Gunsmith Cats Explosive Edition

by Robert J Woodhead

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    1. Ed Pirrie on

      Intended to enter... failed!

    2. Robert Rollins on

      Super cool! I especially like the one with Rally and May in bed, and that awesome one of the Russian assassin woman whose name I've forgotten.

    3. Sami on

      The production documentary changes sound great, I'm very excited to see it!

    4. Missing avatar

      Chris Scalissi on

      Ok so,.... was mine lost in the shuffle?
      ‘cause I know it was fire.
      And I submitted it waaaaay back at the beginning. :(

    5. Missing avatar

      John Ellis on

      The one of them in bed is amazing, why was it not in the original Anime

    6. Giancarlo D'Alessandro on

      Those patches look so good!

    7. Reid Stapleton on

      Whoever did the one with Rally and May in bed, you are amazing.

    8. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Wow, I love the look of those patches. Well done.

    9. Sonny Bone (Phantom Green Studios) on

      WOW patches look awesome and the documentary sounds like it's going to be incredible. Erskine providing that old footage is outstanding! And congrats to all the art contest winners!

    10. Kevin Jackson on

      These look fantastic! Really and May in bed is especially awesome! This project is looking better and better! Super excited!

    11. Kenneth Callaway II on

      Once again, blown away by the updates! Now if only the movie industry would see a surge in the "Buddy Cop/Bounty Hunter" Genre. I'd love to see more Gunsmith Cats adventures, but brought into a Ready Player One style VR universe.

    12. Missing avatar

      Eric Crippen on

      This is why I recommend your Kickstarter projects to anyone that loves anime.

    13. Austin Dahlke on

      Those patches look fantastic!