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A scripted series with a purpose: inspiring viewers through the stories of five ambitious women in New York City's "Silicon Alley."

Alley Girls is a scripted, original series that tells the story of five sophisticated, ambitious and relatable individuals who share friendship, aspirations and the common experience of being women in business.  Against the backdrop of New York City's burgeoning tech scene - "Silicon Alley" - the cast of five will include: the CEO of an early-stage tech startup; the co-founder and CTO of a successful online retailer; a computer scientist who is the only female engineer at a growing company; the newcomer, just out of school, working odd jobs and hacking at night, trying to get her idea off the ground; and the tech blogger, a true go-getter with an eccentric personality who won’t take no for an answer.

Alley Girls material will be drawn from the experiences and day-to-day lives of actual female entrepreneurs and women in business - today’s pioneers of the modern women’s movement.  The characters will be relatable and realistic, the story lines will be honest and raw - portraying the full spectrum of human emotion, ambition, and the ups and downs of stepping out of your career comfort zone as a young female.

The idea and vision behind this project is rooted in the creators' collective desire to see a major positive change in the world that is sustainable for future generations.  Alley Girls zeroes in on a micro-component (advancement of women and girls in business and technology) of a much larger cultural shift.  We think that this individual mission is absolutely necessary in order to see a societal and cultural transformation on a macro level - that is, a more peaceful, prosperous and balanced world.

As part of this project, we will partner with other organizations (Social Action Partners) that share our overall mission: to eradicate poverty, increase innovation and re-establish a positive human connection with our communities, with our environment and with ourselves through the empowerment of women and the advancement of women's rights.

We hope the series will serve as inspiration for girls and women who may not have support systems or encouragement to pursue non-traditional paths, and connect them to Social Action Partners that can provide the resources they need to reach their full potential and bring their own ideas to life.

We will also offer many opportunities for viewers to get involved with the series' social action and outreach initiatives through a direct call to action at the close of each episode.

We're planning to produce 5 episodes for the pilot season of Alley Girls.  The total budget for the pilot season is approximately $35,000 - $50,000 per episode, for a total of $175,000 - $250,000.  In addition to these costs, we'll have expenses for marketing and PR (approximately $25,000), as well as all design work for the series, such as graphics, logo and web design (an additional $20,000 - $30,000).  So the total project budget for the pilot season, including production and related expenses, is approximately $220,000 - $305,000.

The use of funds raised from Kickstarter will be for production of the pilot season only - in other words, the actual costs associated with creating each episode (not costs related to marketing, PR and design).  These production costs include casting (finding the actresses and actors who will play the various characters in the show); talent (the actresses, actors and extras); crew (writers, producers, directors, directors of photography, set designers, gaffers, editors and so on); and locations for filming.

The additional funding for the series will be raised from individual donors and investors, advertisers, sponsors and product placement (such as wardrobe featured in the show).

As a note, we believe there's a massive audience for this type of show. Should we surpass our goal, or even surpass the total costs of the pilot season, we will use the additional funds (after all production costs have been paid for) for marketing, PR, design and advertising.

Alley Girls is not a reality show - however, it is inspired by the true stories and experiences of real women entrepreneurs and leaders in business.  We're documenting these stories, as well as inviting you to submit your own stories, and using them as the basis for characters, plots and scenes.

When the show goes live, the platform on which viewers watch the series will include not only the full episodes of the scripted show, but will also include interviews with hundreds of real women sharing their stories and experiences as individual video clips.  These stories will include everything from what it's like to start a company, balancing personal and professional life, and exploring and debating what it means to "have it all" - or if that's even possible! Throughout the life of the show, we will continue to both release new episodes, as well as gather and post new true stories, which could include your own!

As we mention, Alley Girls tells the story of five women in New York City's Silicon Alley.  The cast includes the following main characters:

28-year-old CEO of an early-stage tech startup, in the process of raising capital from investors to scale the venture.
30 to 32-year-old co-founder and CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of a high-growth online retailer, in the process of a possible acquisition or IPO.
25-year-old coder, the only female engineer in her high-growth tech company.
22 to 23-year-old industry newcomer, just out of school, working odd jobs during the day and hacking at night.  She has an idea for an app that she's trying to get off the ground.
26-year-old business writer/tech blogger, who covers entrepreneurship and technology in NYC's Silicon Alley.

Other planned recurring characters will include an IP attorney with a focus on tech startups;  a recruiter who focuses on finding C-suite talent for startup and growth-stage companies (CEO, COO, CTO, etc), and as part of her job, is always plugged in to the happenings of the scene; and a male VC investor who's philosophically in the 1950s and who stills needs convincing that female founders are just as worthy of an investment as their male counterparts.

Most of all, these characters will be true to life, colorful and inspirational.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

RISK 1: Distribution.
Our team of producers, directors, and writers have a solid track record of completing the projects they start, and finding distributors. This project does not currently have a distributor, but this is intentional. Given the series' themes, social relevance, and vision for impact, we believe there's an audience for this project, and believe it will be a matter of finding the RIGHT partner, vs. showing up to the dance and no one's interested. That said - there's always a risk that we won't find a distributor. If that were to happen, we have a plan for independent distribution which we believe would still be a very viable solution for the project; however, we prefer to find a network, digital platform, or even a publisher which will be a great partner in bringing this project to the world.

RISK 2: What about your previous Kickstarter?
Our production company has dedicated staff for each project we do, so "Alley Girls" won't be affected by what we're doing with "I am the Water, You are the Sea" (our previous Kickstarter campaign). We successfully raised our goal for that film in June 2011, produced it, and are now in discussions with distributors. Once the film has finished the process of acquisition, we will be fulfilling the backer rewards (such as T-Shirts, DVD's, posters, etc), and have a dedicated staff member managing these rewards.

For the "Alley Girls" original series, we have an entirely separate team working on this project - so again, the other Kickstarter project is unaffected. Our company is built to manage many simultaneous projects, so no matter what we're working on, deadlines, customer service, and so forth is maintained in a seamless way.


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