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KICKSTART MAI: Performance and education center, home to long durational work and the Abramovic Method
Performance and education center, home to immaterial works and the Abramovic Method
Performance and education center, home to immaterial works and the Abramovic Method
4,765 backers pledged $661,452 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. The Art Factory on

      @Ariel, thank you for posting that, and yes the fact this project was funded is a huge feat, and I basically loved the project so much, but only pledged because I wanted a Marina Abramovic hug, just because, it's a very special gift, then when i saw this project was funded, it made me cry a little, just because it's such a beautiful project, there's a lot of love in and around this project.. it's good to hear the background of the building and Hudson, that adds a lot of character to this project, thanks again for posting that.

    2. Ariel Dougherty on

      I know this building. The last time I was in it (over 15 years ago), it was a thrift shop. Hudson is a wonderful town for such a grand, invigorating and exploratory project. I love that audience is a central part of Marina's and MAI's work at this point. For many many years I have always claimed that funding--especially public funding--needed to include audiences in their decision making processes. In 1977-79, I was executive director of the Green County Council on the Arts. Then our offices were in Athens directly across the Hudson River from Hudson (the city). I've long thought that the ferry that used to operate between the two towns should be brought back. Congratulations on meeting your goal! No small fete!

    3. The Art Factory on

      Lovely LOVELY beloved beautiful project, thank you very very much, every one who supports, which probably includes huge numbers of people who support in spirit but couldn't pledge for some arcane reason.. this is the biggest hug ever in the world so far.. wow.. the $1 hug level,is so sweet.. thank you again.

    4. Matthew Stevens on

      It makes me so proud and fills me with quiet joy to see that this has been successfully funded. Living in Japan, I don't know if I will ever have the chance to visit the institute, but regardless, you have inspired me in my music and performance art. In our increasingly digital world, where human relationships are increasingly happening through electronic devices and where attention spans are shrinking rapidly, I believe this kind of institute is incredibly important, special, and wonderful. You have inspired me and in the coming year or so, I hope to attempt a day long performance piece with my instrument, the shinobue, here in Wakayama, Japan. P.S. Thanks for being such a good influence on Lady Gaga. :)

    5. Francesco Pierantoni on

      Really happy ... Bewusstsein

    6. Dennis Kuhn on

      Congrats. I'm so proud to be part of it!!!

    7. Missing avatar

      Svn Sptzkpf on

      Very nice! Congratulations, everyone! :)

    8. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    9. Kalliope Amorphous on

      The MAI Team ran an amazing campaign.

    10. Kamil Sarna on

      Yay!! Great. See you there :)

    11. Lan Hirche on

      I am happy now.

    12. Missing avatar

      winnie teschmacher on

      WOWEE!! Fantastic.Congratulations all of you. You really did a great job. All the energy went to the right direction and now you can all have a good night sleep.

    13. Jarl Grey on

      Grats on all the team! I'm glad Marina's vision can become a reality!

    14. Missing avatar

      Allison Brainard on

      WOOOOO! WE DID IT!!!

    15. Missing avatar

      Susan Meyer on

      Congratulations MAI!

    16. Missing avatar

      Luz Gradilla on

      I am so happy too, thanks to Marina, MAI team and founders

    17. Missing avatar

      Leah Aron on

      My faith in humanity restored, my hope for the future of performance art at an all-time high, THANK YOU EVERYONE!!! Love from MAI headquarters, xoxoLeah

    18. Missing avatar

      Luchy Edwards on

      and you guys did a fantastic job, ¡felicidades MAI team!!

    19. Missing avatar

      Mark Wells on

      I am so pleased the goal has been achieved. I live in England so I doubt I will ever get the opportunity to visit the MAI but just knowing it will exist somewhere in the world is a cause for celebration.

    20. Missing avatar

      Luchy Edwards on

      ¡Felicidades! Congratulations! Very happy! Not surprised it was a huge success, it's such an unusual and brilliant concept.

    21. It's Not You It's Us on

      I just went to my kitchen to make some dinner and the next thing I know... TADAAAAAAM. Fantastic.

    22. JOYCE CHAN on



    23. JOYCE CHAN on

      I am so glad that we finally made it, i had backed for $450 USD with two different accounts and I am a 23 years old girl we had only graduated one year from a Fine Arts bachelor degree in HK, and just able to find a full time job recently, am so glad I did this!
      Marina will you consider to come to HK to hug the HK backers? I think Hong Kong people is one of the busiest within the world, so your cleaning the house and Marina Abramovic method would be so helpful to them.
      I still cannot believe that we finally made it! WISH The MAI EVERY SUCESS WITH THIS GREAT BEGINNING!

    24. Nevena Janković on

      Almost there! It's an honor and a privilege to be a backer of this amazing project!

    25. Missing avatar

      Paulette Oke on

      Wow!!! This is so, so exciting! This effort has taught me a thing or two about faith, timing, patience, and holding fast to one's dream.

    26. It's Not You It's Us on

      I KNOW, Susan Meyer! SHALALALALALAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Zip-A-Dee-A!!!!!!!!!!!!

    27. Missing avatar

      Susan Meyer on

      This is so dramatic!

    28. Missing avatar

      Justin Alford on

      I hope to one day meet you! You are such an amazing person Marina! You are doing big things :)

    29. Heather Rose on

      There are places in the world that act as oases for the mind and soul - and we have to keep creating them - that's why we need the MAI - thank you Marina for the vision and, always, for your commitment.

    30. Myrna Maakaron on

      Almost there Marina... Hope our paths cross one day. With all my love and admiration. M

    31. Missing avatar

      Guido Galimberti on

      The project is very important for us .
      Thank you Marina .

    32. Greatlich, Nightmare of Valoria

      Looks like we are going to make it.....Just a bit more push...

    33. The Art Factory on

      i backed just now only because of hoping this project succeeds, it's a lovely idea... endless hugs? i'm in.

    34. Missing avatar

      Paco Blancas on

      Hello Everybody, This is the Last Stretch. Please Contribute to Make this Out of this World Project Happen .Imagine a Multi Dimensional Space , a Space to Experience the Relativeness of Time and Space, a Space where We Will Be Able to Uplift Our Spirit through Long Durational Performances. This Place Will Allow Unknown Forms to Get Expressed and Touch Us at a Very Deep Level. This Place Will Give the Oportunity to Young Atists to Touch an Audience and Transform It.This will be the Legacy of Marina Abramović to make This World a Better World.

    35. Roberto Tenorio on

      Hope to visit the institute one day :)

    36. It's Not You It's Us on

      This is SO going to happen. Even over-happen. Joyfully observing!

    37. John Ta on

      I happily gave my money to this project.

    38. Afonso David on

      Dear Marina, I will not be much original but I just want to say thank you for the artist and the woman you are. Hope you'll reach the 600'000! I know you will.
      Just wanted to say thank you for the documentary, The Artist is Present, it touched my soul and made me change my view on a lot of things.

      I still hope to be an artist one day (actually I paint for myself), and come to our future Institute to maybe and that's one of my dreams, talk a few minutes with you.

      Keep it going.

      Love and peace from a man of Switzerland.


    39. Missing avatar

      winnie teschmacher on

      Good luck with the last 100K

    40. Shaqaila Uelese on

      Love your work Marina. You are my inspiration!

    41. Andrea Piscitelli on

      Proud to be a backer. I strongly believe in the importance and meaning of this institute and of Marina herself, whose life and work of art inspire me day by day.

    42. Missing avatar

      Ji Re on

      Thank you Marina for opening my eyes to performance art. Sorry I hadn't learned about it earlier in life. You are an amazing, innovative, and strong artist! Your work has really moved and inspired me in life. Thank you for creating this Institute so people can explore this art form. Peace

    43. Dani Go on

      Marina Abramovic=Powerful Universal Force

    44. Missing avatar

      tasha aulls on

      Thank you, Marina, and thank you to all who have asked great questions. This really warms my heart to read!

    45. Jarl Grey on

      Thank you Marina!

    46. Brian Lane Winfield Moore on

      For whatever reason (I could go into a separate comment just about this), I sat in line from 2AM one day to sit with you at MoMA.

      I finally did just under 12 hours later. This is me:

      People always ask me why I got emotional, and it's always hard to put my finger exactly as to why I did. I can compare the feeling to other emotional moments, but I can't get a perfect answer.
      But one thing that did happen is people came to me afterwards and asked me what "I had done" to make you cry, as you did while I was sitting with you. There was most definitely a connection, but I'm curious—what was going through your mind? I don't expect you to remember you sitting with me.

      Whatever the case, I want to thank you for changing my perspective wholeheartedly on performance art. There's a certain simplicity (but not ease) that your work has that I love.

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