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DIY High Power LED Fixtures

pledged of $29,900 goal
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We're going to make this happen!

The numbers may look like they are moving slow, but no worries - We are confident in this project will meet production! 

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    1. Andy & Mark McClure Creator on March 30, 2012

      While it doesn’t seem as though our Kickstarter funding goal will be met before the deadline of April 8th. Nevertheless, WE HAVE MADE THE LEAP INTO PRODUCTION!

      Kickstarter is a great platform for launching a new product. Unfortunately, without offering the LEDs, the niche market for designer LED housings wasn’t mainstream enough to get us off the ground.

      With the support of a 3rd party, we have secured enough interest to move forward and purchase the tooling to create the aluminum extrusion and plastic parts.This was the biggest hurdle!

      Don't worry! If the Kickstarter campaign doesn't go through and you have pledged prior to April 1st, we will provide you the same great deal. Just email with the name you used on Kickstarter, and we'll set you up.