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An asymmetric steampunk board game between swashbuckling sky pirates and mighty naval zeppelins in the Skies of Arkady!
An asymmetric steampunk board game between swashbuckling sky pirates and mighty naval zeppelins in the Skies of Arkady!
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Solo Rules!


Mission accomplished!

We have completed the Solo Rules and are editing the final rulebook. As soon as it is ready we will post it online. The solo rules will apply only for the base game, not for the expansions. The expansions, as described on the main page, add new scenarios and ships for the War-Captains and alternative missions for the Navy Commander. The solo rules apply only for the Navy Commander since he is the one who defends the Grand Compact and the world of Arkady from the War-Captains.

The War-Captains control all the cities of the Grand Compact: Perium, Etherton, Antara, Easley, and Mavery. The Navy Commander has a specific number of rounds to set the cities free while facing the War-Captains.

The War-Captains' ships act based on patterns. We have created six different patterns and the solo player rolls a six-sided die for each ship. Based on the roll, a specific pattern for a ship is triggered. Each pattern includes different actions that control what that ship must do during that round. In the base game, each War-Captain has the ability to trigger 3 Action Cards each round, therefore the same applies to the patterns. Each ship will complete 3 different actions. For example: A ship may move, collect a resource and move again. A ship may move, attack the Navy Commander and attack again, and so on. The patterns we can create for the War-Captains are unlimited since the Action cards are combined with any possible scenario a War-Captain can trigger. As in the base game, the Navy Commander plays last, therefore you must have a strategic plan if you want to win.

That's the brief summary of the AI mode and how it operates the War-Captains.

In the base game you will find 6 different dice-ships, each occurring twice. In the AI mode you must engage all 6 of the ship types. The entry point of each die-ship is the city it controls. The 6th die-ship’s entry point is the Neutral Ground - giving an extra advantage to the War-Captains. With the War-Captains spread all over the Grand Compact your task as the Navy Commander is a difficult one!

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    1. K Wirick

      @Todd great work on this game. I know its going to be a wait until I can finally play it, but it looks like a lot of fun!

    2. Missing avatar

      Todd Sanders on

      The last few days left! Quite excited, as many of you are, to see this all come together. Thank you again for your support of Aether Captains!