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Burqueño artist Michael Wieclaw to release All-Over Printed T-Shirts through his art thang METAL THE BRAND! Dinos, Burgers and Fries!

Hello! My name is Michael Wieclaw. I'm a Southwestern artist from Albuquerque, NM! I used to be pretty lame until I discovered how to be happy. From this new-found positivity, I began creating art.  This Kickstarter page is for the creation of some original, screen-printed and dye sublimated artworks on apparel.

All price points include shipping; however, if you're from outside the continental United States, please add $5 to your pledge.

My art is released under  METAL THE BRAND. Metal has been my nickname for a long time. Probably cause I'm intense and I love spandex.

IF YOU SHARE THIS PROJECT you will get my country single BIG RIG ROMANCE for free. Just email me with the link to the share at and put "Metal Country Single" in the subject bar!

Thank you so much for watching my video and browsing my contribution page! If you like what you see, please share, like, and tweet at me. I like friends and fun without a doubt. Be well, friend. Hugs.

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    BUDDY PLEDGE: Virtual High-Five and Thank You on my website! (reoccurs on all pledge levels)

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  • Pledge $6 or more
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    YEE-HAW PLEDGE: Screen-Printed, Personal Thank You on 2 x 3.5 inch Bristol. (reoccurs on all pledge levels except TASTY PLEDGE)

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    TASTY PLEDGE: Screen- Printed, Personal Thank You on 5 x 7 inch Bristol.

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    SALMA HAYEK PLEDGE: One Maggots T-Shirt. (comes in four variations. Black, Teal, Magenta, and Lime)

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    BOB NEWHART PLEDGE: One All-Over Print T-Shirt. (either Burgers & Fries, Lips & Lazer Guns or Dinos)

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    GREEN CHILE BREAKFAST BURRITO PLEDGE: Two All-Over Print T-Shirts. (can sub one All-Over t-shirt for two Maggots T-Shirts)

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    GRAB BAG PLEDGE: All Four Variations of the Maggots T-Shirt, all three All-Over T-Shirts!

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    DOUBLE GRAB BAG PLEDGE: Eight Maggots T-Shirts, six All-Over T-Shirts. 10 Hours of crappy Starcraft2 lessons, a video of me dressed up as whatever you want running through the streets of Albuquerque, NM. Dinner/Game Night at my casa on the West Side of Albuquerque!

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