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Machina Arcana is a cooperative steampunk horror board game for 1-4 players. An immersive and dark, turn-based tactical game.
Machina Arcana is a cooperative steampunk horror board game for 1-4 players. An immersive and dark, turn-based tactical game.
1,710 backers pledged $142,790 to help bring this project to life.

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The story continues


I was thinking of creating a series of contests with puzzles that would hold insight about this peculiar world. What is Machina Arcana? And more importantly: what happens next?

One late night I was working on a puzzle, a fairly simple but a dark one. As I played with the ideas in my head, I was suddenly taken by the visions so overwhelming and intense that I couldn't stop typing on the keyboard. The symbols and whispers instructing me, beckoning without mercy, leaving me exhausted by the first ray of dawn. I looked at the screen and the Engine was created.

In the following days I spent a lot of time perfecting it, adding content, making it twist and turn to do my bidding. Or was it the other way around? 

In the end it was missing something. I felt it's cries, and there was nothing I could do to please it. Then I remembered of another magical being in my life that could have the answer: my dearest muse, Aleksandra.

After revealing it to her, the connection was made, and to my amazement the two of them started their beautiful dance almost instantly. She clothed It, created the worthy skin, and gave it the breath of life that it yearned for.

And now, it is ready for You. Feel free to explore, gain knowledge, and survive within the maze (there is more than one way out).

Yours truly,  


The Final Chapter


Project status 

A couple of international packages could still be traveling, but in general the boxes are delivered. The 2nd wave of replacements are on their way, and when the few open complaints are solved, the project will be completed. 


I encourage you to browse through the Encyclopedia, although it is not in its final form (the clarifications are only done for the explorers and few monsters) but even now it may answer a lot of questions. 

Near future 

Currently the main focus is on delivering the official clarifications of every nook and cranny in the game (Encyclopedia), and then updating the game manual. 

Soon it’s Essen Spiel, and we are looking forward to attend this esteemed convention - last time we met a lot of beautiful people there. Actually, two of them are at our place (Ulrich and Isabel - you are awesome \o/), having a great time and planning the next journey of Machina Arcana.

There are still some boxes left, but only in the US distribution center (18 exclusive, 39 core boxes). Considering this is all what is left from the production, and another one is not planned at the moment, the selling of those boxes will greatly help the future of this project. If you know someone that could be interested in obtaining this infernal box, please direct them to: 

Closing statement 

The work on this project, with this people and for this community is something that changed me greatly, and I will continue to give back as much as possible. Every one of you helped create this, and it is with honour and a bow that I thank you for your support.  

Feel free to join the discussions about Machina Arcana on BGG: 

And if you haven’t already, like us on Facebook:

Distribution ends this week


Distribution status

A lot of boxes have already been received by the backers (from US and EU). The rest of the shipping should finish during this week. There were some problems: damaged or missing content; hopefully I will manage to cover everything with the surplus from the manufacturer.  

The forwarding company for the EU unprofessionally handled one palette with the boxes, and all the cartons from that palette have tumbled down, putting a small dent in the lid on some boxes (the content is fine). I apologize in advance to few backers that might experience this mishap.

Plastic stands

The figures will not easily enter into the plastic stands. I am using a method that enables me to do so effortlessly (use very carefully and cautiously, don’t apply too much force!):

Once the figures enters the stand, there is no reason to ever remove it.


I invite you to visit the project page on BGG. There you can find an active community that will help you with everything related to the game. If you can’t find what you are looking for, feel free to post your question, feedback, or if you like the game, support it by becoming a fan; I will greatly appreciate it!

Distribution status


<US shipment (including non-US & non-EU)>

Shipping method (quote from Swish):  

For Base and Exclusive, everything will be shipped by USPS Priority. For the Bundle (much heavier), some are USPS Priority, but some of the domestic ones will be FedEx and some of the international ones will be DHL Express.


There are already 884 of 1125 e-mail confirmations (check your spam folders). These e-mail confirmations are not mandatory, the box will be sent to the most recent shipping address (but after 7 days of waiting for the confirmation).

<EU shipment>

The truck arrived to Slovenian partner (Črna luknja) on Monday. They will finish processing the boxes and forward them to the distributor (GLS) during this week. From what I’ve been told, Europeans can expect their boxes by the end of the next week.

Contests of Machina Arcana

I have created a special section on the web that will contain contests (for now only one is active). As soon the first treasure hunter claims the reward, that contest will be closed. (Rewards will be sent after the regular KS fulfillment).

Distribution phase


Status with distribution 

<US shipment>

The truck with boxes arrives tomorrow at the distributor’s warehouse. Swish’s announcement concerning delivery dates: “1-2 weeks for us to ship. But I mean that the last one will ship within 1-2 weeks. The first ones will go out probably the day after the freight arrives. Address confirmations will go out the day the freight arrives here (which sounds like Thu but it's up to SHGL). US delivery should be 2-4 days from the day we ship, international delivery will be 1-2 weeks from the day we ship.”

<EU shipment>

The truck with boxes arrives during this week at the distributor’s warehouse. The processing of the boxes will take around 2-3 days, and immediately after, the shipping starts. It takes under one week for the boxes to arrive at their destination.


I would like to close the chapter with t-shirts. For now there is one official complaint. Currently I am curious about the possible interest for the t-shirts; if you would like a cool Machina Arcana shirt, please contact me through:, subject: T-shirts.

Digital content

I would like to close the chapter with digital content. They were available for download for almost 3 months; the monthly fee for the service I’m using is just too high, so I cancelled the service. For anyone interested in digital content, check out our online store (it has all the digital add-ons from the campaign - same price).

Plans for ahead

First, let’s finish with this final process - distribution. Once that is over, it is time to summarize the campaign, write the report and continue working on the project.

There will be a few remaining boxes (around 50) after we finish with the distribution (both core and exclusive). I plan to sell them (higher price than during Kickstarter), and use the funds to work on the next Kickstarter.

During this week there will be a riddle (related to Machina Arcana lore), posted on our web. The first winner will get a free Core box. You can expect to often see these type of things in the future.

Thank you for your time, looking forward to finalize the campaign, but let’s be cautious until every box is delivered to its rightful owner.