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Described as a nature show about people, this new comic follows four hapless friends as they navigate the wilds of modern life.
958 backers pledged $35,978 to help bring this project to life.


I couldn't have done it without you. While I'm giving thanks, I'd like to retroactively thank you all so much for your support and generosity during Strip Search. I'd also like to pre-emptively thank you as we turn towards the future. It's looking pretty bright. I recommend shade 5 or higher tinted goggles.

Thank you also to those of you who couldn't back for one reason or another, but took time to send me words of support. As the saying goes*, a kind word is worth a billion dollars, and it never ceases to make my day hearing from you. 

Special thanks to Robert Khoo for holding my hand throughout the process, my father for making sure I spoke to an accountant first, Graham and LRR for taking on the booze-fueled nightmare that will be Pineapple Maki Search, Tally for the amazing plushes, and all the people who called me stupid when I was worrying that I wouldn't hit my goal (Amy and Mary in particular). 

So what's next? Pretty soon I'll be in contact with all of you, and the reward fulfillment process will begin! You should see digital rewards with the launch of the new site (hopefully in early October) and physical rewards following after. My hope is that I set the estimates way too far in the future, and you'll get your goodies early.

Throughout the process, I'll be sending backers continuous updates—like the ones you have received so far—with concept art, sneak peeks, merch designs, and general news. 

It's been a wild ride, but it's far from over. Cheers!

*Not sure if this is actually a saying.

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