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Our Pop Ups will assist children in creating and learning new things. We aim to inspire innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship.
Our Pop Ups will assist children in creating and learning new things. We aim to inspire innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship.
82 backers pledged $7,691 to help bring this project to life.

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1 year ago, with your help, we successfully completed our Kickstarter campaign. In that short year we:

Completed 13 events Serviced over 100 kids and counting 

Have made a great relationship with the Anne Arundel County Public Library 

Have spoken with the Mayor and got him to sign the "Mayors Maker Challenge" (…/challenging-mayors-help-make-di…

Have been asked to be part of the planning committee for the DC Mini Maker Faire & the first ever Maryland STEM Festival 

Have been granted our 501(c)(3) non profit status 

Started an after school Maker Club (more to come) 

Will be rolling out Summer Camps this summer 

Have targeted a "Short List" for our permanent space 

And have met new friends, supporters, and awesome kids! WE THANK YOU wholeheartedly for the continued support and kind thoughts. This is just the beginning of something great. You all are awesome! ‪


Alright Alright!


We are finalizing everything here and getting ready for phase 2! Honestly everyone, thank you SO much. This has been amazing to see you come together and support us. We are truly blessed. I will be contacting you individually to get your addresses and phone numbers, so I know where to send the thank you's and who to call. Greatness awaits, my friends! Have an awesome weekend, and KEEP MOVING FORWARD!



Well, if you haven't seen, or heard by now, WE HIT AND EXCEEDED OUR GOAL! This whole process has been absolutely amazing. I have connected with so many great people, and the sense of collaboration and unity has emerged greatly.

It starts with an idea, then it becomes something else. Something magical, something new, something great, something we can all believe in and achieve. The human mind has no limits.

Thanks again



Thanks to a VERY GENEROUS pledge yesterday, we are now at  $3298 of our $4000 goal. We are almost there, and I couldn't be feel more blessed. It is because of you, and I cannot thank you enough. Short update today. I have to keep on pushing this out and work on the website. ;0) Hope you all are staying warm. ;0)

Slowing down, but SPEEDING UP!!!


So, we are under 2 weeks to go, and about 42% funded. What to do, what do do. ALL OUT SHARING BLITZ!!! Those have you who have already shared via FB, Twitter, email, and word of mouth, thank you! We don't want you to overkill, but if you haven't shared please do so. We've spoken to a couple of reporters from the Capital Gazette newspaper and they want to do a piece on us. Unfortunately, it's not until the end of the month, and the campaign will be over. We would love the article to be about a success story! Along with a contact with the Washington Post that may do a story, we have great coverage. 

We can't thank David Lang (founder of OpenROV and "Zero to Maker" author) enough for his awesome endorsement, and the crew at LA Makerspace for giving us guidance. We have also been in contact with Dale Dougherty (CEO of Maker Media and MAKE Magazine). His words, "Let's get more people making!". I agree, Sir. I agree.

Lastly, there has been some interest from potential sponsors/investors, but it won't happen, if this doesn't happen. ;0) They want to see the proof of concept and that this is something that would be great to have in our city, and other cities around the state. You'd think that having the White House announce the news about their Mini Maker Faire would be good enough, but no dice. 

No problem. I'm not worried, and "I believe that we will win!" If you don't get it, Google it (product of USNA Brigade of Midshipmen). But seriously, I do believe that this will succeed and be great. It's not over yet. Thank you everyone, you are truly, truly awesome.

I added to the summary of the project what exactly we will do with the money raised. Here is the addition.

Items we are aiming to secure are....

Printrbot Simple kits

Makerbot Replicator (stretch goal)


Laser Cutter (stretch goal)


Arduino (stretch goal)

Circuit Scribe

and other various electronics, art supplies, creativity driven activities, and safety equipment that will go into our spaces for our events.

Hopefully, that lessens any confusion with anyone who views the project. We've had 776 view so far and at the time of this update, 36 backers.

FULL STEAM AHEAD!!! (See what I did there?)

P.S. If you are sharing on social media use #letsgetthisfunded