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A lightweight worker-placement Boardgame for 1-5 Players in 30-45 minutes! Assemble a crew & mine metal-rich asteroids in deep space!!
A lightweight worker-placement Boardgame for 1-5 Players in 30-45 minutes! Assemble a crew & mine metal-rich asteroids in deep space!!
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Darkrock Ventures FAQ updated! (ver 1.2)

Posted by Magic Meeple Games (Creator)

Hello Darkrock Ventures supporters! 

We received some great input on the FAQ document and have used it to make improvements and answer some additional questions we missed before. (Thank you to everyone who had feedback in the comments!)

I wanted to send this message out a couple of days ago and announce 1.1, but I found out about some questions asked on Board Game Geek that I hadn't seen before, so those were added and uploaded today as version 1.2 of the document. The file will appear as soon as it is approved by BGG admins at this page here:

Please use this supplement before playing your next game and let us know if it helps, we plan to revise the rulebook proper when time permits. We're putting the finishing touches on the Fire of Eidolon rulebook and once that is done we'll be ready for print, so the PledgeManager for the FoE project will be closing the weekend of February 11th, so if you were interested in this project but hadn't yet joined us, now is your last chance to get the best price! 

Also coming soon will be our next project announcement and a giveaway for preview PnP kits of the new game as well as some copies of Darkrock Ventures Expansion Pack #1 and the DRV Tabletop Simulator module. Follow us on Twitter and stay tuned for announcements for those!

Once again, thank you all so very much for helping us make it this far! We hope you'll stay with us going into 2017 and beyond!

All the best,


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    1. Anestis Kozakis

      Apologies. Real life has been distracting.

    2. Magic Meeple Games 5-time creator


      Thank you for sharing your feedback. We had a lot of challenges with the Darkrock Ventures rulebook that we have indeed learned from as we continue to bring Fire of Eidolon to fruition.

      Your support is deeply appreciated and we care very much when one of our supporters is disappointed by what we have delivered so let's make this right. :)

      The design team (Eskue and ACE) and I agree that more explanation is necessary for the variant rules and our ultimate goal is to redo the rulebook completely with all of these missing bits replaced. The FAQ document is our stop-gap for now to get the most important information out as quickly as possible, but we don't want to make that our long-term solution.

      If you have input that could help us create a better ruleset, we would appreciate hearing it. I am going to send you a private message with containing my direct email address so, if you like (no pressure,) we can take this discussion to an email thread where I can loop everyone in to address your questions firstly and also to use that feedback to refine the variant rules for everyone's benefit.

      Thank you! :)

    3. Anestis Kozakis

      I should add that I pledged for two copies of the game because I was excited by the concept and wanted to give a copy to a friend as a present.
      I can't justify giving him a game with a half a rulebook that raises more questions than it answers.

      I hope Fire of Eidolon doesn't have the same issues, as I also backed it.

    4. Anestis Kozakis

      I'm disappointed.

      We tried to play co-op last week and had to make up some of our own rules because the rulebooks and cards were vague with no information. (First time trying to play a game).

      Even if we had played versus, the rulebook and cards are still vague.

      I posted in the requested BGG thread linked above in the update with the issues we faced and there's been no response.

      The rulebook is missing a lot of information.

      Either the rulebook should have more information on how the Thorium Raiders cards work, or the cards should have text on them explaining what they do and, specifically, how they work.

      The Co-Op rules should have their own full section instead of "Refer to XX section".

      See the BGG link for mroe info.

      Or contact me privately and I can go through every single question and issue ww had.