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A collection of Wondermark comic strips, all about bad fonts, sad robots, excitable dodos, and how to eat Cheetos with chopsticks.
A collection of Wondermark comic strips, all about bad fonts, sad robots, excitable dodos, and how to eat Cheetos with chopsticks.
455 backers pledged $22,884 to help bring this project to life.

VIDEO: First Stretch Goal Reached!!

Posted by David Malki ! (Creator)

Hooray! We've reached the $15,000 funding mark and I am pleased to announce that heralds the REACHING OF A STRETCH GOAL. That means we'll be able to add 4 more pages to the book!

In the video, I get to break this GREAT NEWS to Lord Sir Von Wonder. I love seeing his little face lights up with delight when he hears about it.

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Also, a funny story! Originally this book was going to be 110 pages (the length of the previous book in the series). And then, I figured, we could try adding length with stretch goals. What an idea!!

So I quoted the book with the printer at 128 pages, to make sure I allowed for that possibility in the budget. What a prudent business move!!

Then, when I went to make all the Kickstarter copy and graphics and so on, I looked back at the quote to figure out what page count I'd decided to start with (since I'd been considering various options along the way). The quote said 128 pages, and so I used that as the starting point.

EVEN THOUGH that was supposed to be the stretch goal! What a value!!

IN OTHER WORDS, we have ALREADY, by virtue of this campaign succeeding, inadvertently improved the book from 110 to 128 pages. And now it's up to 132! 

And it can get even longer – 4 more pages for every $2,500, with about a week or so left to go in this campaign.

YOU, reading this update, have most likely already backed the project. So you're my hero! If you would like your and everyone's book to get bigger and better, please help a brother out by spreading the word about the campaign in whatever way you think is appropriate. 

Plus, the truth of the matter is that the minimum print run on this project is going to be over double our current backer count – so the more money this campaign raises upfront, the less capital I'll have tied up in inventory and the more money can go into my baby's mouth. 

Which is a big deal to me! I guess if you don't know the baby personally then it's probably less important to you and I RESPECT THAT. He's a pretty good baby though.

I have talked more about this campaign in various OTHER MEDIA recently:

– I was on the Daily Tech News Show podcast with Tom Merritt, talking extensively about Wondermark in general, this campaign in particular, and sick elephants in detail.

– I was on the Jordan Jesse GO! podcast with Jordan Morris and Jesse Thorn, talking about a bunch of unrelated dumb stuff (some NSFW content), but I mention this campaign too and say nice things about all of you!

- Related, Jesse (also the host of NPR's Bullseye) and his crew shot a little video in my office recently! I think it makes me look VERY NICE and as if I totally know what I'm doing or whatever:

Thanks very much for your pledges and support! One week to go!!

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