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A lightweight worker-placement Boardgame for 1-5 Players in 30-45 minutes! Assemble a crew & mine metal-rich asteroids in deep space!!
A lightweight worker-placement Boardgame for 1-5 Players in 30-45 minutes! Assemble a crew & mine metal-rich asteroids in deep space!!
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Shipping Status Update & Expansion Pack #1 clarified

Posted by Magic Meeple Games (Creator)

Hello DRV Backers!

Re: Happyshops

I have received confirmation that many packages are now on their way as of today from Happyshops, all of you folks in Europe should be getting some confirmation emails soon (if you have not already) if you still have not gotten ANY correspondence whatsoever from ShipNaked, HappyShops, etc. Please use a direct message to let me know so we can get the matter corrected (and if you have already, thank you for your patience while we process each request with equal attention to detail, we will be getting to yours shortly!)

Thank you all again for working with us to make sure everyone gets their orders, we appreciate your patience. We are still awaiting an answer regarding the cause for this so we can prevent similar happenings in the future. 

Clearing up the confusion: Neutronium Crisis Mini-Expansion vs. Expansion Pack #1

I may have done a poor job explaining the situation so I can attempt to clarify what is going on with regard to my overuse of the word "Expansion":

The "Mini-Expansion" unlocked as part of the KS Stretch Goals = Neutronium Crisis
This content is included in EVERY copy of Darkrock Ventures as per the campaign stretch goal. If you backed or end up buying it months down the line, these features are included. 

Extra Game Content that was not a part of unlocked stretch goals  = Expansion Pack #1
This content that we paid out of pocket to produce so we could offer them as a BGGstore promo and as Convention prizes. This pack is ten extra cards we had planned to add, 5 Corporate Sponsors and 5 Research Cards. It is not a full expansion, only a pack of cards.

We know there are concerns with the supply of Expansion Packs at the BGG store, please do not feel pressured or obligated to order it before your copy of DRV arrives. We have made sure BGG has a deep supply and we have even more here at our office. We will check in with them periodically to check their supply levels and re-stock if necessary. If all else fails, if you email me and ask to buy a pack because everyone else is out, we'll start selling them for the same price through our website directly. We mean it when we say we want everyone that wants them to have a chance to get these cards.

If you have damaged/missing parts please don't use the comments to tell us!

If you have missing or damaged DICE: Please send me a direct message
If you are missing or received damaged ANYTHING ELSE

Rules Questions?

If you haven't gotten a response yet to any particular question you have about the rules, please send us a message directly! This will help us create an FAQ document for BoardGameGeek to help everyone!

Online Retailers undercutting our MSRP ಠ_ಠ

Retailers, Manufacturers, and Publishers of board games will all pretty much agree on this topic in that it's a huge problem for our industry. It lowers the value of what we've all worked so hard and given so much to produce, it is pretty much the reason why Asmodee is buying other publishing companies every other week, and we don't take it lightly either. 

We know some of you have brought to our attention some online stores offering pre-orders for Darkrock Ventures at prices lower than what our backers paid. This is not acceptable as far as we are concerned and we would like to do what we can to control this problem before it gets out of hand. 

The first step was to inform our distributor (ShipNaked) and ask for more guidance and information. They came back to me with some things that I already knew, and some things that I didn't; The only thing we can control is the price that retailers are charged for our products, if someone is selling it too low, then we could ostensibly just raise the price and then they would have to charge more. This tactic works great for fighting online undercutters, but who suffers the most are the friendly local hobby shops that now have an even thinner margin to work with.

Alternatively, we could ask them to sign a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) agreement to keep the price at MSRP. Sometimes this works, sometimes this doesn't. When it doesn't, sometimes you can enforce it, usually you can't, and definitely not without a full-time legal representative. 

We know that ZERO orders have been fulfilled through regular distribution, the Street Date for that begins on Oct, 10. If someone is selling it now, it means they were a backer or were affiliated with a backer. Can't do anything about it if someone wants to sell it at a loss just for clicks, but we can try to limit these retailers' ability to make these kinds of detrimental price cuts by simply not doing business with them. We've been warned that they are crafty and will go through layers of distribution to undercut anyone else they can, but that doesn't mean we have to lay down and make it easy. 

If you see Darkrock Ventures being sold under the price that our own backers paid, I need to know about it right away so I can ask our distributors that we do not fulfill any of their orders until we can correct the pricing matters. Please tell us if you see any more sites like Miniatures Market that are undervaluing our games in this way. We want the hobby shops to get the business they deserve and we want our backers to feel that the price we ask them for is and will always be the best price.

Thank you all for your understanding and support in this matter. We take this very seriously, and it affects us all. 

Fire of Eidolon PledgeManager NOW OPEN

We hope that we have won some of you over now with DRV in-hand. If you'd like to join in on the FoE campaign as a late backer, we would love to have you. We are going to keep it open for a while, at least until we know all copies of DRV are in our backers' hands so there is no pressure here. Here is the link for anyone who would like to jump in with us!

If you haven't gotten any emails from anyone about your order yet, please let me know with a direct message right away!

If you have sent me a direct message already, we are still working through the requests and we will get to yours as soon as we can. We know that our backers like to keep everyone in the loop with the comments, but I have an irrational fear of important questions being missed because they were in the comments and the comments can move fast and things get lost. We just want to make sure we are engaging everyone for 100% customer service, and we appreciate how patient everyone has been so far. Thank you for the words of encouragement as well! :)

Until next time! We're workin' thru orders for DRV and finishing up the graphics for FoE! Enjoy Darkrock Ventures and we'll be back again when there is more news!




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    1. Missing avatar

      Larry Moore on

      How do you send a direct message in Kickstarter?

    2. Magic Meeple Games 5-time creator

      We have not yet decided if we are going to offer these additional cards in PnP form as they were not part of the KS campaign. We may add them in the future but for right now they are a promotional item.

    3. Missing avatar

      Hickname on

      Any way to get Expansion Pack as PnP? I could get it at BGGStore, but it will stand out from other cards...

    4. Magic Meeple Games 5-time creator


      We will not be able to attend Essen this year, but Gamelyn Games will be there with Darkrock Ventures. The Expansion Pack #1 is a BGGstore-only release for the time being.

    5. Jan Kador

      Magic Meeple Games will you attending the Spiel in Essen?
      I'd really loved to get the Expansion Pack #1 there, is it possible?

    6. Magic Meeple Games 5-time creator


      That's good input, thank you for what you wrote.
      With FoE we started offering something separate from the game that was both customized and also won't ever be available after the retail launch. So the game is still the game and while the backers had the opportunity to get something special, it didn't necessarily constitute anything that was functionally different or better, mechanically speaking, and everyone else could still ostensibly have the "complete" game even if they don't find out about it until three years from now.

      It seems to work well and the backers responded pretty favorably. Trying to find something like that for every project might not be possible though, but it's the closest I've gotten to anything resembling a win/win on that topic.

    7. Magic Meeple Games 5-time creator

      The trouble isn't that these prices exist, it is that they exist /right now/ while the game is brand new. We produced a $50 product and we launched a $50 product. If someone else is selling our $50 product for $30, it's not a $50 product anymore it's a $30 product and anyone that says otherwise is wrong because economics.

      Online Stores selling a brand new product for less than what I even asked our backers for is kind of a slap in the face to all of you, to be honest. They are DEVALUING the product we created together, and the moment they do, the hobby shops become the jerks because then by charging MSRP they're now "OVER-charging."

      Would you ever go to the movie theater again if Amazon could send you same new-release on DVD for half the price? Most people wouldn't, and anyone who did would probably feel scammed once they found out that Amazon had it this whole time. That rage gets turned directly against both Theater and producer of said Movies.

      Except in this case, the Theater is your local game shop and the producer of said movies would be me. There is no winning these situation sometimes and what we are discussing here is not price-fixing or collusion. I'm simply not going to prioritize business opportunities with vendors that wish to bargain-basement a brand new release.

      If we have to place a separate "street-date"-like moratorium on online sales in general with the exception of direct orders, we will consider doing so if we (legally) can. Then the local game stores will have an opportunity to not get screwed. The only other option is to start doing things Kickstarter-only or make basic editions out of all our products that are only for retailers. Neither option appeals to me and most backers seem to hate them too.

      So, if anyone has any ideas-- we're listening

    8. Todd Snyder

      Online retailers sell for under the MSRP all the time. I didn't back this project to get the best price - I backed this project to help it succeed. Unless it is specifically mentioned as part of the Kickstarter that you're getting a heavy discount on the final price, If anyone thinks they are ever getting the best price by backing a KS project, they will be highly disappointed. The one thing that the project can do is give something that is exclusive to the KS - special art, special box, etc that will make the KS game different and exclusive over the retail version. The discount I see at Miniature Market for the preorder is what I would expect on the game, and most likely they will have it on sale for even less at some point. I *personally* do not like the Asmodee method of price fixing, and I personally am avoiding their games now unless I see them on sale, which still happens.

    9. Missing avatar

      Hickname on

      What about us PnP backers? Can we receive Expansion Pack somehow?

      @Josh Wells
      They get fewer profit on each box, but they make up for it in volume sold.

    10. Missing avatar


      @Josh Wells
      I agree with everything you just said.

    11. Josh Wells

      I guess I don't understand the animosity towards online retailers selling games below MSRP. Is it not eating into their profits if they do so?

      I can get some backers being frustrated about paying more during the KS campaign and find it cheaper after it retails. I've seen it sooooooooo many times. That is why I encourage projects to include something in their campaign that won't be included in retail. It gives backers the feeling that they're getting something back for a 0% interest loan.

      I totally get wanting to help brick and mortar shops by keeping pricing on a level playing field but then you isolate your games to a small %of people. You then open your games up to people having to pay exuberant costs for those that resell on eBay and what not.

      Personally, I never go to a local store because I don't have time. If I have to chase something down, I won't. There are too many games out there that can fill a void.

      This is how I see it and others may have a very different view. I would hate to see your games limited to B&M stores because the likeliness of me playing another one of your games, is very low. I really like DRV and plan on keeping tabs on your other games. Eidolon was just not my cup of tea.

    12. Greg W. on

      @Magic Meeple
      You all are not responsible for the poor behavior of others (people selling below KS price).
      Your product is great and that was what you promised the backers...