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An affordable, stable, mutable, pure & simple pinball machine that can be upgraded digitally. An entertaining  DIY toytool for adults.
An affordable, stable, mutable, pure & simple pinball machine that can be upgraded digitally. An entertaining  DIY toytool for adults who like to make & play.
An affordable, stable, mutable, pure & simple pinball machine that can be upgraded digitally. An entertaining DIY toytool for adults who like to make & play.
82 backers pledged CHF 36,217 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Tom Macdonald

      Brilliant thank you can’t wait very excited �

    2. MAKE & PLAY Creator on

      Hi Tom

      We are packing all ordered Makerballs now; it will take about two more weeks (soo many parts).
      Dispatch in Mid November.

      All the best Lain

    3. Missing avatar

      Tom Macdonald

      Any updates please?

    4. johnMW

      any new updates? hope delivery is on schedule

    5. MAKE & PLAY Creator on

      Here comes a little update:

      Production is running good and all parts are arriving in our studio these days.
      At the same time we are working on the score app.
      Next steps are finishing the assemblage-manual and opening the webshop (
      We are very positive to stick to the target date: Dispatch all Makerball kits in Early November.

    6. Missing avatar

      Tom Macdonald

      Hi, do you have any updates on how the project is progressing? :)

    7. Missing avatar

      Marcus Herbst on

      Congratulations! For all of us!!!!
      I'm so happy and excited.
      Könnt ihr mir eine Mailadresse oder Telefonnummer zum Kontaktieren schicken? Ich habe Freunde in Zürich und bin ab und zu dort. Vielleicht können wir uns den Aufwand für den Transport sparen.
      Weiter gutes Gelingen und viele Grüße
      Marcus aus Stuttgart

    8. MAKE & PLAY Creator on

      Dear Ethan
      Thanks a lot for your support (Every dollar counts) and your kind motivating words! So cool.
      You are totally right, the campaign should be longer and maybe we should have set the goal a little lower.
      Unfortunately, the rules of Kickstarter don't allow to change the timeframe or the amount during the campaign. Of course we knew in advance. This means we have to stick to the deadline. :-(
      Let's see what the last days bring.
      All the best

    9. Missing avatar

      Ethan West on

      Dear MAKE & PLAY,

      My name is Ethan and I'm from the US. I really liked this project, so I pledged a dollar to be able to post this comment. I was just wondering if you could extend the time for this project to be able to be backed. I would really like to purchase this, and I really want your project to be backed. I think it deserves more praise, and I think it would gain popularity if you left it open for another month or two. I would definitely recommend this to everyone I know. I think if you allowed people more time, they would be able to think about it! I'm a young gamer who really appreciates the work of art you have created. I don't think my parents would let me spend $200+ for this, but I do really wish to buy it! You guys are great, and keep up the work,


    10. MAKE & PLAY Creator on

      Hi Otaku

      Thanks for the positive words. I'm glad you like Makerball. Believe me, we would also prefer a price around 200-240 USD (Honestly, 199 USD sounds cheap). When we designed it, this was our goal. Reality looks different. Switzerland is not the United States: It's damn expensive. The wood price is not the problem. It's the work behind it: The legs have notches and are cut in angles (sorry my English), which takes more time than normal cuts. However, all offers that we got for the legs were over 50 EUR. Of course, we could reach a cheaper price if we would produce in Asia, but that's not our intention. If you can recommend a good wood-producer in Switzerland (or Southern Germany) please let me know. Thanks. And Nope, we are definitely not "another company using Kickstarter as a store". :-)

      I wish you all the best, Lain

    11. Missing avatar

      Otaku Kani

      Great and novel idea! Definitely deserves some kind of Maker-Kit or DIY award, and I applaud you on a great and well created video pitch. But come-on... As to your pledge/reward level with the legs.. Really... Your charging $90+ for about $10 worth of birch or pine wood and a couple of screws and bolts for the legs??? I understand that you have manufacturing cost and the knowledge of what angles and lengths to cut the wood and where to slot/drill the holes and make the attachments, but I don't think an additional $90+ is a rational additional cost for the added legs (at least to me). And it's not like you have development cost or the need to create dies or molds for your project to get off the ground as a startup. That is your goal for Crowdfunding, is it not? or are you another company just using Crowdfunding as a store?

      I really like the genius of your project, but it's priced a little higher than I would be interested in to back for just a reward that is to take space in the corner of my room or even as a project that I could build with my daughter for her enjoyment to divert her attention away from electronic "Screen-time". And I just don't see it as a project that would need Crowdfunding as you have no real start-up cost other than about $50-65 in materials for each unit built (excluding shipping). And I believe you could easily go direct to sells without sourcing backers funding. But I really sincerely do wish you the best of luck with your campaign. I'm betting you will easily achieve your funding and do hope that it has a future to be created as a build kit to be found in toy stores, etc.. that parents can engage with their children in build and play, preferably at a $199 or lower price point.

    12. Beau Smith on

      Any early bird specials as well for this project please?

    13. Beau Smith on

      Hello, is there a cheaper way to ship to the United States? At $95 is that the best you can do? Also at $338 I'd like to see the Micro controller included at least. Anyway, it definitely looks like an amazing idea and can't wait to see some updates on this project.

    14. Luis Montero

      Amazing idea!!!! Let's hope we'll make it

    15. Missing avatar

      XoleraS on

      That is an amazing project. My first kickstarter project I support because it is just brillant. I'm looking forward to see some of the DIY stuff. I'm so hyped and looking forward that baby! Grüße aus Deutschland