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Nelo is a Hyper-Fast, Out of this world, Sci Fi action-adventure game with its own formula on the Shoot 'em Up game genres.
Nelo is the lightning fast, out of this world, genre-blending, bullet-hell, character-action epic meticulously crafted by the loving couple at Magic & Mirrors.
Nelo is the lightning fast, out of this world, genre-blending, bullet-hell, character-action epic meticulously crafted by the loving couple at Magic & Mirrors.
1,243 backers pledged $38,269 to help bring this project to life.

Release Date Announced, Patch is up, and Special Skin Reveal!

Hello everyone, we have some good news. We now of the actual date of Nelo’s Early Access Release. We have also uploaded hot patch on the main branch today for Closed Alpha testers. And we have a special cosmetic announcement in thanks to some super best support.

Release Date

Nelo will be available on Steam Early Access November 20, 2017


Patch notes,

-Begining Disclaimer message prompting "Press Enter to Continue" now displays "Press Enter or Start to Continue"  
-Submit Feedback buttons in the main menu and pause menu now links directly to the "Ideas and Feedback" Subforum on steam.
-Added Missing Sound Effects (still need UI sounds)
-Added SFX for White Blazar Hyper Cannon
-Added SFX for White Blazar turret
-Added SFX for Visor when using Zenith Vision
-Added Gorgon Skull Growl for resuming attacking
-Added Harpy Growl before resuming attacking
-Fixed inability to fire Laser weapons when Melee Attacking
-Fixed Level Steaming gate wheels spinning on wrong axis
-Fixed Active waypoints on Troop Transports when they start moving
-Adjusted triggers for troop transport assistance request.
-Restored Blocking volumes on Moon.
-Fixed broken backtrack gate in Omnifire Wing on Aurora
-Moved Health and other power-ups to be inside wave arenas
-Fixed missing enemy missiles from actor pool on White Blazar turret sequences
-Added controlled garbaged collection to material interface references on NeloWeapon and NeloMechHand C++ Classes
-Added more health to Nightsithe Carrier during White Blazar Hyper Cannon Sequence 
-Selecting Chapter Rally Points in levels with Scanner Nodes will grant needed Scanner Nodes based on Rally Point's level progress.
-Updated graphics and information for Item buttons in the Special Items Menu.
-Updated Opening Cinematic for the Moon Chapter. Added missing SFX

Super Best Skins

 Over a year ago, we ran a Kickstarter campaign to help get our project off the ground. We tried to make our goal reasonable but even then, we were having a tough time. When we had 5 days left of the campaign, pledges went from less than half way funded to fully funded overnight. This is because of the traffic and exposure from the Sw1tcher aka The Super Best Friends Play. As fans of the Sw1tcher we were never expecting this and we also couldn’t believe it was happening. But here we are today, with the project more further developed than it would without SBFP. We made special cosmetic skins after Matt, Pat, and Woolie to show them our gratitude for their support and the support of all the backers who helped get us through. Thank you!  

Thank you everyone for taking the time to check this out, and be sure to check out Nelo on November 20th.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Glenn Palmer on

      Those skins would look crazy dope regardless of the context!

    2. Missing avatar

      Jackson Welker on

      Congrats on early access! The skins look great too!