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$20,686 pledged of $11,000 goal
By WalleD St. Team
$20,686 pledged of $11,000 goal

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    1. Darren Bullock on

      Hi guys, for all of you who followed this project, I just saw one very interesting! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/443414481/vintage-leather-wallets-by-bens-cottage…

    2. Darren Bullock on

      I think they deserved! :)

    3. Darren Bullock on

      Hey guys, for those ones who liked and supported these guys from WalleD, please check DeMonaco Wallet! They have an online shop, if anyone would like to have similar WalleD there you go :) https://www.etsy.com/listing/164533681/demonaco-wallet-super-slim-wallet-magic

    4. Missing avatar

      Jacob Landis on

      Thanks for the link! Just when you thought this product couldn't get any sketchier...

    5. Missing avatar

      Billy Lin on

      Whats going on here? I'm still really interested in this wallet....

    6. Neil Day on

      Who knows. 2 weeks ago they were supposed to unveil their new kickstarter page. Not sure what's going on. I couldn't wait around to find out.

    7. Connor on

      so is this officially canceled?

    8. Leah on

      I'm backing the epicstoke wallet too, they look awesome.

    9. Neil Day on

      I'm currently backing the epicstoke wallet made from recycled billboard vinyl. No "magic" flips but it looks cool and has rfid protection (depending on the model you choose). http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/epicstoke/epicstoke-a-wallet-worth-a-thousand-words. Still 4 days left.

    10. Robert Zillig on


      I've bought the Fossil wallet and I did not like it. It is too soft and it does not look good as you put the credit card on it.

      I ended up backing The Ridge wallet.

    11. Missing avatar

      Lachlan Devantier on

      Well it's well past Friday. There's no updates here, or on the facebook page, so this is starting to look dead.
      Spotted this as an option for those down under looking for a similar wallet:


    12. Missing avatar

      Alexis Rolon on

      Thank you Leah Housley, for the wallet link. I have been looking for something similar to this project.

    13. Leah on

      When I was out shopping today, i found a VERY similar wallet at fossil.


    14. Missing avatar

      Chandler Lindemann on

      No, they are making a new page,and previous backers will get more $$ off what they backed before

    15. Missing avatar

      Josh on

      So do they still get the money they raised before it was suspended?

    16. Neil Day on

      I've moved on to another wallet. I may come back but my window is closing quick to bail out on the current wallet project I'm backing. So unless they post their new page within the next few days i'm out.

    17. Theodor Keppler on

      This is a great product. Hope everything goes ok. Would really like to get this.

    18. Adam Aeyne on

      As am I. The complete lack of information is worrying. Even the Facebook links do not have any further details on what is going on.

    19. maeltj on

      Still waiting for a longer explanation from both parts.

    20. RedRum

      I hope the relaunch soon. I hope it's explained well and maybe Kickerstarter has a comment about it too. They should not just be so silent on matters such as suspended projects. I don't see why they don't suspend those DeathStar and X-Wing projects if they want to be serious.

    21. Darren Bullock on

      I have read they are launching a new Kickstarter page very soon and I will personally support these guys, they've put lots of effort and not many kickstarter projects had these stages of development. They started attracting more & more people lately..

    22. Missing avatar

      Josh on

      So is this project dead in the water or is there a chance it could become active again?

    23. Brandon DeBoard on

      Hey Kickstarter! Donald Trump called, he said "You're fired!"

    24. Missing avatar

      Chandler Lindemann on

      Hope they get this figured out soon...

    25. Robert Zillig on


      I guess the credit card pockets were the issue. I don't know.

    26. Missing avatar

      Srinivas K Janardan on

      The "facebook" post does not compute. Not sure what they mean by "Due to technical reasons (credit card holders changes)" What credit issues did they have? Reading the kickstarter rules also does not help why this was suspended. Need better answer before I will support again. My initial enthusiasm for kickstarter projects is fading as I run into more problems with the projects that I have supported.

    27. Missing avatar

      Gremlin on

      Product changes/enhancements are a part of the process of developing a new product, and as kickstarter themselves say, this isn't a shop that we're purchasing pre-made items from so we should expect the product may vary between backing and final delivery, I hope it wasn't cancelled because of this as that seems to counter to the whole idea of Kickstarter imo.

    28. Robert Zillig on

      So, what are they going to do? Create a new WalleD page for the OLD or NEW WalleD?

      Because the OLD WalleD is very different from this New Walled.

    29. Jay D. on

      Here is a quoted comment from Sto Yan De Monaco from there facebook page about the email everyone recieved:

      " Hello everyone,

      Due to technical reasons (credit card holders changes), our first project got suspended and right now we are contacting the staff about this issue. At the same time we are working on opening our new WalleD page, and we would invite all our backers to support our work from the past two months on our new page and help us make our first project successful.

      We are sending 615 THANK YOU's and we are hoping that you will help us get out of this unfair situation stronger with even better WalleD.

      Kind Regards,

      Sto Yan & WalleD St. Team"

    30. Bart Goovaerts on

      There's a comment on their facebook page with a little update on the issue...

    31. Ian Brodie on

      I hope they come out with an update explaining everything.

    32. Tom Ryan on

      Very strange. Could be too many design changes?

    33. Missing avatar

      Sean on

      I have a suspicion it may be due to a copyright infringement as this is not an original idea. That being said, I was still a backer and was looking forward to getting the product.

    34. fpaz on

      Just got the email as well. WTH?

    35. CapHector on

      Was wondering the same thing, Ryansox.

    36. Missing avatar

      Chandler Lindemann on

      Awesome! Thank you! Very excited to receive mine.

    37. WalleD St. Team Creator on

      @Chandler - we planned to ship day or two after manufacturing is done. Statistically 84% of projects on Kickstarter are delayed, and that is the reason why we set June as deadline, but we believe that all our backers will get their WalleD much earlier and send us their feedback! :)

    38. Missing avatar

      Chandler Lindemann on

      Thank you :) these will be shipping out in June?

    39. WalleD St. Team Creator on


      WalleD St. Team philosophy differs from other projects' "business" oriented strategy. We want to provide best possible WalleD we could manage to make, without using stretch goals tricks to raise more funds. We have changed our product when nobody asked for changes because we thought that change toward perfection is needed and not to raise more funds. Our goal with this project is definitely not the money since we have changed a lot at no cost to our backers. The final & most awesome present that WalleD St. Team created for our backers you will find in your WalleD package, again at no additional cost to our backers, because we like it that way!

      I hope you see our positive attitude and hard work in this project. We can definitely promise you that you will enjoy our WalleD the same as we did in creating it.

      Thanks again for your support and your kind comments,

      Sto Yan
      WalleD St. Team

    40. Neil Day on

      Any more stretch goals? Say one for $20,000? I think if you post additional stretch goals you will attract more new backers who want the wallet & for you to hit that goal. I'll be curious to see what you have in store for us these remaining days.

    41. Tom Ryan on

      Can't wait for this wallet. Looks great!

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