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A party game in which it is TOTALLY POSSIBLE to drop a boxcar full of rabid piranhas onto the King of France. LIKELY, even
A party game in which it is TOTALLY POSSIBLE to drop a boxcar full of rabid piranhas onto the King of France. LIKELY, even
A party game in which it is TOTALLY POSSIBLE to drop a boxcar full of rabid piranhas onto the King of France. LIKELY, even
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Machine of Death: The Game of Creative Assassination is a creative storytelling game. Its fun elements are created by you in the process of playing the game. 

Lots of games are like this! And in fact, there’s another one on Kickstarter right now: it’s called Story War, and it’s being produced by Brad O’Farrell and Breadpig.

Story War is a little bit similar to Machine of Death in its broad strokes ("combine random elements to accomplish a wacky objective"), but varies in the particulars. Theirs has no machine, of course, and where we use a die and a timer to add an element of chance into the gameplay, Story War is more subjective. But their locations, creature, and item cards are not dissimilar from our Gift Cards and Specialists, and I would go so far as to call them members of the same species, i.e. "can interbreed and produce fertile offspring."

So if you’re looking for more games to enjoy – or if you want to take on the totally doable and in fact surprisingly intuitive challenge of combining both games into a super storytelling übergame – check out their campaign, running right now!

But wait

If you pledge to both games (physical versions), we're gonna compare our backer lists and each send you an exclusive bonus card: a Machine of Death card that references Story War, and a Story War card that references Machine of Death! We'll also send you a PDF with a set of suggested CROSSOVER RULES for combining both cards in HIGH STAKES INTERLEAGUE PLAY.

There's no need to do anything special; we'll figure out who gets the bonus cards thanks to TECHNOLOGY. Enjoy!!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Jay Wellman on March 9, 2013

      Quick question. On both games, I went in with a buddy to get the 2fer tiers (duel for MOD). Will my orders come with 2 of the cards - 1 for each copy of the game?

    2. Missing avatar

      chris hirst on March 5, 2013

      You should come down to Melbourne, Australia for the first ever PAX outside the US (hey its a good excuse for a holiday umm tax deductible business trip)

    3. David Malki ! 7-time creator on March 1, 2013

      @Scott – Kickstarter only lets us send out one survey to backers, so we have to wait until the games are ready to ship, sadly. Promos that go to everyone might be disseminated first (via a backer-only update), but right now – not knowing whether getting all the content from the Webcomics Pals artist will be a quick task or not – I can't promise that they'll go out early.

      Also, I believe there is a JAMMED card in one of the expansion decks.

    4. Scott on February 28, 2013

      This is probably a silly question with an obvious response, but will those who have pledged for physical orders be sent/able to download the PDF version in April (assuming it'll be ready by then)? Or will they have to wait until August when the physical games are sent out (assuming they'll be ready by then)?
      Also, will there by a Jam death card in homage to Ben 'Yahtzee' Croshaw?

    5. Jason Erbele on February 26, 2013

      @Richard if you want the bonus crossover cards, you need to pledge for physical versions of both. At least that's what it says directly below the large 'But wait' at the bottom of this update. It looks like $25 is the minimum physical version pledge for Story Wars, last I checked. Of course, if you like the idea for Story Wars, you can always pledge more.

    6. Richard Berthelot on February 26, 2013

      How much do we have to pledge to story wars?

    7. David Gregg
      on February 26, 2013

      Wallet... where are you going?! ... stahp...

    8. Brian McDonald on February 26, 2013

      I have to say, this is a really great thing you're doing. I've often thought that complementary Kickstarter projects should cross-promote like this. Nice to see it in action from an already-successful project. Just for that, I'm going to go back them.

    9. Gerry Avelino on February 26, 2013

      ...this makes me so happy right now.

    10. Missing avatar

      Gerard O'Brien on February 25, 2013

      Nice, by complete chance I backed both projects earlier today!

    11. Jan Jorgensen on February 25, 2013

      Man, too many good projects to back. I'd totally back Story Wars, but I'd need to downgrade to the digital tier on this one...and I kind of love MOD way too much to do that.

    12. Jonathan Barrett on February 25, 2013

      Oh wow, I just submitted my pledge to your project and this project earlier tonight! Awesome!