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A Professional 3D Printer for Jewelers and Dentists. Your Truly Multi-machine Synchronous, Wifi Controlled Desktop Factory.
A Professional 3D Printer for Jewelers and Dentists. Your Truly Multi-machine Synchronous, Wifi Controlled Desktop Factory.
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Full group models from Lances Cross & software update

Posted by MakeX (Creator)
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Hello backers,

We want to wish all of our backers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

This update will include the latest on new printed models, Xmaker upgrade, as well as the progress of our mass production.

Lances Cross

Based on the requirements from backers, we printed a set of models of Lances Cross. Visit the details here

Thanks for the program with such amazing models with stunning details, so that we can print  and share them with our lovely backers!  Each model was printed on M-Jewelry U50 with SF resin from makerjuice at 60 microns thickness. The height is around 1.5-4cm and you can check it by comparing them with coin.

Models in the Xmaker software
Models in the Xmaker software
















Currently M-Jewelry is keep printing models in different thickness, trying  to make a comparison for your reference. We will post a set of pictures to present the differences in details printed by M-Jewelry U30 and M-Jewelry U50 in different thickness. 

XMaker Release

We have upgraded our software to 2.4.2 version with better performance and in this version you are able to add supports to another support manually as the followed picture:  




 Download the Xmaker 2.4.2 at:

Here are some other upgraded functions:

Slicer: A new support can be added between two existing supports based on the two points on each support.  

Image: The MKX format is removed from now on. It is integrated to the MKP format , which is compatible with the old MKX format.  

Printer: The focusing size of M-One can be observed and modified at any one time.  

the frequency and speed of the power generator are adjusted to reduce the noise.  

Printing process can be paused at any time.

Progress of Mass Production:

It's been a busy couple of months at MakeX. We are engaged in the injection mold development now and want to make sure you will get the perfect machine. The mold design has been completed already and we will start the production in Jan. Please stay tuned! 





We hope you have a joyful holiday season and are excited to bring you more updates in the new year. Thank you for all of your support!  


MakeX Team

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    1. Katja Hönow on

      Thank you very much for that huge update. What a nice Christmas present � � Thank you for keeping us updated! Best regards from Katja