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The modern, minimalist mug that’s made of a virtually unbreakable advanced composite. Insulated. Made in USA. ✨  Century Guarantee!
The modern, minimalist mug that’s made of a virtually unbreakable advanced composite. Insulated. Made in USA. ✨  Century Guarantee!
The modern, minimalist mug that’s made of a virtually unbreakable advanced composite. Insulated. Made in USA. ✨ Century Guarantee!
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    1. Caleb Isenor on

      It says century guarantee. I certainly hope I get my lid before that guarantee is over.
      Like really.

    2. Caleb Isenor on

      Still haven't recieved the lid for my mug. When will it be delivered???

    3. Joe Y on

      I am requesting a refund ASAP. I see no reason to wait for vaper tableware.

    4. Jon McLaughlin Creator on

      @sokompheak We do not have an exact dates. Take a read through the the last two updates and you will see the "realtime" status of the company and another update will be out in a week.
      Thank you.

    5. sokompheak

      Could you please let me know when MyMug shipped?

    6. Jon McLaughlin Creator on

      @JoannaWedding The lids will fit the mugs you already have. We have not changed the shape or size of any of the mugs, hence no change to the size of the lids. Thanks for checking.

    7. Jon McLaughlin Creator on

      @EricFGrodksy, We are indeed still making them in the USA, in Colorado.

    8. Jon McLaughlin Creator on

      @DrewHendrickson, send me an email at and include your new address and I will make the change. Thank you

    9. Joanna Wedding on

      I am patiently waiting this product but the newest update has me worried. I would like to be assured that the new lid molds are going to fit the mug l already have. The mug is completely useless for my husband without the lid.

    10. Missing avatar

      Drew Hendrickson on

      When are these going to be shipped? last I heard it was the end of June and there are only 4 days left. Also how do I change my shipping address? I didn't plan on this taking an extra year to ship and backerkit will no longer let me change my shipping address.

    11. Eric F Grodsky

      I hope you are still making these in USA.

    12. Missing avatar

      Robert R Lysak on

      How do I request a refund? My faith that an actual product will be delivered has fallen to about zero. Shipments in February became April, which became June, which are now September. I prefer not to wait until September to find out that yet another 2 month delay has been communicated.

    13. Missing avatar

      Carey Newhouse

      So I get the delays due to moldmaking, but are the lids for already-delivered mugs also included there? I can't use my mug at work until I have a lid for it, and I'm chomping at the bit to show it off

    14. Dave West on

      An update within two days was promised a week ago. I foresee another delay, however I'd be pleased to be wrong!

    15. Missing avatar

      Daniel Kalisperis on

      Any update? Is this even coming? You’re half a hear late guys. At least communicate with us!

    16. Missing avatar

      Tom Glaess on

      Agreed. Any updates on the lids?

    17. Joe Hengenius on

      Well we are past mid-June and we have radio silence on when we should expect shipping. Any update on when we should expect our mugs to start shipping?

    18. Marie Hayes on

      So excited for the lid so I can start bringing mine with me on the go. Quick question for you Jon. What is the best way to remove the staining on the inside. It was from coffee and I'm not sure what is the best way to have it removed and all clean.

    19. Missing avatar

      Tom Seagrove on

      Thanks for the update Jon....looking forward to it being MyMug and not YourMug...haha

    20. Jon McLaughlin Creator on

      Hello all, lids and MYMUGs are still set for June. Thank you for checking in and if you have specific questions and/or want me to address your individual request, be sure to send me a message privately. Happy Summer!

    21. Cindi Tyler Thompson on

      I see you have updated on all lids but the 12 oz. I would like to use mymug as a travel mug and cannot. When will the 12 oz be sent out?

    22. Arturo Parra on

      Can’t wait for mymug.

    23. Missing avatar

      Jo on

      Has anyone gotten a refund yet?
      I just asked for a refund.

    24. Missing avatar

      Carey Newhouse

      Hey Jon,

      Are we still lined up to ship lids in June as per the last update? I love my mug, but I can't use it at work without a lid!

    25. Missing avatar

      Jay Jostyn on

      Hi Jon, as you may recall, I ordered three 12 oz. MyMugs and three lids...and first let me say that I'm really enjoying my MyMug as are my sisters who received them as Christmas gifts! Well done! But...I never received the lids which I'm quite sure that I included in my original order. (I've searched my email, but I can't seem to find an order receipt to confirm.) It's I read your email updates about lids, I mistakenly thought that I'd have to wait until mid-May to receive the lids to the three MyMugs that I ordered. It wasn't until today that I realized that the 12 oz. MyMug lids were delivered back in Jan. No worries about the delay, Jon, but I do look forward to receiving those lids. And, if it turns out that I didn't include them in my original order, I'll be happy to order and pay for them now. Despite any glitches, I hope that you're happy with how your Kickstarter project is going, and kudos to you for doing it in the first place! Best, Jay (Jostyn)

    26. Missing avatar

      Noraysis on

      Thank you for the update.

    27. Missing avatar

      Mandy Nevin on

      I have sent message requesting a refund. How can I get a confirmation?

    28. Missing avatar

      Tom Glaess on

      Come on guys - it’s a lid. Are you telling us that you didn’t have the lid designed last fall? What is really causing yet another delay?

    29. Missing avatar

      Daniel Kalisperis on

      I am wondering if their most resent update could be more vague?
      “We again misjudged the time it takes to master the multitude of ideas needed to elegantly reinvent the idea of the 6,000 year-old common mug.” They have the design and the production method allready?

    30. Danielle boissat on

      Hello I am moving and I would like to update my address can you please let me know where I can do that.

    31. Cindi Tyler Thompson on

      Wondering where my lid is??? I was told I would receive it this month. I cannot use mymug as a to go mug without a lid.

    32. Missing avatar

      Kayli on

      How can I update my shipping address? I am moving at the end of April and have not yet received a tracking number. As such, I'd much rather have my delivery sent to my new address. I messaged you a while back with this questions and have not received a response. Thank you.

    33. Missing avatar

      Sara on

      While I understand that people want a refund, but as someone who actually can’t wait to buy more mugs and the lids that go with them, is it possible to purchase more mugs as refunds are processed?

    34. Missing avatar

      Dean Thomson on

      Well we are now in mid-april. I still have not received any notification when my mugs and Lids will ship.

      Please tell me when items will be shipped. I'm growing impatient.

    35. Caleb Isenor on

      Where is my lid? Can I get a tracking number or something for it? I was told it would arrive months ago. Please. Anything.

    36. Joanna Wedding on

      We love the 12oz and are more than happy to wait for the rest of our order. Most Kickstarters don't hit their intended ship date, I really appreciate you for keeping us posted through this process!

    37. Brenda Boda Klenke

      I also messaged you for a refund. Thanks.

    38. Missing avatar

      Wayne Mathers on

      i messaged you Jon to take up the offer of a refund please. thanks

    39. Cindi Tyler Thompson on

      I still have not received my 12 oz lid. When can I expect it?

    40. Karlijn Bohmer on

      I would like a refund please.

    41. Missing avatar

      Garett Auriemma on

      Still loving my 12oz. Good things are worth the wait—I’d rather the follow up pieces be right than rushed.

    42. Missing avatar

      Bob Scarborough

      I have not received my 12oz mug as yet. Melbourne Australia

    43. Missing avatar

      johnny zirngible on

      I would like to take you up on your refund offer, please refund my money.

    44. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Noll on

      February, no no, March, no wait, April, well make that in may, well you know what let’s just say December.....

    45. Missing avatar

      Noraysis on

      Thank you for the update, much appreciated.

    46. Missing avatar

      johnny zirngible on

      Still waiting, this is taking forever!

    47. Jon McLaughlin Creator on

      The other mugs will ship in early/mid April. Once we have a specific ship date we will post it here on the comments and updates page. Thank you for your support.

    48. Missing avatar

      Terence Kivran-Swaine

      I am waiting to receive my 8 oz mug. When should I anticipate it’s arrival?


    49. Jon McLaughlin Creator on

      @Cindi Tyler Thompson, the lids will ship in April. Thank you for your support.

    50. Cindi Tyler Thompson on

      I had received my mug but have not received my lid for my 12 oz yet.

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