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An expansion for AtS and AtS: The Ambassadors by Artipia Games. Cards and Aliens generated by previous campaigns combined in one box!
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The Promos

Posted by MAGE Company (Creator)

Hello everyone,

We’d like to thank you once more for supporting this campaign.  

Here some more information about The Promos is expansion, stretch rewards, as well as some good news on more copies of the base game.

The Promos expansion

Some backers were puzzled by the stretch rewards of this campaign. To clarify why we’ve chosen such rewards we have to better define what this campaign is about.

Through our 2 previous campaigns for AtS and AtS: The Ambassadors, we managed to produce a ton of additional game material. Since those two campaigns, this material was available to acquire individually. To be more specific, there were 3 separate items one could order. Those were: Among the Stars Promos, The Ambassadors promos and Dual Location Set I.  

The logistics for 3 separate items were kind of a nightmare. In addition, each new owner of the game would have to research to discover the existence of each of those items and then order them separately.  

To solve this, we decided to combine those items into a new boxed expansion (The Promos) to make it easier for new players to catch up on all the game material. After this campaign ends, those items will no longer be available individually.  

One of the most important reasons we did this campaign, is to offer the current owners of the game a final chance to order those items individually and avoid having to buy duplicates in the future.

Stretch Rewards

We’ve chosen to offer stretch rewards that would not create additional game material because we do not want to “force” current owners of the game to join in just for those stretch rewards. Furthermore, if we do produce additional game material and the current owner miss out on this campaign, we would once again have to offer that material for sale individually in the future through our online store bringing us back to where we started.

Copies of the Among the Stars base game

We’ve managed to pull back 45 more copies of the main game from local stores which will be available through the $100 within the next 15 minutes. There is increased demand for the main game and some backers requested that we give them a head start on the news for new game copies. This update is automatically sent to all the campaign’s backers so here is your head start!

Future plans for a reprint  

Several backers asked us to add an option for pre-ordering the reprint. Even though a reprint is within our plans, we are still in communication with several interested co-publishers around the world who are interested in doing their own localized versions. We are in the middle of a deal with a large US publisher who will bring the game to the US/CA market. We will announce their name as soon as the deal is closed.  

The reprint of the main game will have its own campaign (probably around mid-summer 2014) so there is no reason in opening more pre-order slots for the reprint now since the backers who preorder it from either campaign, will receive it at the same time.

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    1. DropDeadCriminal

      Thank you for the heads up on the additional $100 slots.
      Your reasoning for the stretch goals is very good.

    2. Board Game Closet

      Thanks for thinking of your customers! It's awesome to see a company who cares enough not to just make more stuff just to sell cards.