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$20,686 pledged of $11,000 goal
By WalleD St. Team
$20,686 pledged of $11,000 goal

Recent updates

WalleD - Update #3


After less than 3 weeks on Kickstarter WE MADE IT! Our new stretch goal brings new additions! As we promised we did not stop working on WalleD and as a huge "Thank You" to all our backers, we are now introducing even better WalleD. Now compliments such as elegant, classy, stylish, slim, modern and quality suit WalleD. New leather pockets have been added free of cost to all our backers! 

Check out the images and follow us!

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We cannot be more thrilled to announce that WalleD met its projection goals and aims. We've worked hard and invested a lot of effort into WalleD project and now, as all of you might expect, we are going to work even harder! 

Thank you all,

WalleD St. Team

(For those of you who like graphs, here is how your support grew after launching enhanced version of WalleD! Thank you!)

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WalleD - Update #1


WalleD St. Team launched new colors of WalleD! Please check them out! 

WalleD St. Team has also prepared another surprise for you! 

After consulting our designer, we decided to include a transparent pocket inside the WalleD ready for more cards RFID protected! We are so happy to introduce enhanced WalleD! We have been working hard past months and please see our newest addition WalleD Moo, which is thin wallet, size of original WalleD with transparent pockets on external sides. Ideal for 1-2 cards + cash. 

Happy Valentine's Day,

WalleD St. Team

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