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Audiophile DAC for all lovers of quality music!
Audiophile DAC for all lovers of quality music!
Audiophile DAC for all lovers of quality music!
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    1. Leon Everton

      @Homerlovesbeer I don't think so. One of MP team replied to a question I asked which answers your question in the Space Key comments.

    2. Missing avatar

      Homerlovesbeer on

      Guys can this decode MQA-CDs at all?

    3. Tao

      How's it going? I've just received mine (moved to another country, have to post it to the new address). It looks's the problem, I downloaded the firmware and connected to my PC with a USB cable, but apparently, it's not working. I have got several DACs, most of them just require USB connection...I don't know what's going on with this device but I'm about to give up......

    4. MAGIC PIXEL Team 6-time creator on

      Fortunately, USPS still has the records on-line, and it clearly says there that the package was refused:…

    5. MAGIC PIXEL Team 6-time creator on

      @Dillon Cassell: all Space Plus DACs were shipped, yours included. We messaged you on the 9th of August 2017 with the tracking number. Unfortunately the tracking data is now unavailable on-line (being old), so I'll contact the post office to check the package status.

    6. Missing avatar

      Dillon Cassell on

      Has anyone else not received their space plus and haven't heard back from the creators after multiple messages??

    7. Leon Everton

      @MP Team............Oh right well that's why then............ :-)

    8. MAGIC PIXEL Team 6-time creator on

      @Leon: it's just a placeholder for an eventual firmware update. There is only one firmware for the Space Plus (and the Space Key as well), which is already in the device.

    9. Leon Everton

      @MP Team Your firmware update page for Space Plus DAC seems to be not found.

    10. MAGIC PIXEL Team 6-time creator on

      @Homerlovesbeer: sorry for the delayed answer. I'm just going to copy my answer from the Space Key comments.
      "(...) the display is reporting the sample rate and bit depth at which the device is receiving the samples to be converted to audible sound. Therefore if an MP3 plays at 96kHz and 24bit (which is not native for sure, since MP3s can be only 48/16 at best), the upsampling is done either by the player, or by the OS. For example, my OnePlus 3 is running my Space Key at 96/24 all the time.
      If a 192/24 file plays at 96/24, or 48/16, or at any other rate, it's the player or the OS to blame again. Please check your audio settings. There might be a limitation from the OS or the hardware as well, especially on Android devices."

      @Siggy Loenders: you can control the DAC with an Apple remote. We have developed it to work with the newer aluminium one, but it might work with the older white plastic one as well. As we don't have a white remote, we couldn't test that.

    11. Leon Everton

      @Homerlovesbeer There is a answer regarding the DAC mismatch issue on the Space Key Kickstarter comments page.

    12. Missing avatar

      Siggy Loenders on

      funny, now my volume down button does not work anymore , volume up is working fine ...
      can I control it via usb ? using a serial term interface or so ?

    13. Leon Everton

      In saying that I have been treated fairly well when dealing with support issues, but they could be a lot more pro active on the comments section but alas.......

    14. Leon Everton

      It's a crying shame. Competent hardware with barely adequate support.

    15. Leon Everton

      @homerlovesbeer So true for this and the Space Key project. It's a crying shame. competent hardware with barely adequate support.

    16. Missing avatar

      Homerlovesbeer on

      OMG what will it take to get a response from @creator?

      Support for this is now abysmal!

    17. Crystalariium on

      Unfortunately driver needs to be installed on a previous windows before updates. Its not recognised if you update to windows 10 (15063) then try to re-install. Driver needs to be updated.

    18. Leon Everton

      @homerlovesbeer I definitely will do as it extremely annoying. :-(

    19. Missing avatar

      Homerlovesbeer on


      Please do. Cheers mate.

    20. Leon Everton

      @Homerlovesbeer I have not spoken to them about the mismatch issue. I'll do that once I am given some info about what's happening with my Space Key. I'll keep you informed to what is said.

    21. Leon Everton

      @Homerlovesbeer Funny you should ask. I have no idea is the truthful answer.

      I was told my Space Plus unit would be looked at yesterday on Friday, I am writing this at 03.03 on Saturday morning. I sent them an email earlier yesterday asking them if they have looked at my Space Key with no response.

      So they have more than likely gone on their Christmas holidays. They will be back in the office on the 8th of January.

    22. Missing avatar

      Homerlovesbeer on

      So what is going on? I've messaged the creater with no response yet.

    23. Leon Everton

      Hmmmm interesting, the Space Plus is saying the same thing on Spotify Premium. *Shrugs* Ah well what cha gonna do?

      I have it set on both Goggle Play Music and Spotify to stream at the maximum quality allowed at all times. (320kbps)

    24. Leon Everton

      @Homerlovesbeer I have the same problem when listening to Google Play Music. It's supposed to be outputting 320kbps at all times but when I connect the Space Plus all it's telling me I am getting is 96kbps @ 24 bit. (PCM.) What do I believe.............? Who do you think...............?

    25. Missing avatar

      Homerlovesbeer on


      I'm using USB Audio Player Pro through my android phone. Even that program identifies the bitrate as 44.1/24 but the DAC has 44.1/16 on the display.

      Other files work correctly while some don't. Very odd.

    26. Etienne

      which program did you use. It could well be that the program changes it.

    27. Missing avatar

      Homerlovesbeer on

      Why am I finding some of my 44.1/24bit files only playing back at 44.1/16bit?

      Anyone have a suggestion?

    28. Etienne


      i have sent an email.

    29. Etienne

      i use mine daily, it has replaced my pc soundcard since the start. So i would be interested in another unit.

    30. Leon Everton

      @Andy I agree with your sentiments as I don't really use mine either.

    31. Andy Sutherland on

      Turns out I'm just not using mine. Anyone want to make a deal?

    32. Leon Everton

      No updates in 6 months on their other Space Key Kickstarter. Good luck getting the creator to answer your questions about the volume buttons.

    33. Kenny Lim on

      there's quite a few of us having problem with the volume up button. can the creator please address our concerns?

    34. Missing avatar

      zwck on

      Workes Flawlessly on Windows 7 PCs, however, since the recent windows 10 CA update (15063) i am not able to use this device, apparently the driver lost its Digital signiture or something along these lines.

    35. Tony Coyle on

      Ok I got it. You have to press volume up on the dac and then apply the power. Keep holding the volume up button until IR select comes up on the dac display. Then cycle through the options by clicking the down volume button on the dac. Select your preferred option by clicking the up volume button and exiting.
      So simple and yet the instructions as read don’t work!

    36. Tony Coyle on

      Thank you George.
      I have tried these instructions with no success. I have tried pressing volume up on the apple remote and on the dac as it doesn’t specify exactly which is being referred to. What am I missing here?

    37. Tony Coyle on

      How do we get it working with Apple remote control please.

    38. Missing avatar

      George Leung on

      Thanks for the Team's quick response. My unit would be sent back and repair.

    39. Missing avatar

      Roger Michel on

      @ George Leung,
      "Space Plus supports Windows (driver is required)...". If it does not work with the driver you might have better chances to get a reply by contacting them directly, either by PM or email on their site.

    40. Missing avatar

      George Leung on

      I got the space one on August. I found a defect which was the space plus could not be detected via USB 2.0 in Windows 10 (1703 version), and just shown the logo "Space" only. Would you please give solution about that?

    41. Missing avatar

      Francesco Dalla Vecchia on

      Last week I finally got my award !! I am not interested to use it with a smartphone, it is now connected to my hi-fi system and I have to say that it sounds very good. I made some comparison with the internal DAC of my NAD disc player (foresure not an high end player but very good)... bypassing it and using the Space Plus as external DAC. The difference is so hearable that at the beginning you remain astonished. The sound become more clear and detailed, you can hear more air around the instruments, and the bass is cleaner. I asked my wife to hear the difference (she is not interested as me of hi-fi issues, she love music ... that's all) and she was also surprised to confirm my impression. We are talking about a good hifi set-up, so I can confirm that the Space Plus has a very good value for money and can be compared with DACs more expensive. So I hahe to say: very good job to the guys of Magic Pixel !!! The next step will be to connect it to a lap top and make some tests with high resolution music. You can also carry out some comparison among different risolutions dowloading some free samples from 2L, a norvegian brand, famous for the quality of the recordings. I'll keep you informed.

    42. Li-Chi Ku on

      Just received my DAC a couple of hours ago. It seemed to work perfectly on my desktop/FreeBSD 11.1, laptop/Windows 7, Nexus 5X/Android 7.1.2, with two headphones of very different impedance.
      What funny is that it was posted on Aug 8, and until now, the tracking webpage still only shows "Aug 9 Arrival at Inward Office of Exchange" and nothing more. So it only tells you it's got shipped, and nothing more.
      So far I am very very satisfied with its design, performance and quality.

    43. Harold on

      @Andy et al.... sorry also obviously you have to supply additional power with a little USB phone backup battery thing. I think the additional amps helps stabilize. Be careful though you want the phone to recognize the the SpacePlus first and vice versa. Connecting power first can make the SpacePlus power up but not recognize the phone etc. Not always but sometimes. Cheers, hope this helps some people.

    44. Harold on

      @Andy, works like a charm. I put this cable and a battery between the SpacePlus and my iPhone 7 and it seems to be working fine. No hub etc.…

    45. Harold on

      @Andy Will do, the cable should land in my mailbox early next week.

    46. Etienne

      My Space plus is permanently connected to my pc which was my intended use. Love it..

    47. Andy Sutherland on


      Let us know if it works. There will be other iOS users here craving knowledge.

    48. Harold on

      I'm going to give this a whirl with a garden variety cell phone backup battery:…

      Might just do the trick

    49. Andy Sutherland on

      @Harold Hannon

      Take if from someone who has had a lot of hard learnings with this issue... Here are the only things I can recommend to limit (but not stop) the number of disconnects:

      -Powered USB hubs will not help.
      -An apple USB3 camera connector gives you the best outcome.
      -USB cables matter. Buy the very best quality and use the shortest one you can get.
      -You will have stable performance using standard iTunes stuff.
      -If you use Hibiki (recommended by @creator) or Onkyo HF player (recommended by me) then the more demands you place on the settings for DSD conversion, upscaling, EQ etc the more likely you will have disconnects but you can make it work/sort of/mostly using what I have done.

      The project team have been zero help. They made commitments in the campaign that they obviously never tested with iOS. I have pretty much been on my own trying to get a workable solution and all I could get was close but not perfect.

      My advice? Use Space Plus for a desktop set up and it's fantastic. If you want effortless portable performance buy a Dragonfly Red. I can barely tell a difference between the two and the DF never cuts out or disconnects and the form factor is better for portable use.

      If only the team had been clear that there were iOS issues I still would have backed but much time, money, and aggravation would have been prevented. My Space Plus is at home connected between my Chromecast Audio and my main amp. Works and sounds great. My portable kit for my iPhone SE is an apple USB camera connector and a DF Red using Onkyo HF player.

      Hard lessons, my friend.

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