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I wrote a novel! And I wanted to try a fun way to distribute it. The book is called The Collective. This is Andrew vs. The Collective.
98 backers pledged $2,913 to help bring this project to life.

The books are ordered! (And a surprise!)

I've got a screenshot to share with you guys: It's the thumbnail from my Lulu order form for the final printed copies of Andrew vs. The Collective. I finally finished off the formatting this weekend and, both eyes squeezed tightly shut, pressed the order button.

Now I've got a secret to share with you guys: It's the number of books I ordered. 100 copies of The Collective and 100 copies of Andrew vs. The Collective. Wait, what? The same number of both? Well, when I did my cost modeling for the project way back in January I had assumed I would just have enough money to give copies of the short stories book to the highest-contributing backers. But, much to my surprise, a little surplus appeared on my spreadsheet. Which means: everybody gets a physical copy of Andrew vs. The Collective!

So I'm awaiting the shipment and then your copies will go out after that. For Bay Area residents, I'll probably be arranging a drinks-and-distribution event if you want to obtain your books in person. Details to come.

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    1. Creator Jeremy Brooks on April 14, 2010

      Cool! Looking forward to the event!

    2. Creator Michele Bell on April 13, 2010

      I think it is worth the drive to pick mine up....more details please!
      Also, will you be running another batch? I was hoping to buy some as Christmas presents.
      And, to echo Dan below, I too am having withdrawals, I am craving Pizza in Kathmandu.

    3. Creator Dan Levine on April 13, 2010

      Thanks for the update! I must admit, I'm having Andrew vs The Collective withdrawal. I find myself walking around the street as Friday noon approaches giving people sentences or settings and expecting them to entertain me with clever tales.

    4. Creator Nichole Owens on April 12, 2010

      Say whhhaaaa!!! Awesome! I'll be bouncing around my mailbox soon.