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A limited-edition Blu-ray release of Sonoda Ken'ichi's hyperkinetic mix of gears, guns and mayhem on the streets of Chicago!
A limited-edition Blu-ray release of Sonoda Ken'ichi's hyperkinetic mix of gears, guns and mayhem on the streets of Chicago!
A limited-edition Blu-ray release of Sonoda Ken'ichi's hyperkinetic mix of gears, guns and mayhem on the streets of Chicago!
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The Return of Rally Vincent!


We are pleased to announce that our next Blu-ray special edition will be Sonoda Ken'ichi's Gun Smith Cats. We are currently in the early planning stages for the crowdfunding project; we'll start previewing it in January to get your feedback, and hope to go live in late February.

More details soon!

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    1. Jerker Löjdmark on

      The Sonoda classic works restoration project continues! And what great news it is, maybe now I can retire the laserdiscs :)

      Was there already a Japanese bluray remaster out for this one? I know the previous titles already had JP blurays out but I don't know if GSC has a BD out yet.

    2. Dave Brown

      I'll be waiting to back as soon I see it drop!

    3. Missing avatar

      accRei on

      Guess I'll be checking out Gun Smith Cats in the future (I've always wanted to anyway).
      Just gotta make room for it in my budget though. ^_^'

    4. Missing avatar

      Sascha Weiss on

      Thanks for this early (or late, depending on how you look at it) Christmas gift! This is awesome!

    5. jo holloway

      hells yes! i can not wait for it! i have the complete manga and a copy of the original dvd release, this is gunna be good! since you guy's are in contact with Mr. Sonoda please thank him for us! so damn excited!

    6. Missing avatar

      Chris Thurston on

      Been waiting a long time for this.
      So excited to see GSC finally getting its due.

    7. Joshua Brafman on

      Yes! YES! I was hoping this was next. LOVE this anime!

    8. kyrt on

      Was waiting for this one looking forward to finding out more info.

    9. Missing avatar

      Thomas Smith on

      I think I still have the ADV laser disk...

    10. SpacemanHardy on

      Finally, my all-time favorite OVA is coming back in print and being re-released on bluray!! Hopefully you'll be able to get the old special features that ADV made back in the day as well.

      And as far as new features, how about a commentary track with Amanda Winn Lee and (if you manage to track her down) Kimberly Yates?

    11. Missing avatar

      Timothy P. Coyle on

      Just take my money! Backed all three AnimEigo KS so far, and haven't regretted it. What's one more?

    12. Missing avatar

      Brett S.

      Yes! This is awesome!

    13. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Wow, awesome. I'm really excited about the chance to support this new release. Great choice!

    14. Missing avatar

      Mr Jon Dracup on

      Fan-freaking-tastings news! I’ll definitely be funding this! Please can I ask that the packaging ties-in (design-wise, and size-wise) with the Blu-Ray of RIDING BEAN?! As both films are linked, it’d be lovely to have them look like two-halves of the same item - if that makes sense.

    15. Patrick Bierlein on

      Great to hear. RB and GSC is where my love for the '67 Shelby Cobra GT-500 originated. I have to express my surprise though. I had always assumed that Funimation had snatched up the rights for it when ADV went under, along with all of ADV's other catalog titles. Count me in yet again for this KS and I'll throw my request in as well for the OST.

    16. Eric Mongeau on

      I hope there will be a tier rhat includes a reprint of the manga.

    17. David Mixon on

      OK! Really looking forward to this.

    18. Missing avatar

      Michael Holzinger on

      Count me in! always willing to double dip for this classic.

    19. Missing avatar

      edzieba on

      I'll add the inevitable request for the fabled OST CD.

    20. Tad Simmons on

      I was hoping that would be the natural next step.

    21. Nolan Schmidt on

      I'm down to get this! :)

    22. Noah Ramon on

      OH, YEAH.
      That's the stuff.

      Looking forward to this one!

    23. Missing avatar

      Ragnar on

      Awesome was really hoping you would go with this after the others. I assume this one might take a little more time since you don't have a Bluray product to work with already but any tentative time frames or need to see how the Kickstarter goes?

    24. Seed on

      This is what I was hoping for.

    25. Jákup Fuglø

      I've loved GSC since the first time I saw it so I can't wait for this one. And we'll finally get to see one of the greatest anime openings ever in HD.

      Hope my work picks up again by then so I can spend a little extra.

    26. Missing avatar

      xdrfiredogx on

      Oh man, Christmas just came early!

    27. Phillip O'Connor on

      Absolutely excited for this kickstarter! Between this, the previous Animeigo KS and the Aria KS, it's a great time to be a physical media anime fan.

    28. Adam F on

      Awesome! Wish I could fund a new series of it too... I really want a "Complete Sonoda Box" at some point to put all of these in. Real HD too, yay!

    29. Matthew L. Sharpe on

      I am soooooo hyped right now!!!!!!!

    30. Abdullah Al-Khalagi on


      My heart and wallet are open for you...


    31. FlamingFirewire on

      Oh, and please be sure to tantalize us with some test footage of what the remaster will look like in the pitch video if you can - I love seeing well-done remastered cell animation!

    32. FlamingFirewire on

      And I was just thinking about this OVA the other day too - nice to see it coming so soon!

      Obviously details are coming soon, but as with other sets you've re-released, I hope you're able to get all of the existing special features from the old sets & create some new ones! At this point, I think a retrospective piece on all of the projects Sonoda has been involved in up to Gunsmith Cats would be cool, or other features like "Chicago X years later" (get Sonoda and some of the anime crew out to the city to discuss how it's changed since they were last, maybe infeasible, but a neat idea nonetheless), "The Remaster Process" (specifically how this one came about/what kind of decisions are made in regards to colour retention, etc.), and doing some of the other things you've done with prior sets (like new commentary tracks, including excerpts of manga, providing stretch goal for new original package and disc artwork, insert with the blu ray including liner notes/new manga).

      Just some ideas I'm sure you've already looked at, but thinking about this new release gets me excited - the audio quality was pretty amazing from memory on the dub and sub side on this one, and it will be great to see in proper remastered HD and hear in a lossless format.

      Can't wait to see the preview page! :)

    33. J.Sanders134 on

      Gunsmith Cats on Blu-Ray?!? Where do I sign up?! XD

    34. John Fiala

      Sounds awesome!

    35. Kamil Tworkiewicz on

      yuppi!!!! that is awesome news!!! Robert is TopMan!!!

    36. Robert J Woodhead 5-time creator on

      Just to clarify, it's real HD. Not an uprez!

    37. Missing avatar

      Sean Steder on

      So awesome, glad I held out on buying them the OVAs on DVD. Definitely one of my most anticipated Kickstarters. Brings back memories of renting the VHSs from the local video store and showing my mom anime for the first time.

    38. Missing avatar

      Robert on

      Keep Us Updated. I am interested

    39. ChrisOlsen3

      That’s great news!

    40. Missing avatar

      Louis Bryant Jr. on

      Thank you sir!
      Can't wait to see what the other project is as well...

    41. Missing avatar

      Kristian Zdunek on

      Great! The obvious, logical continuation to the Sonoda Kickstarters, but I didn't dare to hope since it doesn't have a Blu-ray release in Japan and didn't receive any kind of remastering for DVD. Are you able to confirm that it'll be real HD from a new film scan like the previous titles?

    42. Missing avatar

      Radosław Wójciak on

      Amazing, but it's never was released on BD? It's normal BD or just BD-SD?

    43. Toni "O" on

      Shut Up and take my Money!!!!!! Yeah im waiting so much for this grast OVA's!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!

    44. Dan Lamm on

      Been waiting for this!

    45. Missing avatar

      Peerless Girl on

      Well...there goes all my money. Dammit Robert, you have to stop this, it's a disease! A DISEASE!!!