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This project was successfully funded on November 20, 2011.

The Prop is an affordable and portable laptop stand.

About this project

International Backers: Please remember to add (Canada $3, others $10) for shipping!  How to

The Prop is an affordable and portable laptop stand. It’s thoughtful design combines both form and function to create a simple, yet refined experience. It is affordable because MAKE Collaboration believes design should be accessible to all. The Prop is sleek and efficient, a perfect fit for your laptop; in fact it was designed to be flexible and accommodates most 13" to 17" laptops.

Originally, the Prop was designed out of frustration when we noticed the lack of portable, well-designed laptop stands on the market. The aesthetics have changed since the original but it’s intent has stayed true. The first Prop was designed by Nick, laser cut from basswood and painted bright yellow.  Many iterations have been made: testing good working and viewing angles, and how your laptop is supported so we could produce the desired form and aesthetic.  Through help and discussion with local manufacturers we believe we have achieved a great solution.  

Laptops need ventilation, especially if used vigorously on a consistent basis. The Prop is designed to provide that passive ventilation, all the while looking and feeling natural.

Design Matter(s)

We believe in reusing materials, especially plastic, so we are working to make the Prop out of recycled content or a bio-degradable material.  If nothing less, it will be recyclable!


After two years of development the Prop is ready for production. Now we need your help. In order to be able to afford the manufacturing of the injection molding form to create Props, like the prototype in the video, we need to raise $18,000. Thankfully, Kickstarter has given us that opportunity and we would be oh-so-gracious if you would help us!

See the Prop on our Website

Did we mention the Prop is portable? Unlike many bulky laptop stands, the Prop disassembles and fits easily into most bags AND weighs in at about 1 ounce!  In a fast-paced society, it’s convenient to have products that work to your style and speed. It’s okay to have a “throw it in your bag” mentality.

Prop Images

Concept Images


We want to make sure you know what you are getting. Based on your donation amount, here are images of the item[s] you will be receiving. Thank you for your interest and support!

Funder Decal 

3" diameter, removeable, awesome.

Prop Poster Series 

Package of three 18"x24" posters on heavyweight paper.

See all images larger on our website.


The Prop was recently awarded for the judges’ choice in the Apartment Therapy’s Design Showcase 2011.  See their comments below:

“This is a great product. These designers have pulled the whole concept together down to the well executed packaging. The design is simple but very effective which is the hardest balance to strike. I see great commercial potential for this product. They should roll it out at Apple stores all over the country.”  Christiane Lemieux, Founder & Creative Director, DwellStudio

“[The Prop is a] Great simple solution to a problem that frustrates all of us who have table and desk tops that get disfigured from the heat of the laptop. Very versatile. The price point is terrific. I'll buy the first ones off the production line.”  Rob Forbes, Founder, PUBLIC Bikes

“I see the Prop as an essential component for the mobile office of people who live at all times an arms length away from their laptops. The design is simple, durable and true to the molded plastic material.”  John Berg, architect, Berg Design Architecture

Shipping & International

Shipping for the United States is included in the incentive prices.  If you live in Canada, please add $3 to your donation.  Other International shipments, please add $10 to your donation. Also note, there may be other costs for imports that you may have to pay.  Thank you!

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Thank you...

We are humbled and very blessed to have been given the opportunity to make this product a reality. We understand that the future of the Prop lies in hands of the people we hope to inspire, and that is what makes this process so unique. Thank you for your time and consideration.

-MAKE Collaboration

Thanks to Jimmy Rohr who filmed and directed our Kickstarter video.

Thanks also to D | E Printing for their services printing our Posters.

Are you interested in writing about the Prop?

Visit our website for the Press Kit, it’s got everything you need.


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The Prop is patent Pending with the US patent office.

Places the Prop has been posted!


  • Right now, we have available a translucent white version. We plan to do more in the future including possibly a wood version.

    Leave a comment for what you would like to see the next color or version of the Prop!

    Last updated:
  • Apple MacBook ®, Apple MacBook Pro ® 13"-17", Apple Macbook Air ® 11" & 13", Dell Precision M4400 15.4", Sony Vaio 17" AR

    General Limitations:

    - Will not work with laptops smaller than 10.5" across (front of computer when using).

    - Heavier than 10 lbs or larger than 17.4" screen size.

    (will add to list, the laptops listed above have been tested and work great with the Prop!)

    Last updated:


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    Like seeing your name on things? We do too. Just $1 will get your name on the Prop page of MAKE’s website! It’s a small gesture, but we think it is necessary to show appreciation for every dollar you give us.

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    (FUNDER DECAL) A simple way of saying thank you for your support, without it we would not stand a chance. Place this bad boy somewhere people will see it, and don’t is removable.

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    (1 PROP) A quick, easy and painless pledge. Oh, did we mention you will get a Prop with that? Sorry, we know how much it sucks to break a $20! Your new Prop will take your mind off it, we promise.

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    Pledge $24 or more

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    (1 PROP + FUNDER DECAL) A perfect deal for the price. A portable laptop stand and a decal to place on your car, desk, or neighbor’s window! That way everyone is happy.

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    Pledge $34 or more

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    (2 PROPS) The more the merrier. This way you and your significant other can Prop together! Nobody likes to be left out.

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    Pledge $49 or more

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    (3 PROPS) Talk about being efficient, the Prop’s shipping tube was designed to store up to 3 Props! You also just knocked a few friends off your holiday shopping you’re thinking.

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    Pledge $59 or more

    1 backer Limited (298 left of 299)

    (POSTER PACKAGE) We removed the Prop for people that want to support but don't have a need! Limited edition Prop Poster Package. These were specifically designed for Kickstarter; each poster will be hand numbered before shipment in order to impress that date you have on Friday night.

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    Pledge $75 or more

    5 backers Limited (295 left of 300)

    (1 PROP + POSTER PACKAGE) With this donation you get a Prop and the limited edition Prop Poster Package. These were specifically designed for Kickstarter; each poster will be hand numbered before shipment in order to impress that date you have on Friday night.

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    (6 Props) You want a lot of Props? Here's the mondo pack O'Props. (add $12 for international shipping)

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    (90 MIN of MAKE time + a Prop) Take your pick! Need help with a design problem? Have a question about Illustrator? Want us to finish a project for you? Well it’s your lucky day, we can do anything but the last one! We would be more than happy to help give you a nudge past your designer’s block. OH YEAH, and one of those Prop things we designed.

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    (FACTORY TOUR + a Prop) Curious to see how the Prop is actually made? Come to the factory in Omaha, Nebraska and take a tour of the facility with us. We would love for you to be a part of the experience with us, it’s the least we could do. No, this unfortunately does not include airfare or travel costs. Yes, we produce more than corn and conservative congressmen. (You take a Prop home with you hot off the press.)

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