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Ancient Mayan recipes +  Xoconusco cacao = one-of-a-kind chocolate.  Join chocolate-makers Nat & Dave for a delectable adventure.
Ancient Mayan recipes + Xoconusco cacao = one-of-a-kind chocolate. Join chocolate-makers Nat & Dave for a delectable adventure.
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    1. Ana Luisa Santo on

      Received the bars a few days ago. Wow, well worth the wait! So wonderful. Thank you! I was a bit amused by the ice pack included with the package - all the way from Hawaii to Canada, pretty sure it wouldn't stay cold that many weeks! Thankfully it's winter and that was not an issue. Thank you again!!

    2. Christine Bucklin on

      Thanks for the yummy chocolate! Best of Luck !

    3. Annmarie Kostyk on

      Hey Guys. Just wanted to check in. I have not received my chocolate. I have moved, but the address I gave you was my parents home and nothing has been received. I would like to email you a new address to send the chocolate. If the chocolate bars still aren't available, I'd like my money back. This is taking way too long. Im in the chocolate loop - I know how these things work.

    4. Nat Bletter & Dave Elliott Creator on

      Hi Jason,

      Well, since the last update our cacao hasn't moved much from Mexico City due to some confusion with the shipper, unfortunately. It sat in Mexico City for several weeks and we even thought depressingly it was getting shipped back to Chiapas, but they actually found an interim storage space for it. Just last week we heard it finally left Mexico City and was on the border with the US, waiting in customs to get into Texas. But then some missing or damaged shipping form caused another delay and now we're waiting for new agriculture forms to be sent from Chiapas.

      We wanted to wait to give an update till we had some good news of the cacao crossing borders to report to you, but that's the reality of it right now.

      We'll keep working on it unfloggingly and Dave is headed back to Mexico for the month of May so he'll be able to get a lot more done while he's right there, in addition to restocking on all our favorite Oaxacan chocolate spices!

      Please let us know if you have any other questions!

    5. Jason Rushin on

      What's the latest?

    6. Nat Bletter & Dave Elliott Creator on

      You got it, Stacey! A full update will be coming later today with info on the bean shipment as well. Glad it'll make a good Valentine's Day present!

    7. Stacey

      From your FB post, it looks like mine might be in the mail. Hoping for my husband's Valentine present (belated Xmas)!

    8. Missing avatar

      Doskoi Panda on

      No worries about the delay -that there was a problem with the crops just highlighted the importance of nurturing their growth, and importing is always tricky. But i still can't wait to try the chocolate!
      Cheers for the reply!

    9. Nat Bletter & Dave Elliott Creator on

      HI Amanda,

      I'm printing out shipping labels for early shipment requests right at this moment. We plan to ship later this week so you'll have things before Valentine's day! The Jaguar cacao/patashte we are including in the rewards was harder to get & work with than we thought. Sorry again of the delay.


    10. Missing avatar

      Doskoi Panda on

      Hi there! it's been awhile (December 12ish) since the survey was sent out, any word on what's happening?

    11. Nat Bletter & Dave Elliott Creator on

      Hi James,

      Great questions and well timed! We were just thinking about writing an update as we're working very hard with the CASFA cacao coop in Xoconusco, Chiapas to get the 1/2 ton of cacao & jaguar cacao shipped to us in the most efficient manner. We did talk to the cacao grower Don Isidro in Huehuetan yesterday and he said he's delivered the cacao for us so it's ready to ship, and he was very excited to hear about the barrel fermenter we are helping him build with the kickstarter funds.

      Our Rosita de Cacao Xoconusco test bars were recently sent to a tasting at the Panama Gastronomia meeting ( and they were a big hit. According to the chef who guided the tasting, for the participants, "tasting them was an eye-opening experience for everyone. They had never tasted anything like it and they were stunned."

      We've also been prepping some test batches of the jaguar cacao/patashte/balamte and they taste great, like "marcona almonds," "cappuccino," and "gianduja" according to the tasters.

      We'll let you know when we have more updates on the bars.

      Nat Bletter, PhD
      Chocolate Flavormeister
      Madre Chocolate 

    12. Missing avatar

      James Vreeling on

      Hey Fellas,
      Just wondering if there might be another update soon as to how this is all tracking?
      Would be great to hear what kind of stage the project is at

    13. Missing avatar

      Christine Hanson on

      Congrats! Can't wait to try this lovely new entry into the world of fine chocolate.

    14. Nat Bletter & Dave Elliott Creator on

      Thank you so much everyone!!! It's such a relief and you can't believe how much we appreciate the outpouring of moral and financial support, spreading the word, generous assistance, and advice from all of you!

      Please keep letting your friends know about this so if we can raise another $1000 we can get that conch for the Chiapas chocolate factory to make their own world-class chocolate, putting chocolate making where it should be, back in its roots in Mesoamerica.

      We'll spread the good news immediately to the cacao growers, fermenters, and coop. I'm sure they'll be ecstatic to hear how well their long heritage of chocolate innovation is being recognized!

    15. Missing avatar

      Cyrus Shaoul on

      Well done! You guys did it!

    16. Missing avatar

      Jinji on

      I always feel better when chocolate wins.

    17. Jeff Yamauchi on

      Well down campaign, project, and cause.

    18. Nat Bletter & Dave Elliott Creator on

      So many people to thank in the last few days, I can't possibly keep up! You have all done so much and put a smile on our faces and the Chiapas cacao growers! I wish I could thank you all individually, and will do so with your reward bars. Please keep spreading the word so perhaps we can make it beyond 100% funding and give even more benefits to the growers.

    19. Nat Bletter & Dave Elliott Creator on

      Hi Susie,

      We'll be sure to enter the Good Food Awards for the fall, looks great. Short deadline for us to finish the Xoconusco bars, but I think we can do it. Thanks for your backing!

    20. Susie Wyshak on

      I know you'll make it and when you do, be sure to enter the Good Food Awards!

    21. Nat Bletter & Dave Elliott Creator on

      Thanks to Jay and Gregor for your generous support and getting us even closer to our goal of bringing authentic Mexican chocolate to the world!

    22. Nat Bletter & Dave Elliott Creator on

      Mucho Mahalos to Chris, Aliya, & John for backing Xoconusco cacao growers and the Hawaiian chocolate makers. We really appreciate it!

    23. Nat Bletter & Dave Elliott Creator on

      Thank you so much, Nathan, Miki, and Evert-Jan for supporting single-origin, organic chocolate made from heirloom cacao varieties from Xoconusco, Chiapas!

    24. Nat Bletter & Dave Elliott Creator on

      Carla, Aaron, & Andreas, thanks for your support, and helping farmers like Don Isidro in Santa Cecilia bring his excellent cacao to the world, organically!

    25. Nat Bletter & Dave Elliott Creator on

      Many thanks to Henry, JoeL, and Megan for back our project and supporting the desire of chocophiles everywhere to get authentic chocolate!

    26. Nat Bletter & Dave Elliott Creator on

      Ltorsher, Reynaldo, and Cyrus, you helped us get even closer to our goal to bring the wonderful tastes of rosita de cacao, pixtle, and plumeria to people outside of Mexico. Thanks for your help!

    27. Nat Bletter & Dave Elliott Creator on

      Thank you so much, Sarah, Rainer, and Joanna for your great contributions to bring Mexican cacao to the world!

    28. Nat Bletter & Dave Elliott Creator on

      Thanks to Valerie, Caitlin, and Stephen for your generous support to assist Chiapas cacao farmers in growing the best organic cacao around!

    29. Nat Bletter & Dave Elliott Creator on

      Yay, Victoria! You pushed us over the $10K and 66% funded mark and won yourself 2 extra Xoconusco bars above and beyond the already great rewards of a $60 pledge!

    30. Nat Bletter & Dave Elliott Creator on

      Gloria, Grainie, Lori, and lmandle, thanks so much for your backing and helping the world recognize the gift of chocolate from Mesoamericans to the world!

    31. Nat Bletter & Dave Elliott Creator on

      Thanks to our latest generous backers Michael, Silvia, Cathy, and ESB for starting our day off with a smile! We'll send you a taste of Chiapas as soon as we get funded!

    32. Nat Bletter & Dave Elliott Creator on

      Thanks to Todd, Sandra, and Chip and Mari for your great backing of chocolate history that has now brought us to 60% funded, even closer to our goal of bringing Mayan & Aztec chocolate to the states!

    33. Nat Bletter & Dave Elliott Creator on

      Thank you to Corbet, Cherub, and Maripose for your generous contributions to support Chiapas farmers! We are now over 50% backed and we can see the finish line! We really value your support.

    34. Nat Bletter & Dave Elliott Creator on

      Thanks to our recent wonderful chocolate backers Chocolate Enthusiast, Dukudude, and Kyle Scholz! We really appreciate your support! Please tell your friends about us to spread the word and the chocolate.