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Join MAISIE's journey to finally record her second EP this fall!

Patience and surrender are what can describe these past 2 1/2 years of my life. I remember sitting on my knees in bed surrendering my music to God, not knowing when I'd be able to pick it up again. It was the scariest thing to step into that journey not knowing how long it would last either. 

Through it all, I have encountered other things that I had to let go of and surrender. It didn't necessarily get easier, but I let go a lot faster, and knew my only choice was to trust and continuously thank God. Those two things were the wings that carried me through it all. I still spent much time writing music, hoping I'd get to release it one day, but I still felt like the life of music in me had vanished... like it was in me somewhere, but 'muted' and kept in a bubble that was not to be opened yet. So I kept waiting...

It was a needed time to grow in my character and spend time walking with the Father to prepare for what He has called me to do. Sometimes, in the fast paced world, we think that if we're not constantly on the go and trying to make things happen, it will disappear or people will forget about us. God works just the opposite way. I feel like when He has called us to something huge, it will require lots of ground work, seasons of growth, and learning. He loves us too much to send us out in a shape that's not prepared- that will just hurt us and whoever follows us in the end. 

My vision and purpose was even being shaped and re-structured through the years as well. My heart continued to grow bigger and bigger for the ministry and hearts that would be changed, instead of just putting out a record and touring. No, the privilege is getting to spend time with people wherever I may be, speak into them, love on them, and show them the greatest love of all, Jesus. The music aspect is just an awesome platform that God has blessed me to use. I knew that it had to be in that order. 

The time has come:I am hoping to finally be going back into the studio this August. I am so thankful for the time I've had off, but equally as excited to go back and see what's been kicking inside of me.

I cannot make this happen without your help and support. You guys giving to me would be allowing me to give back to you. It will be helping me take this next step in my journey that I feel so strongly called to do. I am so encouraged by being able to reach out to so many of you through this, and that's what I want to continue to do. In return, YOU guys are a blessing to me from all your help and support already. I plan to record this EP and get back out on the road to start playing again. Your giving and generosity means the world to me, and I believe having opportunities to give are just another great blessing for it to come back to you in full.  



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