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The truly personal desktop factory, with high quality details, the simplest design, and opensource for your development.
The truly personal desktop factory, with high quality details, the simplest design, and opensource for your development.
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Permanent Vat is available now & Upgrade plan for M-One users.

Posted by MakeX (Creator)
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Permanent Vat upgrade plan for M-One users! 

Longer lifespan, easier maintenance, lower expense 

Dear Backers,

Our new Permanent Vat(Flex Vat V2) is available now, which is made from aluminum with nice polish. It means you do not need to replace it any more after you have one!

Non-sticking film rather than silicone layer makes it more efficient, a longer lifespan and better loss reduction even print different models in large size. 

Meanwhile, it is more affordable since the cost of replacing a piece of film is much lower than silicone layer.

    New advantages of the new vat: 

  • More durable (made from aluminum)
  • Suitable for various resins
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Non-sticking film
  • Easy to replace  
  • Longer Lifespan

Upgrade Plan for M-One users: 

Your experience with M-One is important to us and MakeX Team are continuing to make efforts to create better service and product for you. 

So we offer this upgrade plan for you to help have a better experience with M-One.

For the 140 microns M-One users who want to have better printing resolution, we would like to offer the modification parts which can improve the resolution to 110 microns, and it is totally free for M-One users. 

Meanwhile, we are glad to tell you that M-One users can enjoy your first new vat for half the price – $60! (retail price is $120) 

Please fill in the application form if you are willing to join this update plan and send the application form to

We will offer further needed information and arrange the delivery for you. (delivery charge will be collected)

Download your Application Form here: 

Application form

Software update: 

Xmaker is updated to version 2.34, please visit to download the latest version. 

 News for castable resin: 

We have tested several kinds of castable resins, many of them achieved excellent results. More details will be posted on next update. Please stay tuned:D



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    1. Missing avatar

      Michael Gordon on

      I've received and assembled the new vat - looking forward to trying it out sometime in the next few days. And to assessing the projector upgrade.
      The vat looks very good. I think that you've undersold it a bit as I'm pretty sure that it is made from Stainless Steel which is a step up from Aluminium in this application.
      The projector upgrade was a bit fiddly. Just about the most fiddly bit for me was wiggling the cover off and back on again.
      I did try putting the Silicon gasket on upside down by mistake. So that's a warning to others - check which way up you're fitting the gasket by looking to see which way up looks better before assembling into the projector.

    2. MakeX 3-time creator on

      @Thor It will be still available before the beginning of next month.

    3. Thor on

      are there a time limit on this offer?

    4. MakeX 3-time creator on

      @Irawan We will be very appreciate if you can complete the survey.

    5. Missing avatar


      Do I have to fill up the survey to get Vat 2 Upgrade and Free Modification part ?