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The famous manga by Sonoda Ken'ichi comes to life in this action-packed Anime mini-series, available for the first time in stunning HD!
The famous manga by Sonoda Ken'ichi comes to life in this action-packed Anime mini-series, available for the first time in stunning HD!
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Report from an Undisclosed Location

Posted by Robert J Woodhead (Creator)

Dear Backers,

As mentioned in our last update, Natsumi and I are currently in Japan on business.

One of the items on our to-do list was to travel to the top-secret Sonoda-Sanctum so that Mr. Sonoda could prepare the endpapers that will be bound into the special hardcover artbooks that the Signature and Inscribed backers will be receiving.

This arduous task took the sensei over 5 hours to complete - and every endpaper will have a little something extra to make them particularly unique.

"Carpal Tunnel, my old friend…"
"Carpal Tunnel, my old friend…"

While we were there, Mr. Sonoda gave us a sneak preview of the final bit of original artwork he is creating for the Explosive Edition…

 …and delivered some of the pages of the dojinshi…

Finally, as a special bonus, he has digitally created a new version of the original artwork that was the inspiration for Gunsmith Cats, based on a scan of the original line art!

The artbook just got a little bigger…
The artbook just got a little bigger…

 That's all for this quick update! As always, thanks for your support of the project!

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    1. Robert J Woodhead 5-time creator on

      I've always thought that if you want to hide a real gun in Tokyo, Sonoda's office is the place to do it. They'd never find it in the middle of all the fake guns.

    2. Sheldon Towey on

      Love the digital redo of the original sketch!

    3. Missing avatar

      Brett S.


    4. Kenneth Callaway on

      An excellent way to start the week!!! and +1 to the appreciation of Mr. Sonoda's office being a mess! Like an art explosion!

      Can you imagine if he didn't throw ANYTHING away and just started listing things for auction online... I'd love to buy some of the sketches that never came to print... especially one scrunched out of frustration and thrown against the wall. I imagine his standards aren't just "that'll do." haha

      Thank you very much!

    5. Robert Rollins on

      Sweet! Glad to see a progress update. Can't wait to get Explosive Edition!

    6. Missing avatar

      Kristen on

      Knowing Kenichi Sonada's workplace is a scattered mess makes me feel way less bad about my own.

      Getting pumped! Cant wait to see the final product =3

    7. Abdullah Al-Khalagi on

      Wow Robert....

      Can he give the VHS tape as a reward instead of using it to level the desk? I am sure it has some very nice and old retro stuff :)

      It should only go to people with VHS player like myself :)