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Bony Levi is the result of an experiment gone horribly wrong during the Korean War. She is a half human half zombie who can regenerate.
102 backers pledged $2,275 to help bring this project to life.

Just a few hours to go

I am writing one last time to say THANK-YOU!!!!! Bony has been shuffling around inside my brain for almost 3 years and while others have tried to resurrect her she just wouldn't stay alive for very long. Now she has a fighting chance and she is going to take it all the way to her senior Prom!!!

The day after tomorrow is my birthday--I'm 21!--what? Why is everybody laughing? I've only been 21 17 and on Wednesday...18 times. Don't bother to do the math everyone tells me I LOOK 21 and that's ALL THAT MATTERS! This will be the bestest birthday present EVER and I thank all 100 of you that have given me the encouragement and the cold hard cash to make this happen.

I am very excited to get started on the Bony project and we will all meet face to face very soon. I will miss my daily updates and emails and messages of encouragement but this is only the beginning of a very great adventure. I feel a bit like Bilbo Baggins!

Cheers to all and thank you again!

Magen J. Callaghan


    1. Creator Frances Ertola on November 16, 2010

      What an especially exciting birthday this will be,eh? YOU DID IT,you met your goal and Bony gets to go to the Prom,yeah! Can't wait to see the final project,until then celebrate and Happy 21st B-day(again). yes,you DO LOOK GREAT for a "girl your age",hee,hee.Hugs n' kisses!

    2. Creator Magen Callaghan on November 16, 2010

      Scorpios unite! (Or at least support each other from a distance since we aren't overly-social) Thank you for the birthday wishes. This will be the last post until the next time i have a Kickstarter project. This has been too much fun to not do it again!

      Thank you Douglas!!!

    3. Creator Douglas on November 16, 2010

      Happy Birthday Magen. My Birthday happens to be Friday, Great minds & all that. You look great, looking forward to the fantastical adventures of Bony. Keep up the good work & haave a super Birthday. Rock On.