An Edible History of Chocolate.

by Nat Bletter & Dave Elliott

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    1. Stacey

      Looks like these will be stocking stuffers. Thank you very much for the update!

    2. Rachel A. Buddeberg on

      It's been over a month since this update and well past the ETA you mentioned in it. When do you plan on sending out the survey?

      Hoping for some really delicious chocolate soon!


    3. Nat Bletter & Dave Elliott Creator on

      Hi Rachel,

      Thanks for the question. We are still waiting for the shipment of beans from Chiapas to arrive in Hawaii. Apparently the heavy rains in Chiapas have led to a slow down in drying the beans to send us, but we do hope to get them in the next week or two. We don't want to send out the survey till we have the beans in hand and know when we'll be able to send out the rewards. Sorry for the delay, but it's unfortunately out of our control!

      I'll try to post an update on some of the other traditional chocolate flavor experiments we've been working on recently.

      Happy Thanksgiving!


    4. Matt Yale on

      Thank you for the updates!

    5. Stacey

      Glad to see more information at least. We've had a lot of rain & a freak snowstorm affecting weather on the US East Coast also.