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A Compact, Cooperative-Puzzle Tabletop Game with Turn-Based play modes & OPTIONAL Digital Companion App for Real-Time Modes!
A Compact, Cooperative-Puzzle Tabletop Game with Turn-Based play modes & OPTIONAL Digital Companion App for Real-Time Modes!
243 backers pledged $7,402 to help bring this project to life.

First weekend roundup, 2nd-Chance KickStarter begins!

Posted by Magic Meeple Games (Creator)

Hello Incoming Transmission backers, current and new! 

Allow me to introduce everyone!

My name is Ian Stedman, I am the primary developer at Magic Meeple Games and I have also designed and am in the process of developing the companion app we are featuring in this campaign. I'm just a regular person that really loves games. 

My wife and partner Trish Stedman is also at my side throughout the process, and we also have two collaborators on the project, the rest of the MMG R&D team:

Michael Lipton, the designer of Incoming Transmission (and Fire of Eidolon) and Nemo Rathwald (the designer of Overworld) 

Look for all of us posting in the comments and updates as the campaign goes on.

Next, we want to say THANK YOU!

To be perfectly honest, we had no idea what the response would be to this campaign and the strategy we are using to make some final-opportunity improvements to the game and use the manufacturing time to invest in the development of this companion application. But we are very happy and grateful to be over halfway funded to the base goal of finishing the application fully in time for the delivery of the physical game!

We are charging ahead into the end of our first week, and need your help!

Please share the campaign link for Incoming Transmission: and help us show everyone this great game and its (optional) companion app! 

To help with that, we're going to GIVE AWAY SOME FREE GAMES!

We're giving away up to TEN copies of either Overworld or Fire of Eidolon for every 10 social media shares/posts/etc. of the 2nd Chance KickStarter campaign that our Backers make during our opening week. We need champions like you in our corner! 

Here's how: Create a post using one of the buttons above or create your own on a different platform containing the following link: 

Then, post a link to the post you created in the comments section of this update. That's it! For every 10 valid links we count in the comments responding to this update and the latest update to the Incoming Transmission Early-Bird campaign combined, we will randomly select one and reply to it in order to award the poster with a copy of either Fire of Eidolon or Overworld sent to the recipient of their choice. 

Multiple entries per person will be counted so long as they honor the code: One post, per site/social media platform, per day (in other words, please observe all forum/group/subreddit posting rules and don't spam)

Thank you all again for your support and for being one of our Magic Meeple Champions! 

Last but not least, please have a look at our latest photo upload to Board Game Geek and give it a thumbs-up! This will help us make it to the front page!

We appreciate all of you for being here. Please let us know what we can do better and make this project more successful! 

Until the next update! Cheers,

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    1. Patrick Goettig on

      Here is the link to the post I just shared on facebook!…

    2. Nemo Rathwald Collaborator on

      Hi, everybody. I hope you all will join me for a livestream video event on Tuesday, February 19 at 9pm Eastern Time/6pm Pacific Time. I'll demonstrate how I created the interlocking wooden prototypes of the Meeploid and Cadet figures, which you see in the photos on this KS campaign. It will be broadcast live from the laser cutters at i3Detroit hacker space, where I created "Overworld".

    3. Michael Lipton Collaborator on

      Hey folks! Designer here! If anyone has any rule questions or the like, feel free to ask! Cheers!