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The famous manga by Sonoda Ken'ichi comes to life in this action-packed Anime mini-series, available for the first time in stunning HD!
Estimated ship date: Late June 2019
The famous manga by Sonoda Ken'ichi comes to life in this action-packed Anime mini-series, available for the first time in stunning HD! Estimated ship date: Late June 2019
4,249 backers pledged $350,879 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Robert J Woodhead 5-time creator on

      I will post an update sometime next week.

    2. Amanda Christensen on

      Can we have an update soon? I'm getting antsy.

    3. Crimrui on

      What the!? Megazone 23?! Yes, take my money. All of it!

    4. Adam on

      Was hoping to complete the Sonoda stuff with Gall Force on blu-ray. Someday, maybe? Please? Megazone 23 is okay. I remember liking some parts and being bored by others. I will probably still back it though. But please try and get Gall Force somehow!

    5. Matt "Kcet" on

      Thats awesome, I'd been meaning to pick up the BGC blu ray for a while now. Still wish I had known about the kickstarter when it happened. Woulda totally went for that Ultimate BGC bluray set :( ah well. At least the majority contents are still available on the rerelease.

    6. Missing avatar

      Mr Jon Dracup on

      Ahhh, blinking Apple Auto-Correct! That was clearly meant to be "Hi Robert, Hi Natsumi".

      I'm so, very, very sorry for the error! :(

    7. Missing avatar

      Mr Jon Dracup on

      Hi Robert, Hi Matsumi,

      I hope you're both well. As always, Thank You for the GUNSMITH CATS updates! Cannot wait to get these by the Summer! It feels like it's been forever since you first touted this Kickstarter, but I know it'll be worth every single penny we've all spent on it.

      Personally, I have no interest in MEGAZINE 23, but for those who do, I'm sure it'll be crowdfunded very quickly, like all your other crowdfunders have been.

      For me, I really, really do want a URUSEI YATSURA set, either on DVD, or in full HD on Blu-Ray. But just to (finally) own the entire TV serieses 194 or so episodes, and all of the spin-off films, in one, matching packaging set for a reasonable price, would be a Bucket List thing for me. Even if you had no extras at all, and it was DVD only, I'd still back it! This for me, is the anime I want more than any other. (CYBER CITY OEDO 808 was my first, but that's coming out in the UK later this year, so that's another Bucket List anime I can cross-off!)

      Cheers for the updates!

    8. Missing avatar

      scott mcgaha on

      So excited for megazone. Sooo how bout that dagger of kamui? Lol, keep up the good work!!

    9. Megazone 23 on

      Like most “old timers” Megazone 23, hold a place in my heart. Megazone 23 Part 2 was one of first Anime’s I saw. It was a vhs, whose origin was from the English dub from the Megazone 23 Part 2, Paolydor, Laserdisc (W78L-1004), It just drew me in and has never let go. The art, story (I know altered for the English dud from the LD) and especially the music. Over the years I have collected BGM, Soundtracks and Drama Album releases (vinyl) , and Megazone 23 soundtracks were the first; LP, 45’s and Ep . I managed to snag a copy of the blu ray box that came out a few years ago it looks great, so looking forward to seeing how this release will be handled.

      I do have three questions I don’t know if they can answered are we going to get exclusive art, hopefully from Yasuomi Umetsu (Part 2, special place) and maybe Haruhiko Mikimoto ( a person can dream)? Any chance of there will be some form of music release with this? It will be complete and unedited correct? I was hoping for a American, Blu Ray special edition would come out, very grateful that its being handled by you Sir, you know the history and you have the respect. Oh, and you have my money. Thank you.

    10. Kenneth Callaway II on

      Oops, I broke the previous comment.. HAHA, I typed a III instead of a II...

      At Time: 0:38
      Expected "Kenneth Callaway II"
      Actual: "Attn Kenneth Callaway"

      I'l pop over an email to you at:

    11. Kenneth Callaway II on

      Hi Rob, the names list looks awesome, but I noticed my name may have broken the import.

      At Time: 0:38
      Expected "Kenneth Callaway III"
      Actual: "Attn Kenneth Callaway"

      I'l pop over an email to you at:

    12. Kenneth Callaway II on

      SWEEEET! and I think we're all okay with Mr Sonoda taking his time :)


    13. Missing avatar

      redrum666 on

      Megazone 23 cant wait I hope you can get all the different English DUBs for the kickstarter

    14. Missing avatar


      Megazone 23? Heck yes.

    15. Missing avatar

      John Ellis on

      I hope one day to see a Kickstarter for Bakuen Campus Guardress, the copies online are awful and a HD transfer would be great.

      On subject will you at some point do one for the new one that AIC announced, or would that not be possible.

    16. Abdullah Al-Khalagi on

      My dear Rob....another great classic in the work and I can't wait but this time I have a very crazy idea suitable for the new project and the future classics...You want me to say it now or wait for the beta soft launch? :)

      As for the incomplete manga, can't you hire a Mangaka to complete Mr. Sonoda work? I mean he knows the story and outline the details as the picture you attached above and the Mangaka complete/color the work under his supervision. It's just an idea that might help.

    17. Zenmetsu Saseru on

      Megazone? You sure don't want my wallet to rest at all do you?

    18. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Nice, looking forward to details on the Megazone 23 release.

    19. Neoculture

      @MegaZone: are you "the" Megazone from "Undocumented Features"?

    20. MegaZone

      MegaZone 23.... hmm, sounds familiar. ;-)

      Looking forward to it.

    21. Usakuun on

      Great news! Thanks for the update!

    22. Robert J Woodhead 5-time creator on

      @Jason: The re-release of BGC contains all 8 OVAs, HD remastered music videos and color/line-art galleries on a single BD50 disc. It doesn't have the Hurricane Live/Bali features, but does have the music videos that are full-animated.

      @rjzii: Just email us at when your address changes.

      @Keith: We can't comment on "MZ23-Adjacent" stuff except that we'd like to make the release as complete as possible.

      @Timothy: same new HD transfer that was used in the Japanese Blu-ray.

    23. Stan Bundy on

      I'd love to see Megazone 23 get a re-release - even more so if you can get the Streamline/Orion dub for Part 1 as an extra. ADV's dubs were HORRIBLY miscast (a whole stable of female voices, and they had the actress whose voice least suited the role do Eve - Had they NEVER listened to the raw Japanese or any of the music?). ADV's dub might have been more "accurate", but it was poorly adapted to English. Streamline's dub was a little looser, but MADE MORE SENSE in terms of sounding more like "dialogue" than "a translation being read" - to the point I had to go find another copy of the Streamline DVD (after my original was stolen by an addict family member), and use it to replace the ADV atrocity.

      Part 2's dub is tolerable, but I'd still like to have the old 80s English dub (I think it was done either for international sales or English as a second language teaching, maybe both), if it can be acquired.

      I know RTUS would be too much to hope for (and much of the footage otherwise unique to RTUS was in the intro to that Part 2 dub), but one can wish. I also kinda wish that there was someway to get the MZ23 soundtracks (especially the image album that had the music from that MZ23P2 intro made from the footage from RTUS). I bought many of the others on CD (though half turned out to be bootlegs sold by a guy that got blacklisted from most cons by the mid-2000s, on closer inspection), but was never able to find that one album as CD (was apparently rare, though a CD was released of it).

    24. Missing avatar

      Timothy P. Coyle on

      Whoa, Megazone 23 AND its follow ups?! The last US release was by ADV in 2007. Have to ask--is the Japanese Blu scanned from film?

    25. Keith Leopold on

      The imevitable question, Robotech The Movie footage as a bonus tier? Could care less about the audio, but I'd love the animation of the airport scene to be included.

    26. rjzii on

      If the shipping is not going to be until late-June / early-July then some of us might need to change the shipping address again. How can we go about that?

    27. Jason Paul Moon on

      Does the Bubblegum Crisis re-issue have all the bonus features that were available in the Ultimate Edition?

      Would you be willing to list what features will be available on the re-issue and how many discs it will have?

      For those who are interested, here's a link to the Kickstarter for it:…

    28. Missing avatar


      Won’t lie, I was hoping you’d say ‘Taiho Shichauzo’ for your next project. But MZ23 isn’t a bad choice.

    29. Missing avatar

      Scott C

      Woohoo! GSC soon and MZ23 after! I have to admit I'm kinda hoping it will be tied somehow into the new MZ23 projects that have been announced but if it's the OG MZ23, I'm more than happy!

    30. Marco Lopez on

      WOO! MEGAZONE 23! You don't know how happy this makes me.

    31. Neoculture

      @MWoody: Let's be honest, UY was a *long* series. @Creator seems to be focusing on OVAs from the 80s/90s for the moment. And there's plenty of those to go around. ^_^

    32. MWoody

      I won't lie, I was hoping for Urusei Yatsura, but this looks cool too.

    33. Missing avatar

      Jordan Ray Little on

      It's been years since I've seen 'Gunsmith Cats' so I'm excited to rewatch it! I've never heard of Megazone 23 before, but I'll check into it now! THANKS!

    34. Roman Salazar on

      Megazone!!! Yessss!!!!

    35. Missing avatar

      James Langston on

      Can't wait for that Megazone 23 announcement. You should shoot an email or message Johnny over at Happyconsolegamer (YouTube), as I'm sure he would do a video just to spread the word.

    36. Jan on

      Also, any plans for Bubblegum Crash? or Bubblegum Crisis 2040?

    37. Jan on

      Take my money now for Megazone 23. The UK has been lacking a release of this since VHS!

    38. Robert J Woodhead 5-time creator on

      Just to clarify, our *starting* point is the Japanese blu ray release, which contains all 3 parts.

    39. Neoculture

      @Creator: Will it include (as a separate item/bonus/extra on the disc, of course) the additional footage commissioned by Harmony Gold for "Robotech: The Movie"? It was included in the "MZ23II: Tell me a Secret" OVA (as a promo) so I know it's out there.

    40. Aj Toothill on

      Mega zone 23?!?! All three parts?! Oh my days, I love thee so!

    41. Missing avatar

      Marc Lunden on

      "One other minor thing." Robert, you rascal!

    42. Neoculture

      @Kamil: I agree with you, Gall Force would have been great (and would follow on with the Sonoda theme), but MZ23 has a special place in my heart and memories; it is the first anime I ever owned. I had to get a friend to ask *her* friend (who was in Japan at the time) to buy me the OVA and ship it to Australia (which included the fun task of transferring money overseas back when this wasn't routine). I then had to hunt down an NTSC video player (again, not commonplace at the time) but luckily found one at my University's library. ^_^ And then I got to watch it while not speaking a single word of Japanese. Didn't care.

      I still have all of my original Japan-released MZ23 vid-tapes. As a side-note, said friend's friend had over-estimated the amount of money she needed so she also sent me a copy of another OVA she found, "Superdimension SF Legend Rall" because I was obviously into SF. Never really had the heart to tell her what she sent me. ;p

    43. FlamingFirewire on

      (Really hope Megazone 23 is all of the content plus stuff ported over from the old sets + new special features for this one :))

    44. Peter T on

      I am very excited for Megazone 23. Very very excited.

    45. FlamingFirewire on

      Great news all around for sure! Really looking forward to seeing what the Megazone 23 project materializes as, and anticipating the GSC Blu Ray sometime early this summer :)

    46. Neoculture

      FRAK *YES*!!!! erm... I mean... yes, well done that man. Jolly good.

      Will it be just the first movie or the full triumvirate? (yes, I know III is technically two OVAs)

    47. Kamil Tworkiewicz on

      Hourayyy!!! Megazone!!!! My guess would be Gall Force but hey .... Megazone!!!!

    48. Daniel LeFever on

      That. Last. Sentence. My eyes grew to twice their size. You guys are AWESOME! *starts humming Sentimental Over My Shoulder*

    49. Missing avatar

      Anthony Vivirito on

      Between GSC, Otaku No Video, Riding Bean, and BGC, Your team has been crushing it lately. And now Megazone 23??? My body and bank card are ready.

    50. Missing avatar

      Christopher Wilson on

      Not Cats or Megazone related, but have you thought about doing a Macross related kickstarter, to justify the licensing costs? Maybe for DYRL?