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A party game in which it is TOTALLY POSSIBLE to drop a boxcar full of rabid piranhas onto the King of France. LIKELY, even
A party game in which it is TOTALLY POSSIBLE to drop a boxcar full of rabid piranhas onto the King of France. LIKELY, even
A party game in which it is TOTALLY POSSIBLE to drop a boxcar full of rabid piranhas onto the King of France. LIKELY, even
10,666 backers pledged $556,596 to help bring this project to life.


We've now unlocked ALL THE WEBCOMICS PALS. This means that every pledger will receive, in addition to the cards packaged in the base game, TWENTY-TWO MORE mini-sets of bonus cards by our webcomics guest artists!

Here are some examples of Wondermark and Broodhollow cards (by me and Kris) to give you an idea:

These bonus cards will be available for retail purchase afterwards, but only during the Kickstarter will you get them all for free (physically or digitally, depending on the tier you pledge at). 

Here are the artists who'll be defacing our cards in any way they like:

You get all their cards FREE when you pledge to the game. (In today's video you can hear from some of them directly!) 

Even if you hate games that will be a lot of really cool ART AND JOKES for you to enjoy!! I could sell an anthology with contributions from all these people for $25 and not even give you a game and it would still be a sweet deal.



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    1. Frank Bromley on

      MAN do i wish i could pledge more the physical rewards are SOO awesome

    2. Kristen on

      @Burn - No idea here, and I'm dying to know!

    3. Missing avatar

      Miranda Richards on

      Aw, man, I saw that box in the video and I MUST HAVE IT! *throws more money at screen*

    4. Burn Pelton on

      Thanks Jesse and Kristen! Now, Crowd-sourcing more knowledge - Any idea what the "Miscellaneous item" add-on could be?

    5. Jesse Williams on

      If you did more webcomic pals cards down the road, I'd love to see Penny Arcade in the mix.

      @Andy Satterthwaite - "Buyer's Remorse" would be a great tier name. Maybe next time...

      @Burn Pelton - that's the tier I grabbed. one of the earlier updates said the box would be larger than pictured to fit all of the cards.

    6. Kristen on

      @Burn - Yes, including the possibility that you sleeve your cards.

    7. Randy MacKay on

      You should really consider asking Seanan McGuire (Hugo-award-winning author, singer, etc) to design a/some card(s) for you.
      She is also a talented artist (Pretty Little Dead Girls). She customized the blank cards for a friend's Cards Against Humanity deck, and they were absolutely awesome!

    8. The Mad Hatter on

      You've hit nearly all my favorite webcomic creators except one (Ethan Nicolle of Axe Cop). I can't wait to get my hands on these cards.

    9. Angel Slavchev on

      Wow! This IS "The Gift That Keeps On Giving!"

    10. Burn Pelton on

      Mr. Malki!, Will the Deluxe Laser-box be able to contain all (nearly thousand) of these cards, as well as the other game materials?
      If so, I'm upgrading now.

    11. Missing avatar

      Reece Buesgens on

      Answering my own question I see it is the GOT PLAYED pledge level

    12. Missing avatar

      Reece Buesgens on

      At what pledge level do you need to be at to get the physical cards for the WEBCOMICS stretch goal?

    13. Andy Satterthwaite on

      Thanks again David.
      Really appreciate your level of involvement in these comments. Makes my investment in "Boxed-In" feel all cosy and correct, rather than draped in Buyer's Remorse.

    14. David Malki ! 7-time creator on

      Yeah, it's counting the 50 x INFAMY in the 150.

    15. Andy Satterthwaite on

      Thanks David ...

      NOTE: That the infographic on the main page says 150 Death Card (not 100) hence my math.

      (not trying to be greedy or anything ... but I'd love it if this totalled 1000 cards by the end ... I like round numbers)

    16. David Malki ! 7-time creator on

      Also, @Andy: let's do the math:

      Base game = 100 death cards + 36 Specialist + 75 Gift cards + 20 blank cards = 231
      Tiers add = 50 x INFAMY + 25 x TYCOON + 45 x FROM ABOVE = 120 - wait, crap, this is now MORE than I thought

      Anyway that brings us to 351 (plus 3 Go-Ahead cards, if you want to be technical, so 354).

      Plus, in the Sidecar Box, 300 death cards + 100 Intel cards = 400 + 354 in the base game = 754

      PLUS another 200 (or so) Webcomics Pals cards = 954


      ALSO NOTE THAT the Webcomics Pals could be as low as 100 and as many as 250, it just depends on what the artists want to do.

      Anyway, I repeat = HOLY CRAP

    17. David Malki ! 7-time creator on

      (@Wendel, if you like you can keep EARLY BIRD and then add the Deluxe Box Upgrade on the Add-On page

    18. Kathleen Tolbert on

      Resistance is futile....take my money!

    19. Andy Satterthwaite on

      Super cool do get approx 200 webcomics cards, that's fantastic.
      But, where do the Infamy, Tycoon & From Above cards come in to the equation?
      By my reckoning there should be about another 120 cards for those (45 From Above, 50 Infamy, 25 Tycoon + maybe 1 from goat stare)
      (note: The "300" cards in the base set are actually 284 according to the infographic on the main page)

    20. Aramis Troche on

      I feel your pain, Michael M. I went from Booked to Sidecar because I literally could not justify to myself spending $125 on a fancy box, even if it is the fanciest of boxes (which it is! I want it sooo badly). My thirfty, lower middle class upbrining could barely stomach spending $78 for a card game (I just kept chanting "What a great deal! Think of the value!" over and over while I pressed Manage Your Pledge). Meanwhile I don't even want to think about how much I've spent on Magic:TG over the years.

    21. Brendan Creecy on

      So happy for you guys! This is awesome and I can't wait to play the game!

    22. Wendel Scardua on

      That box looks really great... I guess I'll have to choose BOXED IN after all, instead of EARLY BIRD - at least I can read the TIHYD previews while I wait for the book to be released.

    23. David Malki ! 7-time creator on

      I asked lots of artists to participate and I'm very pleased with the lineup we have! But at a certain point I had to cap it just for space. I'm hoping we can do more of these webcomics sets in the future, once the game is out and in people's hands!

    24. Missing avatar

      M on

      Man... the more I read about this game, the more I want to upgrade my pledge from BOOKED to BOXED IN... I want to own this so badly... TAKE MY MONEY!

    25. Carlos S. on

      You could have also gotten the Cyanide and Happiness crew since their Kickstarter is on now by doing a cross funding thingie...

      I guess it's too late now?

    26. Louis Foote on

      Every update makes me wish this game was in my hands now just that much more.

    27. Clint Cox on

      Sweet! Looks like this update pushed us the project over $350,000.

    28. Missing avatar

      Mr Pudifoot

      Awesome! Now i only wish you could get Randall Munroe of XKCD to do a could death cards. His sense of humor would be fit well with the Machine of Death.