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The (in)famous Anime "Mockumentary" from Gainax, the Anime studio founded by fans, about fans who plan to Otakunize humanity!
The (in)famous Anime "Mockumentary" from Gainax, the Anime studio founded by fans, about fans who plan to Otakunize humanity!
1,509 backers pledged $102,869 to help bring this project to life.

Ship Happened...

Posted by Robert J Woodhead (Creator)

I am happy to report that initial shipping of Otaku no Video has been completed!

All Canadian and UK/EU orders have been individually packed. When they arrive at the CA and UK fulfillment warehouses, they'll be reshipped and I'll post an update.

CA orders are expected to ship from Toronto late next week (~July 1st).

I don't have any UK/EU ETAs yet; there is a lot of variability because of customs processing and shipping schedules.

Other international orders and all US orders (except as noted below) are in the mail. You should have gotten shipment notifications and a tracking number from So if you're not in CA/UK/EU and you didn't get your tracking number, email us at and I'll look into it.

Similarly, if you get your package and there is a problem (something missing or damaged), contact us and we'll get it straightened out.

I didn't count on forgetting to count...

I made one really embarrassing mistake in the logistics planning for the shipping. We got a fair number of new orders and upgrades/addons after we went into replication, and I completely brainfarted and forgot to recheck and make sure we had enough of all the extra items. This caused us to run out of large artbooks, minifigures and patches towards the end of shipping.

I've reordered the necessary items, shipped partial orders to the affected backers, and contacted them to let them know what happened. However, I'd like to publicly apologize for the delay -- and if for any reason getting a missing component becomes time-critical, please contact me and I'll see what I can do.

For Shipping Otaku

We did a lot of things while shipping to reduce cost and increase speed.

For example, since USPS raised the maximum weight of a 1st-class parcel to 15.999, we were able to ship many packages out 1st class. But getting some of the packages under 1lb required shaving off about .4 oz, so we had to cut down the end-tabs on the boxes...

4 tabs per box x a lot of boxes...
4 tabs per box x a lot of boxes...

For many other shipments, we invoked a bit of obscure USPS black magic -- "Media Mail with Non-incidental First Class Enclosure". Rumor has it that if you get the incantation wrong, you are condemned to the Hell of Recursive Address Correction...

On a related side note, if you got two emails from with different tracking numbers but only one seems to be moving, don't panic. Your package is actually a single MMwNIFCE shipment with an enclosure that had to be sent at the first class package rate, which gets an automatic tracking number. However, when you get it you'll see that there are two labels on the same package but only one tracking number visible (the one that was moving).

After the first few batches that required this, I figured out how to stop from sending the second (confusing) tracking number.

If you are getting a real split shipment, then you'll get tracking numbers for both packages, both will appear to be moving, and when you get them the labels should say "split" at the bottom of the label.

As usual, Darth Nana shows us how it's done.
As usual, Darth Nana shows us how it's done.


Neatness counts...
Neatness counts...


I think we're going to need a bigger mail-truck!
I think we're going to need a bigger mail-truck!

Let's give it up for the Crowdproduction Team!

I'd like to take a moment to give the Crowdproduction Team a huge thank you! The amount of work they did on this project, and the attention to detail, was just insane. They did pro-level work, and the IMDB listings I've submitted for them are entirely deserved.

So give it up for Casey Huff, Casey Mershon, Dañiel L. Garcia, David Rowe-Caplan, Dawn Huestis, Dustin Kopplin, Isaac Fischer, Kara Dennison, Kristian Zdunek, Lawrence Eng, Logan Rebholz, Marc Levy, Matt Baumgardner, Mike Ferreira, Olavi Hokkanen, Sasha McGlynn, Shawn Roetzer, Théo Noël Severin & Werdna the Evil Wizard!

The Secret of SMOO

We've put up a page explaining in detail how SMOOs can access their certificates on the wiki:

Digital Delights

A reminder that there is a ton of content on the Otaku no Video Otaking Edition wiki and the high-resolution data archive.

One Last Thing...

The Ultimate Otaku Swag Bag
The Ultimate Otaku Swag Bag

Gainax kindly sent us some of these Otaku no Video swag bags. We've randomly included them in packages when they would fit and wouldn't change the postage.

There are a few left, and we'll bring them to conventions to give away to Otaking Edition owners.

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    1. Dustin Kopplin on

      @Felaguin: The other code to use to see the other music video provided that I discovered is the code of: おーたーくーのービーデーオーデ

      The code you posted were the videos done by Olavi, and this code pulls up the video that I contributed, so enjoy guys!

    2. Missing avatar

      Brett S.

      Got my package and the extras now I just need time to watch! :)

    3. Robert J Woodhead 5-time creator on

      @Juichi: It's serious black-magic, and the DMM doesn't properly explain it, which is why you need to find someone at your postoffice who does, so that you can check that your mailpiece qualifies.

      Basically, you pay media mail rates for the complete package, and 1st-class rates for the enclosure. The 1st-class rate you pay is basically what it would cost if you mailed the enclosure independently. So for sets that included a figure, we paid 1st class package rates because the figure made the enclosed package too bulky to go 1st class letter rate.

    4. Jyuichi

      Really would like to know how you managed to include a iron on patch in media mail. Share this non-incidental magic!

    5. Robert J Woodhead 5-time creator on

      @Felaguin: there are 3 1/2 different SMOO failure videos, as it happens...

    6. Felaguin

      Other SMOO codes I've checked ...
      の-お-く-ビ-オ-ビ-デオ: Tatakae Otaking music video
      の-お-く-ビ-オ-オ-オオ: Tatakae Otaking music video
      の-お-く-ビ-く-お-く-お: Tatakae Otaking music video
      おーくービーオーデーのーたーく: Tatakae Otaking music video
      おーたーのーオーデービーくーお: Proto Misty May build video

    7. Megazone 23 on

      Got mine. waiting for the next announcement can we get a hint? Is a stand alone title or a series? Cant blame a person for trying. Thanks Robert

    8. Sasha McGlynn on

      @Robert @Felaguin: I don't make typos. My BA in Linguistics and my Copyediting Certificate both give me the power to create new words. I'm sticking to that idea, yup yup.

    9. Felaguin

      @Robert @Sasha We certainly wouldn't want that. We need to get RB out and then whatever your next project is! I appreciate the work she did in keeping the interview colors consistent with the speaker(s) -- it helps a lot both with context and sorting out what's being said. It was interesting to compare the English Interview with Japanese Interview A. I'm looking forward to Japanese Interview B.

    10. Robert J Woodhead 5-time creator on

      @Felaguin: A typo? Oh noes... Sasha is going to have to commit seppuku...

    11. Felaguin

      So I've been through the main videos and the English interview, went through Japanese Interview A and saw just one typo in the interview subtitles ... ;-) It's interesting hearing the Japanese interview, so much background I wasn't aware of.

    12. Missing avatar


      @Robert That worked for me, Thanks!

    13. Usakuun on

      Got my package in Nashville, TN! Everthing looks 1000% otaku-grade! Otaku-for-life!

    14. Robert J Woodhead 5-time creator on

      @Stargazer: I have no idea why Windows has a problem with the .zip file, but I've swapped it for a .tar.gz file. You can extract the files using 7-zip.

      The archive contains all the high-resolution artwork; it doesn't have an offline copy of the wiki.

    15. Missing avatar


      @Robert Okay, I've tried downloading the 4GB archive 3 times and each time it's come up as corrupted. Neither windows nor 7-zip are able to extract it. You mention below that the archive is 4.47GB, but dropbox reports it is 4.16GB. Any help?

      Also, does the archive include the full Wiki or just some of the artwork?


    16. Norbert Haponik on

      Just wondering......

      How much more would it cost you by using a Fillfilment Center, liked percentage wise?

    17. Abdullah Al-Khalagi on

      Thank you for the great work Rob....I think we need another project that has a Christmas delivery date.....can't get enough of your Otaku work :)

    18. Missing avatar

      Wesley Miaw on

      @Robert: Giant ZIP downloaded successfully. Thank you. :)

    19. Bloodi on

      Mine got sent on the 18th. I only found the email the other day when I looked in my junk folder. I'm so excited to get it.

    20. Felaguin

      Incorrect SMOO codes: I entered の-お-く-ビ-オ-ビ-オ-た and got a music video.

    21. Robert J Woodhead 5-time creator on

      @Varhnix: I've emailed you.

    22. Varhnix the Kröe

      America eta?

    23. Robert J Woodhead 5-time creator on

      @Wesley: I've uploaded a .zip of the full archive into the data archive folder; let me know if you have any problems downloading it (it's 4.47GB though!)

      @Alex: Snakes & Lattes reports that they expect to be able to ship on Wed 6/29, so everyone who is within driving distance should get their packages before the postal apocalypse.

    24. Alex Lai on

      Haha. Excellent response.

    25. Robert J Woodhead 5-time creator on

      @Alex: I will inquire but they probably don't want to be overrun by otaku...

    26. Robert J Woodhead 5-time creator on

      @Wesley: yes, it appears that it's too big for dropbox to zip -- it's gigabytes long. I'll see about making a second copy of the archive.

    27. Alex Lai on

      Noooo!!! Not July 1st!! That's when Canada Post may go on strike! Since I live in Toronto any chance I can just drive up to your warehouse and pick it up if they do go on strike?

    28. Missing avatar

      Wesley Miaw on

      I tried downloading the DropBox contents as a ZIP but it's always returning an error. Are the contents maybe too large for DropBox to ZIP up?

    29. Benjamin Koch

      My parcel just arrived today in switzerland. That went fast !