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I wrote a novel! And I wanted to try a fun way to distribute it. The book is called The Collective. This is Andrew vs. The Collective.
I wrote a novel! And I wanted to try a fun way to distribute it. The book is called The Collective. This is Andrew vs. The Collective.
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"Penultimate: The Devil and Michael Hastings" Story #5

Story #5 is all yours. It is, as promised, short. The PDF is only five pages long! And you could read the HTML version at work!

And I had a restorative weekend, cooking artichokes and building my energy for the final story.

If there's anyone out there that has ever mentioned that they may want to get involved in this project, tell them now is the time! There are scant few days left.

This week's awards!

Setting: Eau Claire, Wisconsin from Kevin Jackson. Kevin, I don't know how you knew it, but Eau Claire is actually a setting from The Collective (the book)!

Character: Hilda von Stricker from Elinor Mills. Elinor - I'm sorry we didn't have the page space to meet Hilda in person, but I loved this idea.

Sentence: Pam Torno's "I had no heroes, and then you let me down, and now I have negative heroes!" As soon I saw this one, I imagined the little boy standing there with arms akimbo and his face in a pout.

Word: Boustrophedon from Mikael Vejdemo Johansson. Yet another new word I got to learn this week!

This week's soundtrack:

David Vandervelde - Nothin No

Rilo Kiley - Spectacular Views

Ray Charles - That Lucky Old Sun

Get ready for the final story! It will be epic in every sense of the word. Think big!


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    1. Gavin Craig on March 12, 2010

      Setting for #6: Alternate universe Chicago, Illinois in a world where Ancient Greek culture has remained influential. That is to say that beards and moderately long hair are the norm for men, and prominent women cultivate an androgynous (semi-masculine) outward appearance, not a drag, per se (since fairly unisex toga-inspired fashions are the norm, with compromises for climate--every wears pants, but tries to not make it obvious under more flowing outerwear), but since the norms are a bit closer to start with. Perhaps most strikingly, performance is a major part of the culture, in that religion and art still revolve around (versions of) the theatre, and the nightly news involves staged re-enactments stitched into live footage rather than anchors reading off teleprompters or a script. Also, heroes are hugely important, both in real-life, and fiction. Instead of comic books, children read picture stories of famous people. Norman Schwartzkopf and Madeleine Albright share the public imagination with Heracles, Jason, and Jimmy Doolittle, who piloted the plane that dropped the atomic bomb, with MacArthur the bombardier. (Generals, in this world, are usually in the tick of the action.) The building known as the Sears Tower has been recently renamed, to the chagrin of the men and women who work there.

    2. Mikael Vejdemo Johansson on March 9, 2010

      Woooooot! I got myself TWO awards!

    3. Kevin Jackson on March 9, 2010

      RE: Eau Claire. That's awesome! I didn't know it, but it also happens to be where I was born :)