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Full sized baseball in a travel sized pack! Pocket Ballpark™ is a 2-player baseball card game with a 1-player variant.
Full sized baseball in a travel sized pack! Pocket Ballpark™ is a 2-player baseball card game with a 1-player variant.
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Print and Play has been posted

Posted by Mad Packs Games (Creator)

A quick update on the project.

All backers of the Print and Play + Physical game have been sent links to the Print and Play files as well as coupon codes for if you are interested in additional copies.

Please tag us on twitter or instagram with pictures of your friends and family enjoying the game having your own World Series.

The files were sent to the printer last week. In three or four weeks the finished product will be shipped to us before we send them off to you. We'll send out backer surveys in a couple weeks to start gathering mailing addresses. If all goes well everything should be in the mail in Early December.

We have set up an online store for pre-orders so if you have any friends or family who missed the Kickstarter campaign please direct them here or to

Now, let’s play ball!

Mad Packs Games


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    1. Mad Packs Games Creator on

      Oh I should note - we uploaded specific files for A4 and Letter size paper v1.10. I removed 1.09 from the folder to avoid confusion.

    2. Mad Packs Games Creator on

      @jeremy Using the trim marks they should come out to be 2.5 x 3.5.

    3. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Butcher on

      Awesome, thanks for such a quick turn around on the PnP. i do have a question about the card size, are these supposed to be standard size cards (2.5x3.5 roughly) or should they be oversized cards? Haven't printed the files yet but it looks like they would come out a good bit larger than standard cards, perhaps i am seeing it wrong. Thanks!

    4. Mad Packs Games Creator on

      @pj_brady In the prototype there were different outcome cards but they were hard to read because of trying to fit so much text in a small space.

      Instead now each player has a generic outcome card and the modifiers for treating baserunners are contained in the rules.

    5. Missing avatar

      Eric Batchelder on

      Excellent looking files! I will print them up and play this weekend. I will use the time from now until I receive the physical game in December as the exhibition season. Can't wait.

    6. pj_brady

      Thanks for the PnP files! One question--I thought there were different outcome cards for when there were runners on base. Is that from a previous version of the game, or are they supposed to be in the PnP but were forgotten?