Funding Canceled Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on November 27.

A horror strategy game for 2-4 player with 80 great miniatures! Use your character and your ghosts to reveal your rivals' fears!

Hi everyone,            

As you know currently we launched our new project the Amityville Project. The last days we received too many messages here from people who either canceled their pledge and could not back it at that time (during the coming holidays), others that they invested too much on the current miniatures campaigns on KS and several other people sent us suggestions and a choice to postpone the campaign for a later date. Meaning to wait until holidays pass, and make few changes in the game and relaunch the campaign. Therefore we will have to cancel currently the campaign on KS and postpone it, meaning to launch it later. We check all the options in order to provide a good game at the end where people will love. Our purpose through this delay is the chance we have to remake few things for everyone and offer as much as we can. We can keep you updated with our progress on the game through our news. We already work on several ideas. We do not want to disappoint any of the people who support us but who currently cannot invest on the game."

Friday the 12th, 1964 The Syndicate is an underground organization specializing in paranormal activities. They built a device capable of reshaping the personality of a human, making that person their test subject and slave to accomplish their dark plans. Their victims are the citizens of Amityville Asylum who are converted into lab rats for their demented experiments. However, not all of these people can tolerate the power of the device and they die instantly, except the detective Ed Sullivan who tried to expose the plans of the Syndicate and they trapped him. They tried the device on his mind with no foresight into what was about to happen. The detective's mind was too strong for the device and. instead of reforming the detective's mind, several different personalities were born in his mind. Four different people from his memories became personalities who will now try to penetrate and reshape his mind. The syndicate thought that they could use these beloved personalities to trick the detective into doing their will...   

In Phobos, each player takes on the role of one of these personalities. Your goal is to eliminate the personalities of your opponent(s). Once accomplished then your personality prevails allowing you to control the detective. Each of you chooses a Mentality board, 8 Ghost Miniatures, 12 Character Miniatures, a D12 Die and 3 Action cards. Players then each get 3 Phobos cards (from 12 different possibilities) and keep these face down. These cards represent your Fears and an extension of the Detective who is imprisoned inside the Amityville Asylum. (Note that the Mentality board includes all the 12 different fears matching the 12 Phobos cards.)  

In each round you play an Action card which will instruct you to place your Miniatures either on your board or your opponent's (depending on the card) trying to find their fears. If you place a Miniature on an opponent's Mentality Board that matches one of their fears, they are forced to reveal that fear. Then, based upon how you placed your Miniature you will have accumulated movement points which will be used to place and move your Ghosts on the main board (comprised of 16 tiles). The board includes four central halls where your Ghosts enter the detective's head and 12 fear rooms which represent each of the Phobos cards. When you place 2 Ghosts in a room which represents one of your Phobos cards, you are protected (for as long as they remain). This then makes it so that when an opponent places a Character Miniature on your Mentality board matching one of your fears, you are not forced to reveal your Phobos Card. It sounds simple but nothing is simple in the dream world where nightmares and demons prevail! On the other hand you can play an Adrenaline card and bring the upside down in the game. But these cards cost one of your Ghost, if you to claim one.

If your Fears are revealed by your rivals, then you lose but you are not eliminated. You become a Ghoul that can take revenge on the other Personalities still in play. As a Ghoul you can help control how the game unfolds by playing the right cards and destroying the rival Personalities and at that point you can create a semi-co-op game with another Ghoul. You have more advantages like you have more moves or you can even create a modular board. It is time to explore your personality in the ultimate interactive horror game!  

Fear is your only god!

Game Mechanics: Area Movement, Card Drafting, Hand Management, Memory, Variable Player Powers, Modular Board. 

Playing Time: 30 Minutes 

Strong Points: Theme, Good Strategy Element, Fast Paced, Excellent Balance.


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EU Backers: The game will be shipped from Europe so you will not pay any taxes or customs.

US Backers: The game will be shipped from USA so you will not pay any taxes or customs. We use courier to deliver the game.

Canada: The game will be shipped from USA with USPS in order to avoid paying any kind of fees.

Asia and Australia: The game will be shipped with courier from Hong Kong so the rates are relative ok and you save ship fees.

 About twelve years ago we decided to start designing board games. Our first game was the Unfolding Card Game, Eragra: The First Step. All of a sudden, a bunch of new ideas came up and new game designs followed (not only by us but also by designers we work together), such as: Wrong Chemistry, 12 Realms, Strike Dice, Biruda, Kernos, Space Rescue and much more. Any of you have a certain place in our heart and mind, a world full of games and entertainment. With this campaign we want to bring in life the first part of the Amityville Project. With the funds of the game we have to cover the molds and miniatures production, pay the illustrators, ship fees, game production, taxes and much more since to create a game it takes times and a lot of things may happen until its delivery.


EditingAlexander ArgyropoulosRobert Searing

Game DesignerMichael AndresakisAlexander ArgyropoulosDimosthenis Moraitis

Art DirectorMichael Andresakis

Graphic DesignerTyler James

Concept Artists: Vitaly S. AlexiusPete AmachreeMichael Andresakis,  Bastien Grivet,Patrik HjermMoy Shin HungCamille KuoJethro Lentle, Paul Mudie, Sviatoslav Pashchuk, Grzegorz RutkowskiSeeming WatcherMarkus VesperRyan Valle, Tatiana Vetrova, Igor VitkovskiyVen LocklearMarissa RiveraMarkus Stadlober.

Comic DesignerWes Huffor

Box Cover: Sviatoslav Pashchuk, Moy Shin Hung

SculptorCig Neutron

Playtesters & SupportersMarc Specter & Grand Gaming AcademyGame Salute, Eric Courchesne, Keith Mageau & Storm Con, Pantelis Pesmatzoglou and the folks fromGreek Guild who played the game at the 4th yearly contest of Greek Designers, Lance Hinkel & Midewest Gaming ClassicDan Mazur & North Coast Gamers, J P Hazen & Game Pad, our friends in Greece: Vaggelis from Epitrapaizoume, the folks from the BG News Online, Lefteris Voutsas, Tony Cimino, Andreas Temmingk, Wesley Fechter, Dimosthenis Moraitis, Frank Zedek, Jessica "Mouse" Denehy, Daniel Denehy, Bonnie Hazen, John Hazen, Jay Rutan Sr., Jim Pelton, Rhos Tolle, Ben Washington, Christopher Reed, J.J. Rutan, Brett R. Duffy.

Video ComposerPaul Presley / Continue Magazine

Narration VoiceRobert Searing

For additional information don't hesitate to contact us in our e-mail:

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Phobos has been in playtest since March 2012, and now is finally ready and complete. During this campaign we will finish some parts of the game like the final form of the rules and the art. Now, what we need is the funds in order to produce it for real and deliver it to the you, to the people who love horror and mystery. We have a lot of work ahead. The last months we work with our new sculptor for the Miniatures of the game and of course all the artists who prepare the art of the game.

As you know this year we launched several campaigns and we try to do just the best. 12 Realms and Wrong Chemistry have been delivered to people and we still send packs. As you know we are not a lot of people here but be sure that we work with love and care on the games we prepare. It happens to delay sometimes cause of the work amount but when we have any news we always inform you.

Phobos will be delivered on October-November 2014 and for some of you in Essen Spiel. If there are any delays due to unexpected factors (weather conditions, paper process etc) we will let you know on time. Of course there are few more factors which could terminate our project like the Syndicate would make all of you zombies, aliens could steal our files and some more..


  • Yes you can. You just pledge the appropriate amount and we will sort it out after the Kickstarter ends and since we will send out the surveys.

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  • We will be able to ship within the European Union, meaning that you won't have any issues with possible customs queries, additional taxes etc.

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    For the backers in Asia and Australia we ship from Asia.

    So now, we can cover everyone and retain low ship prices

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  • No. Please understand that the time differs based on the destination. For Europe we have made an arrangement with a vendor in Germany. As soon as the game arrive at his warehouse, it will take few days to prepare the pack and the ship inside European Union take 3-7 days.

    Regarding USA: The time differs depending on the state. The same occurs for Canada and the rest countries. We will do whatever we can to deliver the rewards as soon as possible.

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  • Yes they will be.

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  • Ghost Miniatures are 40mm and their bases are 30mm
    The Characters are 40mm and 35mm and their bases are 30mm
    Promo Ghosts such us Breath Prowler are 50mm and their bases are 50mm too.

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  • For Kickstarter backers release date is October - November 2014.

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    COLORS OF EVIL LEVEL: Receive a HAND PAINTED Copy of the boxed game (ALL 80 MINIATURES) + ALL STRETCH GOALS. Any Miniatures available via the Stretch Goals will be also HAND PAINTED.

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