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A collection of Wondermark comic strips, all about bad fonts, sad robots, excitable dodos, and how to eat Cheetos with chopsticks.
A collection of Wondermark comic strips, all about bad fonts, sad robots, excitable dodos, and how to eat Cheetos with chopsticks.
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VIDEO: How the add-ons work! (Shipping costs, etc.)

Posted by David Malki ! (Creator)
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Wowsers! We’re already over halfway to our goal. Hooray and welcome to all new backers!

The Lord Captain and I would like to share a little info with you about ADD-ONS:

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As you saw on the campaign page (if you read down that far), you have the ability to add additional individual items to whatever pledge tier you choose...

• Any additional books cost either $16 or $8 (depending on which ones) plus extra shipping, if going outside the US
• Additional sketch bookplates cost $30 even (apiece)
• Additional packs of any 3 pins cost $25 even (per pack)

Kickstarter, unfortunately, doesn’t make it too easy: If you want any add-ons, you have to do the math, based on your reward tier and whatever items you want on top of that, and then manually enter the correct total amount for your pledge. (We'll sort out which exact items you're ordering later on.)

I’ve gotten several questions about how the shipping costs work, so I thought I would clarify:

I’ve input a base shipping cost for each reward tier. Kickstarter automatically adds that amount to your pledge based on where your order will be shipped (the rates are different for U.S., Canada, or elsewhere). That is what you pay if you DON'T have any add-ons, it's just the regular shipping price. It's calculated after you click through the tier and enter your address.

If you choose to (optionally!) add any extra books to any tier, you will need to add the cost of that book to your pledge PLUS an additional shipping charge IF the order is going to an address outside the U.S. (This is the $8 mentioned in each tier’s description – sorry if that's confusing to anyone!)

Here is an example of how the shipping costs work for the basic, book-only tier:

So the shipping cost for the basic single book going to the UK is $22; with a second book added on, the shipping cost is now $30; for three books total, $38; etc.

Kickstarter won’t do that extra add-on math for you, unfortunately! But never fear, just do your best – we have ways to straighten it all out later, if needed.

This is also the point at which I have to apologize for how expensive the international shipping costs are! Believe me, I wish it were different.

Here is my postage software giving me a quote for one book shipped to the UK:

The price is the same to Australia, Asia, etc.
The price is the same to Australia, Asia, etc.

So when I charge you $22, after Kickstarter fees and the cost of a box, I actually end up with about $19 to spend on that $22.33 stamp.

I’m happy to do it, but the whole thing’s bloody rubbish, innit?

Before you comment – yes, there ARE other ways to ship products internationally, and I’ve looked into many of them.

Some other services are cheaper, but about 5% of packages end up lost. (Happened to me on a previous project.) Or they are courier services rather than the post, which means they tack on customs brokerage fees. (Happened to me on a different project.)

Most other methods (such as sending a portion of books direct from the printer to someplace within the EU for fulfillment) require a certain volume of orders to be worth it, and without knowing how many international orders this campaign will end up with, I can’t know if anything like that will be a viable option.

It may choose to be, later on! I just don’t know, and so in the meantime, planning to use the good ol’ USPS is the safest choice.

So that’s what’s up with that! I hope that helps clear up any confusion regarding add-ons. If you have any questions, of course, please feel free to send me a KS message!

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