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Portable, Internet-Enabled, Industrial Quality.
Migo is the perfect printer for you.
Just plug it in and play! From $149
Portable, Internet-Enabled, Industrial Quality. Migo is the perfect printer for you. Just plug it in and play! From $149
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Thanks to all our backers! Funding Goal Achieved!

Posted by MakeX (Creator)

Hi everyone, 

There is only one thing to say: THANK YOU! We successfully bring our third projects to you on Kickstarter, which is also the most intriguing 3D printer and suitable for everyone. 

After developing the previous generations, we never stop thinking how we can help to make life better for more people with 3D printers. We did a lot survey on it and consulted users' opinions. And finally we think this printer should be like this:  easy-to-use, high successful printing rate, concise structure, no more complicated operation for freshman, and no more ugly square box. You can carry it with you everywhere. And because it is internet-enabled, you can print & update apps whenever you want, and all users can share creations in a community. This is  why Migo is here, an ideal printer! 

It’s always difficult to promote 3d printing, but we enjoy it so much. There are many projects which were launched years ago without any progress. But we are glad MakeX never let our backers down. We always try our best to bring the best printers to you as the appreciation to each backer and also for self-esteem. We can, and we did develop the best 3D printer, the most adorable 3D printer in the market.   

We have received a lot suggestions from backers after launched our campaign, which are all very valuable to us. And we realized at a deep level that MIGO is far more than a portable 3D printer, but it is the first printer in the world which can make it available to "walk while print".  With MIGO, you can print not only at home, office, but also on the road while walking. This is really a fantastic idea, and an idea only can be achieved by MIGO. That is why we prepared stretch goals. We were inspired by your suggestions, and looking forward to getting the advanced MIGO out into the world!  

There aren’t enough words to let you know how truly we appreciate your backing. Without your support we can not make it within 10 days. However, there is still so much work to do, so spread the word! Share us! We are keeping on working harder every day to make MIGO a perfect 3d printer for your needs. It has been a great success so far, but stay tuned for more.  


MakeX Team

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    1. MakeX 3-time creator on

      @Marko Radosevic Thanks for your comment. We will put our backers' benefits at the first place, and try to find a good way to lower your cost. And if it is possible we will try to deliver the printers to you through our European distributors, but it probably will be delivered from China. But we have already made an agreement with the couriers that if the quantity of the goods reaches certain level, they will lower the shipping cost definitely.

    2. Marko Radosevic on

      Now that we know this great fact, can you tell me if this printer can be shipped from EU location to EU address. Im asking because within EU we wont have to pay considerable amount of custom fee. If its shipped from US or from somewhere else, than it is completely different.

      Thank you

    3. MakeX 3-time creator on

      @Katja Hönow Thanks for your comment. Yes, there will be a rechargeable battery inside. We are looking forward to seeing your review as well. Hope we can reach that stretch goal soon to bring the advanced MIGO to you!

    4. Katja Hönow on

      I am going to test that out. Printing while walking. Does that mean that the printer has a rechargeable battery inside?
      Do nice to hear that your initial goal was reached so quickly. I hope that the stretch goals will be reached too! Keeping fingers crossed!!