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For our latest REDUX release, we re-imagine THE WALL from end to end... a project that couldn't be more timely or challenging!
For our latest REDUX release, we re-imagine THE WALL from end to end... a project that couldn't be more timely or challenging!
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All Roads Lead To The Wall...

Posted by Magnetic Eye Records (Creator)

All Roads Lead to The Wall... [Redux], that is.

If you supported the creation of this exhaustive undertaking during our Kickstarter last year, or have since pre-ordered it, you've likely been waiting not-so-patiently for something definitive to latch onto.

Well, we've been receiving songs one by one for the better part of 8 months, as the hand-selected bands hit studios and control rooms around the world to craft their exclusive renditions of some of the most classic songs in the history of politically-informed, self-analyzing concept rock.

Things are coming to a head!

Since the new year, we've received indescribable tracks from Mark Lanegan, Summoner, Ruby the Hatchet, Scott Reeder, Ghastly Sound, and ASG, and the remaining list is down to almost none.

The esteemed David Paul Seymour is burrowing deep into his own pysche and referencing several hundred years' worth of dramatic, apocalyptic scenes to come up with a cover piece that balances Pink Floyd's ode to societal and psychological division and the weightiness of the bands covering this iconic album.

In other words, we're almost there.

If all goes well, we'll have all music in hand by the end of April. Then on to mastering, finalization of the art, and at long last, production, with the intention of delivering this incredible package by the fall.

The wait is nearly over. Nothing has stopped, no one has forgotten, but something this important needed time and attention to be sure it made the right statement.

And it has taken time, and that statement will be made.

If you have friends who respect Pink Floyd and hadn't considered what this classic album might sound like in the hands of some of the heaviest, fuzz-ridden, doom-laced bands in this world, be sure to let them know that The Wall [Redux] is almost here. It's going to be as phenomenal as we all imagined... not to mention worth the wait.

Pre-orders being taken here, and here's the (nearly-finalized) tracklist:

Side One
In the Flesh? - The Melvins The Thin Ice - Low Flying Hawks Another Brick in the Wall (Part I) - Ghastly Sound When the Tigers Broke Free - Year of the Cobra The Happiest Days of Our Lives - Sergeant Thunderhoof Another Brick in the Wall (Part II) - Sasquatch Mother - ASG

Side Two
Goodbye Blue Sky - Mos Generator Empty Spaces - Domkraft Young Lust - Slim Kings One of My Turns - Worshipper Don't Leave Me Now - Spaceslug Another Brick in the Wall (Part III) / Goodbye Cruel World - Greenleaf

Side Three
Hey You - Summoner Is There Anybody Out There? - Scott Reeder Nobody Home - Mark Lanegan Vera - Ruby The Hatchet Bring the Boys Back Home - Sunflo'er Comfortably Numb - Mars Red Sky

Side Four
The Show Must Go On - Open Hand In the Flesh - Solace Run Like Hell - Pallbearer Waiting for the Worms - WhiteNails Stop - Blue Heron The Trial - Church of the Cosmic Skull Outside the Wall - Yawning Man

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    1. Supercollider on

      I'd forgotten I'd backed this, and today there's the mail telling me I'm in line for something AWESOME. Unlucky Friday 13th my arse! Hooray!