within the Kickstarter and make you wait months and months. $40 + shipping for any one of these items individually, contact me via KS message and we can discuss an independent order. 

I know that’s less fun than bundling up a big pledge pack, but this way, you can get it WAY EARLIER too! Instead of having to wait for the books to be printed & shipped.

Oh, and I can also do coffee mugs of your favorite Wondermark strip! That's just a regular new product in my store:

That’s what happens when you try to pour coffee with one hand while taking photos with the other. 

Anyway the mug is STAIN RESISTANT and can feature any Wondermark comic you like (that will fit on a mug)! Here’s the link again.


My buddy Chris Hastings (of Dr. McNinja, Gwenpool, et al), along with Branson Reese (of Swan Boy) whom I haven’t met but who seems nice, are in the home stretch of their campaign as well, for a graphic novel about diplomats navigating an international incident with the draculas and so forth in Transylvania!

If nothing else, do go watch their video, it's a spoopy Halloween treat. Oh and they’ve posted a bunch of sample pages online too!

They’re still 5K from their goal with 3 days remaining. I’ve backed, which means TECHNICALLY, like, one of you has backed as well, because I’m just going to give the $20 I’m getting from you right over to them! I hope you like the book you bought for me, one person!! Everyone else should go back the book yourself!

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