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The (in)famous Anime "Mockumentary" from Gainax, the Anime studio founded by fans, about fans who plan to Otakunize humanity!
The (in)famous Anime "Mockumentary" from Gainax, the Anime studio founded by fans, about fans who plan to Otakunize humanity!
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Posted by Robert J Woodhead (Creator)

Good morning, Gentleotaku.

As I write this we are very close to achieving the first stretch goal, and the premium/basic ratio (as discussed in the previous update) is holding up at almost 4:1. So based on that, and using the power vested unto me as CEO and Grand Poobah of AnimEigo, I've decided to declare that the first stretch goal, Cover Up(grade), has been achieved!

(Also, Natsumi said I could)
(Also, Natsumi said I could)

New Artwork, New Rewards

The Cover Up(grade) stretch goal means that Mr. Sonoda is going to create two new Otaku no Video color illustrations, in addition to the two he is already going to create for the premium packaging. Tonight at 9PM ET I will add four new Colorful rewards that deliver the original artwork, which he will sign if desired. As we don't know exactly what he is going to create, the four rewards will have staggered prices, with the one that delivers first choice set highest. As with the other unique rewards, the price will reduce every day until they are chosen.

Moving the Goal Posts

Now that the first goal has been reached, since the demographics are holding up, I am also going to adjust the numbers on some of the other stretch goals.

I am reducing the Mini-Manga stretch goal from 1992 to 1250, and the Today is a Good Day to Subtitle stretch goal from 5958 to 1500!

I can do this because these goals impose mostly one-time preproduction costs, as opposed to per-copy costs. Since the premium/basic ratio is so much more favorable than I expected, the number of backers needed to add them to the budget is much lower.

I am keeping the Comically Awesome goal at its current level for now, for two reasons: first, it does have significant per-copy costs, and second, I want to have space for new stretch goals.

The first of these, at 1750 backers, is Comprehensible Commentary. This is a brand-new english-language commentary track, featuring author and Anime historian Gilles Poitras.

Crowdproduction Progress Report

Now that the project has funded, we are quickly getting up to speed. Crowdproduction team members are already reviewing the initial 24p subtitle runs and working on commentary translations. Others are reviewing, curating and cleaning up 900MB of graphics (which you will all get as part of the digital materials)

I want to give a particular shoutout to Logan Rebholz who took it upon himself to try and figure out what Shon Hernandez is actually saying (in English) in his Portrait of an Otaku segment.

Help increase R-nought

If you haven't yet tweeted or facebooked about the campaign, please consider doing it -- the more people who are otakunized, the more stretch goals we'll meet.

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Link to tweet about this update:

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    1. Missing avatar

      Wade Spradley on

      Guess I will stay where I am at for now. Being my first time doing this. Those covers are tempting, just curious as to the size they are when framed?

    2. Evan Ralston on


      Was a couple of minutes from giving up for the night when I saw this

    3. Robert J Woodhead 5-time creator on

      Ooops! Got distracted playing a game with my sons. Will get right on it.

    4. Evan Ralston on

      Anyone else been refreshing the project for the past 45 minutes waiting for the new pledges?

    5. Abdullah Al-Khalagi on

      That is really a great update......thank you

    6. Missing avatar

      Wade Spradley on

      H'mmm, tempting, very tempting, what "Evan", said.......will have to review and think about it!

    7. Robert J Woodhead 5-time creator on

      @Evan: thanks for letting me know... doubling starting prices now... :)

    8. Evan Ralston on

      Now I have to decide if I want to change my sketch pledge to one of the new Colorful rewards when they are available.

    9. Robert J Woodhead 5-time creator on

      Here are some social media links:

      Facebook page link:

      Link to tweet about this update: