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A lightweight worker-placement Boardgame for 1-5 Players in 30-45 minutes! Assemble a crew & mine metal-rich asteroids in deep space!!
A lightweight worker-placement Boardgame for 1-5 Players in 30-45 minutes! Assemble a crew & mine metal-rich asteroids in deep space!!
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IMPORTANT! Final Fulfillment Information!

Posted by Magic Meeple Games (Creator)

Hello Darkrock Ventures backers!

We're nearly complete in fulfilling Darkrock Ventures! We have had some mishaps with couriers but with the exception of some replacement orders still being processed, we are very close to completion of fulfillment and that is a great feeling. We had a lot of challenges along the way but we learned and grew and we have you all to thank for that! We appreciate everyone's support!

Before we move on, I have a very important question to ask everyone involved in the campaign:

Have you received Darkrock Ventures yet?


Awesome!! We're very happy to hear this from so many of you. Please rate the game and log your plays on Board Game Geek so everyone will know about what we've created!

Yes, but... :\

If you received your package but something was damaged, has parts missing, or you received the incorrect quantity of games/parts, please visit right away and let them know.

If you live in the USA and you are missing dice, please send me a direct message right here on Kickstarter, I can send dice directly from our office to anyone in the USA quickly.

NO! :(

Please accept our apologies, and rest assured we'll make it right. If you have not yet let us know about some other kind of discrepancy with your order (no emails yet, etc.) please let us know with a direct message RIGHT AWAY so we can make sure all orders are dispatched properly. We want everyone to receive what they paid for!

Retail release is this Friday October, 7th!

After this Friday, we will begin fulfilling orders to retailers, please let us know where you spot Darkrock Ventures in the wild! We love to see our games on hobby store shelves! 

Expansion pack #1 still in stock

I am pleased to report that BGG is still well stocked on the Expansion Pack #1 now available at the BGGStore. It offers 5 more Corporate Sponsors cards and 5 more Research cards not included in the base game. Even more replayability, I love it!

Tabletopia and TableTop Simulator releases soon!

Play with friends in faraway places with these two digital options, which will become available in the coming weeks!

Current Project Status : Fire of Eidolon

Our PledgeManager for Fire of Eidolon is still open! Join us here if you missed the Kickstarter and want to get another great Magic Meeple Games title!

On the horizon:

We'll be hosting a retro video game tournament at Phoenix FanFest at the end of the month with actual reproductions of the Nintendo World Championships from 1990! It is also free to participate if you're at the show!

Darkrock Ventures designer Michael Eskue and I will both be at BGGcon this year, and I hear he's agreeable to autographing copies of DRV, and I will be equipped with the newest top-secret MMG goodies we're working on too! :D

This might be the last substantial update for a while...

We'll be releasing a FAQ and updated rulebook to the BGG page in the upcoming weeks ( and when we do so, I'll write a short update with a link, but besides that,  this might be the last real high-content update regarding the project's progress and that really just dawned on me a moment ago.

We did it, everyone. We're just about 100% complete on delivery of this campaign (with a few exceptions that are being corrected) and his has all been a truly incredible experience. We are overjoyed that we made it this far and we have even successfully funded our second project already and we've proven that we can deliver. We know that we did not meet our target, we regret that and apologize for everything that caused the delay. Some of the factors were under our control and we are still working toward improving our process and doing things better every day.

The opportunity to publish and design games as a central focus in my life has always felt just out of reach, and in August of 2015, 963 generous and enthusiastic board gamers helped lift us up to grab it. Together we will be able to bring even more fun into the world with games that we can all be excited about playing. 

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you all for being a part of this and the history of Magic Meeple Games. I will always be available, if you need to reach me send me a direct message or reach out from

I hope that we'll be hearing from you all again when our next game is ready to debut! Be on the lookout for the FAQ supplement and share your photos and experiences with us, log your plays on BGG, and keep letting us know what we can do better! 

Be safe, be well, and have fun!

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    1. John on

      Hi! I did not receive my 2 copies of DRV, could you please tell me how to get this corrected? Thanks!

      - John

    2. Magic Meeple Games 5-time creator


      I will send you a direct message. :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Susan Syster

      I did not receive my copy of DRV, could you please tell me how to get this corrected?

    4. Magic Meeple Games 5-time creator


      Thank you very much for the kind words! We're glad you are enjoying the game. :)

    5. Magic Meeple Games 5-time creator


      Thank you for addressing your concerns. We received about 50 requests all at once regarding this update and not a single one is being ignored or burned. Many of these are from backers who either did not complete the PledgeManager or did not read the last several updates regarding the issues you are describing currently. I have attempted several times and in several ways to notify every backer that they need to reach me if they haven't gotten information from our distribution chain and if you missed all of them, please tell me what I can do disseminate this critical information in a better way.

      We are addressing the information discrepancies that occurred when customer records were imported from Kickstarter to PledgeManager and then to ShipNaked. My records, which were complete, turned into swiss cheese somewhere along the way and rather than place blame we are devoting our efforts into correcting the problem.

      Thank you very much for your patience. I have your direct message and it will be addressed shortly.

    6. Missing avatar

      SteveSmith-Dark Mikey Has Chain Links??

      So i messaged Creators as stated and no one got back to me and you didnt respond in comments below to not sending me my product. This is amazing customer service. Lesson learned. Thanks for burning me Magic Meeple Games

    7. Michael Baxter

      I can't speak for those who haven't recieved it, but my game arrived fine, a little later than delivery, but having played this game, it plays just as well as i'd hoped. The components are great and I'm very happy with it. Looking forward to FoE too!

    8. Missing avatar

      SteveSmith-Dark Mikey Has Chain Links??

      Kinda disappointed in the fact that you guys dont even know who doesnt have their products? I being one of them. If you cant even keep track of what my money pays for why should people give you their money at all?