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A Co-Op, Fantasy, Adventure, Board Game for 1-6 Players, Nominated by BGG with Extraordinary Miniatures by Upsteam Studio & CL Factory!
A Co-Op, Fantasy, Adventure, Board Game for 1-6 Players, Nominated by BGG with Extraordinary Miniatures by Upsteam Studio & CL Factory!
A Co-Op, Fantasy, Adventure, Board Game for 1-6 Players, Nominated by BGG with Extraordinary Miniatures by Upsteam Studio & CL Factory!
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Game Delivery & Ancestors Legacy


Hi everyone,

Game Salute sends the orders to all the backers. I have received many messages from people who received their tracking number and packing list. As I had mentioned in a previous update: If something is missing from your packing list, you contact Game Salute. I have given all the info, changes and orders to the folks there. I think you have their e-mail since you received one from them. Otherwise I'm at your services :) at

Currently we work to the expansion of the game 12 Realms: Ancestors Legacy where the next 4 realms, promo heroes etc will be available. We try to make the expansion a standalone game too but still we check this. Based on our work I would say that we will launch the campaign between March-April of 2014. What you will find in this edition:

1. New Heroes,

2. New Dark Lords

3. Promo Minis which add a variant or a scenario in the game. Like the Ghost Galleon along with Ghost Pirates.

4. We have created 4 scenarios, basic more like variants that you can play during the game or without it. We check 4 more scenarios for the new Realms too.

5. New Invaders and abilities

6. Regarding the Painted Miniatures: Yes we will offer again painted Minis for old and new backers for the 1st version of the game and for the 2nd. We have received many messages for painted minis, so before we launch the campaign we will e-mail you with exact launch date in order to get your set on time. We will keep a good price for expansion too (it includes few more minis) as we did for the basic game, for those who missed the game the first time we will offer again the same price on the painted sets in order to make happy everyone.

7. We create a new Building along with new cards.

Do not forget our previous Updates with important notes for the game:




We really hope you enjoy the game. Several reviews have been posted so far like:

Vliegende Pinguin Review: About 12 realms we were surprised it was such a nice game.12 Realms: Easy rules, challeging gameplay, great graphics and very nice miniatures.

We write the conclusion as the reviewer sent it to us since is a Dutch Review:

Difficulty Level:

There are 5 different difficulty levels but can this game enjoy all kinds of players?  

1. There is an easy level where you, and your kids can learn easily, no variants, or dark players, or promo cards.  

2. Some people say: Yes but how can I make this game difficult? I have tried the variants but still it looks like a medium difficulty level game. At that point..if you want to create a hard game reduce the numbers of players and increase the numbers of the Active Realms. This way you will have to think much more carefully about what you will do and must play full cooperative and still if you take that road, you will see that you can lose from the game.  

One of the game's advantages is its flexibility to change the way you play, the speed you play. Even the variants have their own role in the game. Buildings? Promo Cards? Promo Invaders? Dark Player. If you choose all the variants, add more Realms and the players are less, then things will get tough.  

Is your decision how you will play the game, we just tell the facts and how you can play with the different difficulty levels. :)

You can leave your feedback here if you have any questions, or comments, anything.

With Respect,

MAGE Company


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    1. MAGE Company 29-time creator on November 30, 2013

      Several people helped us build a FAQ. So we made it and we thought to add all the Square cards in order to see directly an effect in case there is something you do not understand. If you want you can download the FAQ on our website. Here is the link:

    2. Mark Bisignano on November 23, 2013

      Just received my copy today. The painted miniatures are really great!! Can't wait to get playing. Thanks so much!!

    3. MAGE Company 29-time creator on November 23, 2013

      Perfect! :)
      Don't worry. We can fix stuff like this easily.

    4. Missing avatar

      Pierre St-Michel on November 23, 2013

      Received mine today too! Looking forward to put this on the table and have a coercive FAQ as it seems some minor stuff were unclear(happens all the time).

      Also, I sent an e-mail to like you said because I noticed I was not only missing the Crab, but also the Wrong Chemistry base game n.n;

      If I should've contacted you instead, please let me know.

    5. MAGE Company 29-time creator on November 22, 2013


    6. Matthew Lam on November 22, 2013

      Yay, my copy arrived today! The figures look pretty amazing!

      Hopefully I'll get a chance to play this weekend. My initial impression is that the quality is top notch. ^_^

    7. Dheyrdre Machado on November 22, 2013

      Thank you for the heads up.
      I'll be here for sure :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Carroll Best on November 22, 2013

      Awesome update!! I should be getting my copy by Tuesday next week and can't wait to play!! Looking forward to the next chapter of the game as well.