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A party game in which it is TOTALLY POSSIBLE to drop a boxcar full of rabid piranhas onto the King of France. LIKELY, even
A party game in which it is TOTALLY POSSIBLE to drop a boxcar full of rabid piranhas onto the King of France. LIKELY, even
A party game in which it is TOTALLY POSSIBLE to drop a boxcar full of rabid piranhas onto the King of France. LIKELY, even
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Clarifications about the Expansion Cards

I've been getting lots of questions about why the Add-On expansion cards (an optional extra unrelated to the main game) are a different size than the main game cards! It's because they're from an earlier printing, and we made them specifically to fit these cool metal tins:

And then when we sat down to make this game, we realized that most people prefer cards at standard game card sizes. So the new game cards are just a tiny bit bigger (Euro sized).

HOWEVER, due to high interest in the expansions, I've now made an EXECUTIVE DECISION to reprint the expansion cards in the larger format, so they'll match the rest of the game cards! This does mean, however, that the expansion sets won't come in tins, but rather standard cardboard packaging. (You can see the difference between the card sizes in the video above.)

So – if you would prefer the tins and the smaller cards, just specify that in the notes! 

Or if you prefer the cardboard and the larger cards, just order them from the Add-On page as usual and you'll get that by default. If you've already ordered the Add-On and want to express a preference, you can reply to your confirmation email and let me know!

I should also clarify that if you think the tins are cooler, or maybe you already own some of these cards from before, that's totally fine – you can play with both sizes intermixed and it doesn't affect the gameplay in any way. It's just an aesthetic consideration.

Note that nothing in this update refers to the main game, or to the Webcomics Pals Expansion Cards – all those cards will be at the larger, standard, Euro size.

Hopefully this clarifies matters! Thank you for your interest and support!


    1. David Malki ! Creator on February 18, 2013

      @Faelights – if you know of a place that manufactures them, please let me know! So far I haven't been able to find any :/

    2. Missing avatar

      Faelights on February 18, 2013

      I won't lie, it would be awesome if we could get Euro-sized tins...

    3. David Malki ! Creator on February 18, 2013

      @Terence - Thanks so much man, that means a lot!!
      @Zach - That's why we provide the option of either!
      @Matthew - Thanks for the tip! I got a couple ideas.

    4. Matthew Power on February 17, 2013

      Most custom tin manufacturers seem to have around 10k as their minimum order, but a few, like Timeless Tins, seem to have a minimum of 5000. One option is having a single model of can and affixing stickers, but it won't look quite as professional. Not sure how many tin's you'd be looking at, and I'm sure you may have better options through your contacts, but it might be a start.

    5. Zach R Mckinney on February 17, 2013

      I have to save I'd prefer the tins and smaller cards

    6. Terence Chandler on February 17, 2013

      May I just say this is the first Kickstarter I've supported (in my limited history...granted) with Video updates and I am LOVING THEM!! Thanks so much David for all your effort!! I know this is going to be great and I trust the geniuses at hand to deliver a fantastic (probably better than any can predict) product. So excited!!!

    7. David Malki ! Creator on February 17, 2013

      er, 6 x 50.

    8. David Malki ! Creator on February 17, 2013

      @Jesse – There might be some manufacturer somewhere who can make custom tins, I'll look into it! I bet you have to make, like thousands and thousands of them, though. There are probably other ways for the packaging to be upgraded, I'll start thinking about it!

      @William – Yeah, they'll be available online! Probably a bit more expensive, though, and we might reorder them into packs of 150 and 150 instead of 6 x 60.

    9. William Canant on February 17, 2013

      Will the larger expansion cards be available through topatoco (or elsewhere) at some point in the future?

    10. Jesse Williams on February 17, 2013

      So how much do we have to raise to get sweet, Euro-sized tins for ALL of the cards? ;-)

      Those tins are awesome. I'd love to carry all of my cards, base and expansions, around in tins that were as crazy cool as those pictures here.

      So... stretch goal?