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Wind Playground is a “Venturi effect” on a party dress. Visitors play with and understand wind by being blown away by the wind.
Wind Playground is a “Venturi effect” on a party dress. Visitors play with and understand wind by being blown away by the wind.
118 backers pledged $25,253 to help bring this project to life.

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Total Wind Playground Wanderlust

Yesterday I spend all day playing with kids inside and out Wind Playground. I had such fun . I could their big eye light up with dreams seeking imaginary adventures inside and outside the sculpture. I was honored by it and inspired by their excitement and thoughtful questions .

Thank you to all the little monkeys
You made my day

More Pic and Video here

Wind Playground on The Sunday Times Magazine

Thank you Kristy Symonds

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Wind Playground at Sculpture by the Sea

Wind Playground is done. Now shining away on the beach of Cottesoe for its premiere at the 9th edition of Sculpture by the Sea 2013

More Picture on the WPG website

BIG THANKS to all the supporter . I know not all when as planed . Between equipment malfunction, limited resources, high hopes some time smashed by false promises the production of Wind Playground was delayer of a year and I'm terribly sorry about that.
On the bright site here is blowing with wind and people love it.

As soon as I'm back In USA I'll began sorting out all your rewards.

Thank you to all the supporter for taking part of this journey.

Special thanks go to :

Black Rock Arts Foundation for being the first believing in this vision
Sculpture by the Sea and its wonderful crew
The town of Cottesoe
Partridge Partners and Jeremy Sparks for the awesome structural engineering work.
China Southern Airlines for covering traveling expenses
Dimension Polyant for donating part of the sailcloth
Sailbags Maui for supporting the fundraising
Central Institue of Technology
Gallery Central for hosting me in Perth
NeilPryde for allowing us to use the plotter
+H2O for its support during the fundraising and help gathering gear

Berry Spanier for teaching all I needed to build Wind Playground and let me use his sawing machines
Diana Velhuerdi for teaching me and helping me desing Wind Playground patterns
Manuel Sauvage for the endless hour spend building WPG digital model used for all the structural engineering assessments.
Stefano Maffini for helping with the shipment
Mickey Eskimo for donating his mast.
Naish, Masato Naito & Maui Windsurf Company), Chris Freeman & Hot Sails Maui and Second Wind for donating all the gear (universals, mast attachments mast etc) to build wind Playground structure .
Keith Teboul at Quattro International for spotting me with random sailmaking supply when I was short.
Michel Goerike, Miles Valle and Mario Occhipinti for volunteering their time especially Miles for the hard work.
Mark , Page and Sean for all the silly Cannery interaction and for always have a big smile on their faces.
Gatto (Nano's dog) for being our team mascot and the best pooch ever.
Baked On Maui for the good vibe and the chocolate croissant

Last but not list I wish to thank my parents Raffaele Marinelli and Vera Poli and all my family for supporting me and love me just the way I'm .

Thank you all

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Wind Playground Audio Tour :)

Wind Playground is on its way to Austaila

Wind Playground is finally done and on its way to Australia for Sculpture by the Sea in Cottesloe opening March 8th
We did a test install and instal and we are ready to go
Here are some picture
This project was a huge undertaking that would have not be possible without your support

Thank you

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