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Portable, Internet-Enabled, Industrial Quality.
Migo is the perfect printer for you.
Just plug it in and play! From $149
Portable, Internet-Enabled, Industrial Quality.
Migo is the perfect printer for you.
Just plug it in and play! From $149
Portable, Internet-Enabled, Industrial Quality. Migo is the perfect printer for you. Just plug it in and play! From $149
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    1. Missing avatar

      杨海波 about 17 hours ago


    2. Missing avatar

      tsukasa baba about 21 hours ago

      I would like to know the progress of the project and the timing of shipping the item.

    3. Missing avatar

      Agus Kuatsjah 1 day ago

      Any News, When I could receive My Migo ?

    4. Missing avatar

      Dantchakoff 2 days ago

      I've install the software, open it, load a part (.stl), the software load, but I can't see my part !
      After uninstal and install a second time it doesn't change anything...
      Is it because there isn't any Migo connected or an other problem?
      (Test make with Windows 7 64x)

    5. MakeX 3-time creator 3 days ago

      Download link is still working.

    6. Missing avatar

      Inma Paya Poveda 5 days ago

      I can't download the file. Is it still working?

    7. Missing avatar


      Hi is it still possible to chnage the pm from a migo to a migoL

    8. MakeX 3-time creator on

      @IVAN- The Mac version will be released before you get your Migo.

    9. Missing avatar

      Hassen Ally on

      Great news. Finally an update.
      Any news on an android app as yet.
      Thanks guys

    10. Missing avatar


      Good news about production, but I have a Mac computer... are you planning a software for macOS?

    11. Nicholas Rowlett on

      Great, this update looks promising.
      My faith is almost restored.


    12. Missing avatar

      Eric Albert

      It is August with last update in late May.... surely there is something to give us backers on what is happening by now???

    13. Nicholas Rowlett on

      Well its not as bad here as it is at the BSX athletics page for the LVL band, this item had a ton of funding, previous models released, but they ended up screwing everyone up and not really acknowledging their mistakes in any comments.

      I made the mistake of backing two of them, I don't expect to see those funds have any returns now.


    14. Missing avatar

      Martin Gignac on

      After multiple message I finally had a return from Make X. Here are their answer :

      Hi gignac, we'll contact you before we could ship and send emails to confirm items you backed. Migo team haven't given us an accurate date either.
      MakeX MakeX from MAKEX

      I have sent another message to have more info about the shipping date and reasons of that delay and silence on update. At least we know MakeX still alive. I'll keep in touch if I have more info.

    15. Missing avatar


      We need an update

    16. DeadCell on

      I’m still remaining optimistic that we’ll get an update soon. It’s been said that this company tends to be poor when it comes to communication, and that they don’t deliver on time.

    17. Missing avatar

      Patric Grill on

      MakeX did other projects/printers in the past on kickstarter and in the comment area people said they got their product, about a month after the „we’re ready to ship“ update. So stay optimistic guys! :-)

    18. Missing avatar

      Patric Küffen on

       Letzte Anmeldung 19. Jul 2018
      Last Login from MakeX was 19. july 2018

    19. Nicholas Rowlett on

      I am unable to get a response from them at their home page.
      I had made several email attempts.

      I really hope this project is not dead because for me it will be the second in addition to LVL from BSX, a hydration monitor, which had over 1M in funding never delivered, and also made false claims as to the status of the project. I do not think Kickstarter is holding these companies liable at all, this was the last Kickstarter campaign I will back. Reputation apparently doesn't mean anything ether. This platform could have been so much more but without anyone being accountable, it becomes just another haven for predictors.

      I am not sure if these actually shipping in Aug. would restore my faith in Kickstarter.


    20. Anthony Pennacchio on

      another kickstarter project dead - that makes 5 of them for me - kickstarter is crap - they have no check and balances or protection - yes we as backers are taking a chance - but the rate of loss is enormous - selling and receiving payment for a product that will never exist is theft and not legal in many states

    21. Missing avatar

      杨海波 on


    22. Missing avatar

      Martin Gignac on

      I wrote few messages to migo's team without any answer. For my first try to back a project I am really worried. I have checked the terms and conditions and they actually don't respect it. We should at least keep informed of the evolution or any delay. I gave you my trust and I hope this still a good decision. Now I am starting to think to get my money back.

    23. Missing avatar

      Samuel Vestal on

      From what I've gathered, the creators are not very chatty, but they will get the job done. They have a pattern of being silent until shipment.

    24. Missing avatar

      Patric Küffen on

      Hi there,

      We have no access to update the Kickstarter. At the moment we don't know why Migo Team don't update you guys, but they are seriously doing the final debugging of Migo to make sure you all get the best. For more concerns please write to Migo Team 

      Best regards,
      MakeX Team

      That is what the Website send me today.

    25. Katja Hönow on

      I have just received a mail from them saying:
      „The Migo Team plans to be ship the first batch on August. At the moment I don't know why they don't update you guys on Kickstarter, but they are seriously doing the final debugging of Migo to make sure you all get the best. For more concerns please write to Migo Team directly:
      So don’t worry, they will fulfill the shipment.

    26. Celina Knippling

      Argh. I don’t want to give up on them yet, but...I’m kind of on the verge of giving up. What are next steps if they stay off the radar?

    27. Missing avatar

      Eric Albert

      Yes, it has been 6 weeks since the last update in May, so I'd hope by now there is some better estimate of completing production and getting things shipped to backers!

    28. Missing avatar


      I have sent a number of emails to MakeX and direct messages to the creator with no response.

      They do not appear at all professional - more like fly-by-night characters.

      I think best get ready for another KS failure.

    29. Missing avatar

      Alexander Müller on

      Hello Creators,
      I am sure that you have a lot of work to do but could you please send us a short update about shipping.

    30. Aaron Luna on

      Any info about shipping?

    31. Missing avatar

      Martin Gignac on

      Hi, I am starting to be worried about to get the printer. Can you keep us up to date please ?

    32. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey S

      @Creator Time for an update; it has been more than a month since the last update.

    33. Missing avatar

      steinbring on

      How is the shipping target looking? Are we still getting it in July?

    34. Missing avatar

      杨海波 on


    35. Missing avatar

      Derick on

      Any update would be great at this point....

    36. Missing avatar


      The last login was 7th June

    37. Dherian on

      Hello Guys, how are the new implements going? I´ve seen that hte prices for preordering the laser have increased by 10$s Also the shipping date has been moved back one month. Is this correct? As I ordered the Migo without the laser, in order to get it in July. If it is really pushed back, I can just as well order the laser, too.

    38. Nick on

      Can we get a shipping update? All of the recent updates have been production/design related--which is great, they're very informative and transparent and we all really appreciate that, but I'm still expecting this to ship next month (July) and I'd like to know if I'm going to be disappointed.

    39. Missing avatar

      J Lam on

      Do you need to replace the magnetic base? If so, how much?

    40. Missing avatar

      Rafiki on

      Target was July be patient xD

    41. dale on

      Are you shipping soon?

    42. Missing avatar

      Hassen Ally on

      Thanks guys
      We wait in anticipation

    43. MakeX 3-time creator on

      @All-We are super busy so that I forgot log in and reply your messages. We apologize for it. The update is coming soon.
      @Quan Phan - Thanks for your understanding. We won't let you down.

    44. Missing avatar

      Quan Phan on

      I wouldn't worry too much. Makerx is bad at updates, you can see from the other kick starters they've done.... Same scene people thought they poof but makex shipped everything as they should ... The other projects we're 1000$+ per unit

    45. Missing avatar

      Alexandre on

      I contacted them through the form on their website, i.e.

    46. Pranav Paharia on

      @Alexandre can you give us a link on which you have contacted them ? I wanted to know how to contact them. Are they gone ? I've pledge my money for the first time on kickstarter.

    47. Missing avatar

      Alexandre on

      I contacted them as well and received this answer:
      "Thank you for the support. Please do not worry, Migo is in progress and will be delivered on time. Your email has been forwarded to the Migo Team who are handling MIGO related issues,if you need more information please feel free to contact.

      Have a nice day.

      Best regards,

      MakeX Team"

      Hold on! I hope we will get a proper update shortly.

    48. Missing avatar

      Hugo Harming on

      I also contacted them through their site, but I only got a generic 'Thank you for your input' type answer.
      I still think we need to see some actual interaction here before settling down.
      I mean, how hard can you work on a project? A comprehensive status update here would take ten minutes even for a slow writer.
      I find it very disrespectful to the people that invested over $150.000 in their project.

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